C-130 Weight Limits April 2002

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Information about C-130 Weight Limits April 2002

Published on January 7, 2013

Author: 1st_TSG_Airborne

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C-130 Transportability of the Future Combat System Joseph F. Cassidy cassidyj@tea-emh1.army.mil (757) 599-1630 DSN 826-4643 24 April 2002

C-130 Operational Payload/Range• 0 pounds (ferry mission) - ~ 2,800 nm• 38,000 pounds (IAV) - ~ 1,000 nm• 40,000 pounds (FCS ceiling) - ~ 780 nm• 42,000 pounds - ~ 260 nm*• 45,000 pounds - ~ 0 nm* Conditions for above payloads/ranges: – 5,000-foot long, 80-foot wide improved runway, standard day at sea level, no corrections for wind, rain, and runway slope. (6,000 feet) – Fuel MUST be available at the landing field. – Payloads/ranges shown are almost ideal.* Updated information from draft revised MTMCTEA C-130 White Paper.

Assault Landings C-130 Maximum Peacetime Assault Landing Weight 86,500 + 7,000 + 36,500 = 130,000 pounds* Aircraft Fuel Must Be Available At The Destination Airfield• The 7,000 pounds (1,045 gal.) of fuel is required in case the aircraft needs to divert to another airfield to land.• Requires runway length of at least 3,000 feet and width of at least 60 feet. (4,500 feet) * Waivers are rare. Requires Major AF Dir of Opns approval.

Dimensional Limitations• Published in USAF MIL-HDBK-1791, Designing for Internal Aerial Delivery in Fixed Wing Aircraft.• Equipment Design Envelope Also requires - Width above rails - 107 inches Safety aisles! - Height - 102 inches - Length - 480 inches - Allows six-inch clearance between equipment and aircraft structure.• Air Force has certified up to 105 inches high in special cases. 105” C-130 Design Envelope

Dimensional Limitations• Actual width between rails - 105 inches.• Tracked vehicle maximum practical width at floor - 100 inches (96 inches to enhance safety and expedite loading).• Wheeled vehicle maximum practical width at floor – 100 inches (includes tire bulge) (96 inches to enhance safety and expedite loading).

Crew Safety Aisles MIL-HDBK-1791: Safety aisle must be large enough for a man wearing a parachute. 36 max• Vehicles that don’t meet one of these safety aisles may require a test loading of the actual vehicle or a vehicle mockup to measure fit and aircraft evacuation time before the Air Force may grant C-130 air certification.• Access through/under the vehicle is not acceptable as a safety aisle.

Passenger Safety Aisle• Required by Air Force Instruction 11-2C-130, Vol 3, Addenda A, Flying Operations, C-130 Operations Configuration/Mission Planning.• Army vehicle crew members would be considered passengers.• If passenger safety aisle is not met, vehicle crew members will have to fly on another aircraft. 14-Inch Passenger Safety Aisle C-130 Passenger Safety Aisle

Passenger Safety Aisle• Air Force typically symmetrically loads aircraft.• Can asymmetrically load if necessary to get safety aisle.• Symmetric loading with a 14-inch safety aisle limits overall vehicle width to 91 inches.• Asymmetric loading with a 14-inch safety aisle on the left and the required six-inch clearance on the right (and required right rail clearance at the floor) limits overall vehicle width to 99 inches (96 inches at the floor for both wheeled and tracked vehicles).119”Actual Width 107” Vehicle Design Width 99” Width With Passengers 96” Width At Floor

Vehicle Design Limits (Assuming Ideal Conditions)• A C-130 carrying a 29,000- to 32,000-pound vehicle can make an assault landing and recover 100 to 250 nautical miles to another airfield to refuel.• An unarmored C-130 carrying a 36,500-pound vehicle can make an assault landing if there is fuel at the airfield.• Maximum width should be 99 inches to allow passengers to accompany their vehicles.• Maximum height should be 102 inches for air transport (90 inches for airdrop). Note: The vehicle, on-vehicle equipment, vehicle armor, full crew, crew gear, ammunition, and ¾ fuel should be capable of being transported by one C-130.

C-130 Aircraft Armor• Armor protects flight station, LOX bottles, and loadmaster stations.• Weighs 1,569 pounds• Counts as aircraft payload.• Used when C-130 operating in hostile areas and following are threats. • Small arms • Rocket propelled grenades • Man portable air defense systems

Less Than Ideal Operating Conditions• All range/payload numbers until now have assumed almost ideal operating conditions.• Ideal conditions rarely exist.• Airfield altitude, temperature, weather, and so forth can adversely affect range/payload.• Airfield elevation of 4,000 feet reduces 38,000-pound payload’s range from 1,000 nm to 800 nm.• Temperature of 113 degrees F reduces 38,000-pound payload’s range from 1,000 nm to 800 nm.• Combined effects of high elevation and high temperature more than just additive.• TEA has asked AMC to quantify and will present in revised paper.

Combat Vehicle Weight Growth• Designing to the maximum capability of the aircraft can be risky because combat vehicles historically have increased in weight from 12% to 68% after initial design.• Weight during the design phase should take this probable weight growth into consideration.

Combat Vehicle Weight GrowthModel Initial Weight Current Weight % GrowthM60 w/o applique 101,000 113,200 12%M60 with applique 101,000 123,729 23%M113 22,140 27,180 23%M1 108,000 137,780 28%M2/M3 w/o tiles 44,817 67,000 50%HMMWV Armt Car 7,700 12,100 57%M2/M3 with tiles 44,817 75,419 68%All weights are combat loaded weights.

Combat Vehicle Max Weight?FCS Maximum Weight: 40,000 lbsIAV Maximum Weight: 38,000 lbsMaximum Assault Landing Payload: 36,500 lbsDivert 100 nm After Assault Landing: 32,000 lbsDivert 250 nm After Assault Landing: 29,000 lbsAircraft Armor Installed: 27,500 lbs25 Percent Weight Growth: 22,000 lbsHigh – Hot Scenario Required: ? lbs If you take BG Mixon at face value, then we need to be able to go with an empty vehicle weight of 20,000 to

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