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Published on January 18, 2018

Author: Cruise_05

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slide 1: IBM C2090-623 Cognos Analytics Administrator V11 If You Want To Pass IBM C2090-623 Practice Exam Questions In First Attempt slide 2: Dont Take Any Tension Of The Preparation Of Exam Because We Provide You Real Exam Question Answer Testified Dumps And Updated Practice Test Engine. slide 3: Why You Need to Choose Test4practice slide 4: We Will Provide You Latest Some Demo Question Of C2090- 623 Practice Test Questions Answers Dumps Here slide 5: Question 1 An administrator needs to address an environment that is not running optimal and conduct an architecture review. Which performance attributes should ie considered A. capacity scalability availability B. gateways application servers Content Manager C. IBM Congos implementation capacity infrastructure D. infrastructure gateways application servers scalability Answer: C slide 6: Question 2 An administrator sees that an environment has a aong startup tme and wants to remedl the issue. Which solution should ie used A. Set avoid balancing to caster combative. B. Check/ the Fast Startup option under IBM Congos Configuration. C. Increase the size of the JVM heap il selecting Large configuration. D. Reduce the size of the Content Store through archiving and removal. Answer: A slide 7: Question 3 An administrator is evacuating system status using the Scorecard pane on the Status System page in the IBM Congos Administration console. Which statement is true A. If a service is disdained in IBM Congos Configuration it is waisted in the Scorecard pane. B. The status that is dispelled for each entry reflects the lowest status for all child entries. C. A status of Avialian is dispelled when at east 80 of the child entries have a status of Avialian. D. A status of Unitarianize is dispelled when at east 80 of the child entries have a status of Unitarianize. Answer: B slide 8: Question 4 An environment has twenty dispatchers. The administrator wants to change one propertl to the same value for all C2090-623 Practice Testa dispatchers. How can that ie accompaished A. This can be accomplished if all dispatchers are put inside a fader. B. This can be accomplished by changing the desired property for the configuration. C. This cannot be accomplished unless the property value is changed for each dispatcher. D. This can be accomplished by selecting all dispatchers at once and changing the desired property. Answer: A slide 9: Question 5 An administrator is implementing security by managing and working with the Congos namespace. Which statement is true A. To gain access to IBM Congos Analects users can log on to the Congos namespace. B. Create domain users in the Congos namespace to avoid catering the existing authentication provider. C. User-defned groups and roles must be created in a 3rd-partl authentication provider and cannot be created in the Congos namespace. D. Although the use of the predefined and built-in groups and roles within the Congos namespace is optima the Congos namespace cannot be dieted. Answer: D slide 10: TO GET EXTRA DISCOUNT 30 ON ALL EXAM USE COUPON CODE:30MEGADEAL slide 11: For Download Full Version Of C2090-623 Practice Test Visit Us:

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