c-store project: an e-commerce learning by doing experience

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Information about c-store project: an e-commerce learning by doing experience

Published on October 29, 2014

Author: hisaac25

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This presentation deals with a learning experience project we run at Université Paris-Dauphine for more than 5 years to teach e-commerce to Marketing students. It's a collaborative experience with consultants, companies and students. A great experience that won the 2014 Pedagogical Award from FNEGE.

1. Henri Isaac C-store a learning by doing pedagogy for e-commerce teaching 1

2. Who I Am? 2 Ph.D in Management Science ● Associate Professor Université Paris-Dauphine ● Ex- Dean for Faculty & Research Neoma Business School ● Head of « E-commerce » certificate CCMBenchmark-Dauphine ● Co-Author E‐commerce [3rd ed., 2014] , Marketing Digital [5th Ed. 2014] ● Consulting in e-commerce strategy ● Renaissance Numérique Vice-President [Think Tank of the Digital Society] “ ” @hisaac25 @livre_ecommerce @Marktg_digital

3. Agenda What was the challenge ? Why learning by doing? How we design the c-store project? How we run such a pedagogical project? What we’ve learned [KSF]? 3

4. What was the problem? 4

5. The context • “Retail & CRM” track in the Marketing Master (5th year) • 30 students with partial professional experience • Last year before starting a career • Teaching: • an IS course for more than 15 years (ERP, SCM, EDI, etc.) • an e-commerce course • Observations • Our students need : • Financial skills [assessing investment & ROI projects] • Project management [more & more projects based organizations] • More digital skills: [from e-commerce to connected commerce] • How can help our students to be more effective from scratch? 5

6. 6 Coping with various demands Financial perspective Information system Project management e & m-commerce

7. Rethinking the approach Traditional answer: adding three new courses ! How can we make our students more digital effective ? How can we make our students aware about what an e-commerce platform is ? 7

8. Rethinking the approach Digital is hard to teach without using it Project management is hard to teach: • Usually limited to tools and process • Nothing on team, leadership, planning, scheduling • Financial dimension of project difficult to understand 8 “doing a project” rather than “teaching project management”

9. How we designed the project 9

10. Designing the project |1 • A digital project where students can: • Understand what a digital project is all about • Manage a real project • Build a digital strategy for a real company • Assess the financial aspects of the project with a business plan • Specify the e-commerce platform • Build a prototype • Defend the project as if it is a board presentation • A project in which disciplines are mixed • Make our students being able to cope with transversal issues 10

11. Designing the project |2 • Rethinking different courses around the project • Various courses have been rescheduled • Specific & dedicated (small 6h) courses have been added • Experienced Consultants have been hired in order to • Teach some dedicated courses (Project management, web specifications, customer journey methodology) • Train students on the e-commerce platform • Coach each team 11

12. Designing the project |3 • Use an e-commerce platform • Historically, we used different OSS: OSCommerce, NopCommerce, RBS change • Sign a partnerpship with RBS Change • Cloud solution (Amazon Web Service) • Each team has its own instance • Two days training by RBS 12

13. How do we run c-store 13

14. Timeframe & milestones 14 Understanding the project Strategy choice Scoping & scaling Prototyping Expert Assesment How can we organize the project? What’s the target? How to size it? How to build it ? Result ? October December January February March May September Final presentation

15. Assessment 15 Milestones 1 2 3 4 5 Deadline September December January March Mai Assignment Project planning Strategic plan Business plan Cahier des charges Final presentation Weight 17,5% 17,5% 17,5% 17,5% 30 % assessor H. Isaac F. Miquel N. Innocenti H. Isaac F. Miquel N. Innocenti H.Isaac L. Passamonti Professional Jury

16. Assessment 16

17. Final presentation

18. Key success factors 20

19. Building Partnerships 29/1 0/20 14 21 E-commerce platform Platform Training Project management Web & digital Specifications

20. Gathering a dream team! 22 Valérie Renaudin, Dauphine Henri Isaac, Dauphine Nathalie Innocenti, consultant Ludovic Passamonti, consultant Eric Voltzenlogel, consultant Florent Miquel, consultant 29/10/2014

21. Convincing companies to partner

22. Won the 2014 FNEGE Pedagogical Award Have a look at our Video explaining our poject [in French]

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