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Published on July 5, 2014

Author: RajeshYadav49



A Basic presentation on Floorplanning.

Floorplanning DoVLSI Presentation

RTL Design Flow

Physical Design –Overall Flow

Floorplanning • Floorplan of an integrated circuit is a schematic representation of tentative placement of its major functional blocks. • Depending on the design methodology being followed, the actual definition of a floorplan may differ.

Why Floorplanning? The floorplanning problem is to plan the positions and shapes of the modules at the beginning of the design cycle to optimize the circuit performance: – chip area – total wirelength – delay of critical path – routability – others, e.g., noise, heat dissipation, etc.

Floorplanning Goals • Assign shape and location of blocks. • Decide location of I/O pads. • Decide location and number of power pads. • Decide type of power distribution. • Decide location and type of clock distribution. Objectives • Keep highly connected blocks physically close to each other. • Minimize chip area. • Minimize delay.

7 Floorplanning Input Set of blocks. Area estimation. Possible block shapes. Number of terminals. Netlist. Output Shapes (Area & Aspect Ratio) and locations of blocks. Soft Blocks • Flexible shape • I/O positions not yet determined Hard Blocks •Fixed shape •Fixed I/O pin positions

Design Styles Full Custom • Floorplanning is needed. Standard Cell • Fixed cell dimensions. Floorplanning translates into a placement problem. • Floorplanning may be required for large cells if they are partitioned into several blocks. Gate Array • Placement problem.

Slicing and Non-Slicing Floorplan Slicing Floorplan: One that can be obtained by repetitively subdividing (slicing) rectangles horizontally or vertically. Non-Slicing Floorplan: One that may not be obtained by repetitively subdividing alone.

` 10 Floorplanning Area Deadspace Minimizing area = Minimizing deadspace Wire length estimation • Exact wire length not known until after routing. • Pin position not known. • How to estimate? • Center to center estimation.

Floorplanning Algorithm • Stockmeyer algorithm • Simulated annealing • Linear programming • Sequence-pair based floorplanning

12 Floorplanning • Represent floorplan by normalized polish expression. 7 5 6 1 4 2 3 E = 16H7H25HV34HV

Encounter Floorplan

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