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Information about C.R.A.S.H

Published on February 19, 2014

Author: heidiolsonkerwin



A hypothetical non-profit strategic plan presentation. Designed to show how processes would be implemented into the community to decrease D.U.I arrests.

C.R.A.S.H Create Reasonable Alcohol Safety & Health

Mission statement: Seeking to keep our roads safe and decrease the number of DUI incidents in our community, with education and enforcement.

Assessment Capacity Evaluation Planning Implementation CRASH- Strategic Planning Framework

Goals: • Ignition Interlock implementation for 1st time offenders by 7/1/2015 • 3 fulfilled criminal justice internships for liaison positions by 7/1/2012 • RUAD – alcohol & drugs required curriculum for driver education centers in place by 9/25/2014 • Environmental strategies planned for December 2018

A fatal collision that occurred I5 near Mercer St. took the lives of two young males age 24 and 23. Driving under the influence of alcohol kills. WA State Fatality Statistics: • 49.2% of impairment deaths on persons 16-30 years of age • Greatest day of week for such deaths are Saturdays and Sundays • Greatest time of day by 65.9% is 6pm-5:59 am • Greatest months at 41.7% are June – September • 3 of 5 are single vehicle and 2 of 3 are single occupant Washington State #44

2010 WA Courts Data • • • • • • 2,195 - DUI Charges 730 - Plead Guilty 4 - Not Guilty 580 – Dismissed 1,502 – Reduced or Amended 43 – Jury What about Spokane? Assessment

Who are the greatest offenders? 18-30 year olds 2011 Washington State Offender Information: - 37,000 + arrests -19,783 are 3rd time offenders -2,103 are 5th time offenders

Programs currently in place include: - The DUI Intensive Supervision Therapeutic Court - 24 Hour Jail Alternative DUI Education Program - Alcohol & Drug Information School (ADIS) - Addiction & Recovery Overview - DUI Victim's Panel Presentation

Members of our team: CRASH Board of Officers 2012-2013 President: Amber Jones (Civic Organizations) Vice President: Heidi Kerwin (Business) Co-Treasurers: Sally Azar (Business) Stephanie Kavadias-Boyers (Regional Education) Secretary: Deborah Kwik (Parent) Immediate Past President: Ken Briggs (Civic Organizations) Liaison Members of Community Partners: Amanda King (Probation) Brenda Johnson (Youth) Donna Smith (Prevention) Frank James (Media) John Doe (Law Enforcement) Raymond Temple (Treatment) Tom Baker (Regional Education)

Meeting Schedule: (Unless otherwise announced) CRASH Board of Officers meets the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 4:00 pm Community Services Building, 312 W 8th Ave., 5th floor conference room. Annual meeting of all Community Partners and members: 1st Monday in June. 2012: June 4th, @ the Spokane Convention Center 8:30 am – 3:30 pm.

Capacity: organizing with current programs in place to meet project goals with financial resources. COMMUNITY PARTNERS • • • • • • • • • • • • GSSAC Spokane County CSHCD Substance Abuse Prevention Team Volunteer DUI Panel Speakers Spokane County District/Municipal Court and Probation Services Airway Heights Municipal Court and Probation Department Cheney Municipal Court and Probation Department Medical Lake Municipal Court and Probation Department Alcohol/Drug Information School Program NEWTA (North East Washington Treatment Alternatives) Spokane County Prosecutor's Office Geiger Corrections Center American Medical Response (AMR)

Planning:     Existing programs will only change in the way they are accessed Existing DUI Court System, jail alternative program, ADIS and DUI panel remain intact But *A component of study and evaluation to determine effectiveness * New Liaison program o Responsible for management of the caseload outside of the court room o Brings new and existing programs together creating a cohesive and more effective network toward success

Implementation: Tactics -focused on carrying out goals and strategic planning   Process management liaison o 3 paid positions supported with criminal justice interns o Using interns supports long-term goals –future lawyers working within the desire court system Environmental Strategies o Positive Community Norms Development and Marketing “Most of Us” o Responsible alcohol sales training  On-going and important component of long term success  Focus on what is right-communities shift toward healthy choices and away from negative actions.  Recent changes in the distribution centers mean an increase in emphasis on training for those newer establishment selling alcohol products  Liquor Control Board law and recommendations

 Reduce Underage Drinking (RUAD) Education and Intervention Strategy Sessions o CRASH better able to standardize education components in schools across city and county  o Add 2 part series in conjunction with Drivers Education course o MADD program of education of Grades 1-6 a template to local education system  It is not too early to start education our young against improper use of alcohol

 *Ignition Interlock Rule for all first-time DUI offenders o 50 states have some sort of ignition interlock laws o 15 states have adopted all offender interlock laws Centers for Disease Control and Prevention analysis of 14 studies showed DUI recidivism reduced by a median of 67% o Spokane County chosen to model court system dynamics and changes to institute 1st time Ignition Interlock Rule Don’t get locked up, get interlock!

 Framing Issues and Tactics o Public defenders, lawyers and judges suggest court system will be burdened by case load  Creating havoc within the courts VS. saving lives  Establish a working relationship with courts  Relational meetings between CRASH representatives o Retired court Judge Malcolm Smith o 2 lawyers of member CRASH o Our intent, open dialogue, court input o Negative public response  Taking away freedom, forcing compliance, lumping offenders VS. saving lives  Media contacts to reinforce the reduction in DUI fatalities  Work closely with law enforcement agencies when DUI patrol announced to maintain flow of info re: ignition interlock and reducing drunk driving o Costs  Costs too much ($480/6mon) VS cost of a life  Issues at present, compliance is most important and courts and probation officers will be asked for imput

 Other Tactics o Educational Component  Youth team presentations regarding peer pressure, realities of ignition interlock and strategies to achieve a healthy lifestyle o Community Readiness  Increasing area providers  Better Business Bureau – Sound on Wheels  MADD link House and Transportation and Infrastructure Committee has introduced an American Energy and Infrastructure Job Act which would incentivize states to require these life-saving devices. o Letters  To State House Representatives: CRASH supports a state-wide Ignition Interlock Rule  Influence the decision makers  To other city representatives and DUI Related programs throughout the state  Sharing actions and goal of Ignition Interlock Rule o Allies - those in position to influence decisions makers and implement actions

C.R.A.S.H • Pre and Post surveys • Program surveys • Court recorded data • Survey data • DUI arrest & hospitalization • Recidivism rates Evaluation: the measurement of impact within the community both positive and negative.

C.R.A.S.H Helping the Pacific Northwest

FROM A VIRGINIA CHAPTER OF MADD, We’re to the point where almost everyone knows that [he or she] shouldn’t drink and drive. The people who are still doing it are choosing to do it. The most effective way to deal with them is to arrest them. Or, as CRASH says, to INTERLOCK them!

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