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Published on January 25, 2008

Author: Carlotto


Unit 3 The Million Pound Bank-note:  Unit 3 The Million Pound Bank-note Introduction of Mark Twain:  Introduction of Mark Twain The evaluation given to him: America's best known literary figure Real name: Samuel Langhorne Clemens brought up in Hannibal (pen name) born in Florida, Missouri Slide3:  The Adventures of Tom Sawyer The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Life on the Mississippi The Million Pound Bank-note Do you know any of his works? Discussion:  Discussion If a rich person gives you a large amount of money to use as you like, what will you do with it? Have you ever made a bet with a friend? If so, what did you bet on? How did you feel about the bet after it was won or lost? Slide5:  Task One: Watch the 1st episode and then reply to the following questions. 1.Did Henry come to Britain on purpose? Why? 2.Where did Henry come from? 4.What’s Henry’s attitude when he got a letter? No, he didn’t. A strong wind carried him out to sea when he was sailing out of the bay. A British ship rescued him and brought him to England. San Francisco of the US. Because he was nearly starving to death. He said he just wanted an honest job rather than other’s charity. 3.Why did he stare at something that was left of the brothers’ dinner on the table? Task two Part One: watch the 2nd episode and then reply to the following questions related to others’ attitude toward Henry.:  Task two Part One: watch the 2nd episode and then reply to the following questions related to others’ attitude toward Henry. 1. What was Henry’s appearance when he stepped into the restaurant? 2. What was the waiter’s facial expression before 2 o’clock? 3. What was the waiter’s look after 2 o’clock? 4. When they saw the one million pound bank-note, what did the waiter think of Henry and his behavior? Slide7:  Part Two: What does the change of the boss’s attitude to Henry show? Henry The owner Before showing the large note had a good meal and awaited an unexpected result Treated Henry coldly,unpatiently and rudely After showing the large note enjoyed a free meal and could further do the same without any limitation Treated Henry warmly, gratefully and respectfully ↓ The writer mocked the phenomenon---″money worship” Part Three: Judge whether the following sentences are true or false.:  Part Three: Judge whether the following sentences are true or false. ①Henry ate two orders of ham and eggs, two extra thin steaks, two glasses of beer ,two cups of coffee and two desserts. ②Henry was satisfied with the wonderful meal as well as the attitude of the owner. ③Only two notes in that amount were issued, so Henry´ s note was fake F F F thick but dissatisfied with couldn’t be Slide9:  ④Henry was a strange and rich man. ⑤They changed their attitude to Henry only because he took out a large bank—note they couldn´t change F T wasn’t Slide10:  Task Three Part One: Watch the 3rd episode and then identify the main characters. Henry Roderick Oliver James Portia Clemens the hero, a lost and penniless American businessman in London an eccentric British billionaire Roderick’s brother, the other billionaire the servant to the two brothers Oliver’s daughter and also Henry’s fiancee a diner in the restaurant and also expert on bank-notes Slide11:  Task Three Part two: what do the characters impress you most? Portia Henry Adams The two billionaire brothers Honest, brave, handsome, hard-working Extremely rich, bold, easy-going, open-minded, bad-tempered Good-looking, thoughtful, not snobbish Part three: Fill in blanks :  Part three: Fill in blanks One day, a man in____ came into my restaurant. He _____ a lot of food. He finished two orders of food in a very _____time. We doubted whether the man was able to ___ for the food. But after a while. we were _______ to see what he took out of a letter a million pound bank-note. Mr Clemens said it was true that two notes of this amount had been _____ this year. He thought It couldn‘t be a ______. He didn‘t pay for the meal and we all _______ together when he leaves. rags ordered limited pay shocked issued fake bowed Slide13:  Two millionaire brothers wondered if a penniless person could survive for a month with a million pound bank note. Just in order to satisfy this curiosity, they did an eccentric and incredible experiment by giving Henry an unbelievably large and rare bank note. As a result, a series of funny things occurred. And the result proved the correctness of the famous proverb which goes “Honesty is the best policy”. Task Four: narrate the outline of the story Ⅴ.Discussion:  Ⅴ.Discussion ① DO you agree”Money is everything”? ② If you get a large amount of money, is it good or bad for your life ? The Million Pound Bank-Note:  The Million Pound Bank-Note A penniless and lost young American in London becomes the subject of a bet between two rich and eccentric English gentlemen. They want to know how a poor man do and live with a million pound note. And then a series of funny things occurred.

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