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Information about BVN-12b-1999

Published on March 5, 2014

Author: shyamchander


BVN XII-B Batch of 1999 Digitally re-mastered in 3D Surround Dolby™ Birla Vidya Niketan 12B - Batch of 1999

DISCLAIMER The original classic “book” of caricatures of BVN 12B batch of 1999 by Shyam and Rukmini is now digitally re-mastered in 3D Surround Dolby™ for the viewing pleasure of the original characters. With more than a decade of graying hair since the ’99 release, the otherwise criminal duo still maintain not having any malice or prejudice towards any of the subjects and regret if any feelings are hurt, bones are broken or reputations damaged by this publication. While the packaging is modernized the content has not been altered, as evidenced by the enumerable grammatical and spelling errors that spell check for some reason failed to discover back in 1999 and have been retained. We wish the students, teachers of BVN 12B – 1999 Batch and their families immense success, wealth, health and happiness. Shyam & Rukmini

TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. Aditya Malik Amit Arya Anuj Jain Gaurav Jain Gauri Sud Harsha Israni Nagender K.Parimi Nilakshi Banerjee Nidhi Chopra Nitin Choudhary Padmini Somasundaram Pooja Gulrajani P.Uma Devi Puneet Kandhari Rajan Kapoor 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. Ritu Paruthi R.Balaji Rohit Goel Rukmini Ganguly Shyam Chander Siddharth Bhatia Sulabh Jhajhariya Sumit Arya Sumit Chachra Sumit Kalra Varun Chawla Vibha Kwatra Vikram Gupta Yogesh Chauhan Mrs.Pragya Nopany

ADITYA MALIK He won the "Mr.Popular" Award, and he really deserves it, for he is one of the nicest people you can find to talk to. Besides being very intelligent, he was the wise captain of his House and was a member of the school football team. And Oh, He loves apples.

AMIT ARYA Some call him Aryabhatt and the name suits him well, considering his proficiency in maths. As such he's a small bundle of fun.

ANUJ JAIN Looks like a broom with a ball at the top for a head. The boys found it great fun to push him on to the floor and pile furniture on him and then sit on top. But the mystery about him was -- how he managed to get his trousers split, so often.

GAURAV JAIN He is Mr. Soft Spoken, with a nice polite smile and a self-effacing manner. He reminds you of a shy mouse in the corner, one who will be missed if he's not there.

GAURI SUD Here is our reigning beauty, the toast of all the boys. And that's no surprise, for whatever she wears she looks as pretty as a picture. She held the post of cultural secretary and was also adjudged MISS. POPULAR 1999. But those interested, beware for someone named "Sids" might be just around the corner.

HARSHA ISRANI She's another nice little dame with pink chubby cheeks, a wide smile and wicked eyes twinkling at you behind think rimmed spectacles. Her smile is so harmless and her demeanour so polite that you say "Ah! Innocent as the snow." But beware she is quite capable of cracking a few jokes at your expense.

NAGENDER KUMAR PARIMI The most prominent thing about him is his voice. It absolutely bellows above everyone else's. But the best, undoubtedly, is his laugh. Seeming very much like a "Vacuum Cleaner" (Leaving the others gasping for air). It seems he puts laughing gas into it , for invariably sets everyone else laughing.

NILAKSHI BANERJEE If Anuj is broom, then she is a broomstick or maybe a piece of thread. She gives you the impression of being half-asleep. But BEWARE, because she is NOT. Actually, it will be difficult to find something as small as her waist, except her handwriting -- which is even SMALLER.

NIDHI CHOPRA An absolute cool customer is our Nidhi. She is always so self contained and capable of managing her affairs efficiently. One can never see her frustrated. And one sight we have got used to over the years is that of Nidhi sitting at her desk and patiently pouring over her books. She deserves to succeed.

NITIN CHOUDHARY Thin and gangly, he looks like a poet and loves to stand (hands in pocket) and stare out of the windows with a dreamy expression. He's the type who lets you talk while he listens. But he's also got definite opinions of his own.

PADMINI SOMASUNDARAM She joined BVN from DTEA and soon sang her way into everybody's heart. She is generally calm and quiet, but beneath that exterior lurks a volcano of talent. She's an accomplished dancer and singer. And she also topped the class. The only time she shocked people, was when she cut off her long lovely hair.

POOJA GULRAJANI She's the one for walking. The corridors provide endless avenues for roaming, and she takes full advantage of the fact. People think she's quiet but my word you should hear her when she's talking.

P. UMA DEVI "Mona Lisa", would be good name for her. For like 'Vinci's Lady with the Mystic Smile', an enigmatic expression can usually be seen on her face, covering her true feelings. It is we who couldn't conceal our feelings of envy during the Bio Practical periods when we had to labour over our 3rd, 4th and 5th attempts at slide making while Uma makes a wonderful specimen at 1st try and went on to the next assignment.

PUNEET KANDHARI He was the classes representative of Generation Next. And he sings, dances, plays football and studies hard too. And you can be sure that when you are with him you won't get bored.

RAJAN KAPOOR His friends call him Chota Rajan, the Underworld Don. But he is anything but hat. He's a jovial character, good at Maths and enthusiastic supporter of the Class Cricket Club.

RITU PARUTHI This is our other Games Captain, headed for the glories of the world of medicine. But while she is with us, she is sweet, sensible, intelligent girl. But the problem is, all the teachers mistake her for the class mark-list printing machine.

R. BALAJI He was the Einstein of the class, though to see him popping in and out of the seat with answers would make you think more of a Jack-inthe Box. Once during a stay back for the annual function rehearsals, he ate 17 bananas. So when we think "Balaji", we think "Kela". And he also has an affinity for hairbands. So girls, automatically learn to look out for their hair when he is around.

ROHIT GOEL People think he's a quiet goody doody boy. But People do not know him. He may top in Physics and Chemistry and Maths, but this brain can also think up names like "Motalal Halwai Footballwala", for his friends.

RUKMINI GANGULY As someone said once, she is like a bird about to burst into a song. A cheerful happy go lucky kind of person, she dreaded Maths, and Physics gave her nightmares. But don't under estimate her she was the Head Girl of the school. Note: Any complaints about the booklet should be conveyed to her. If you want to sue someone for this booklet she is the one.

SHYAM CHANDER "Shyam Book Depot" would be a better name as his bag was a veritable Santa's Sack of reference books. Whichever you wanted, was there. With his type of comical face, he can keep you entertained for hours, and Nagender and he are mainly responsible for guffaws that come from the rear of the room. But he is an absolute whiz at computers, and he loves X-files. Note: Any praises and positive comments about this booklet should be given to him.

SIDDHARTH BHATIA He's a jolly fellow who likes to enjoy himself. He's a favourite of Mrs. Makhijani(Our Chemistry Teacher). He always reminds one, of the fellow who leaned on a lamppost in a corner of the street in case a certain little lady comes by.

SULABH JHAJHARIYA He replies valiantly to Sumit Chachra's verbal attacks and provides us with many good laughs. The target of all the class jokes, he is one person who can give you lessons in good-natured behaviour and tolerance with a smile.

SUMIT ARYA He is quiet friendly with the boys, but reminds the girls of the Sphinx, as he simply refuses to talk to them. He is very good at studies and was one of the regular members of the class XII-B Cricket Club.

SUMIT CHACHRA He loves "Martyr Day" (Right Sumit????) and his ambition in life is to squash Sulabh whenever possible. He hates chemistry and he sings in Maths class(One can't help feeling sorry for his poor partner) and his latest habit is to bow like a Japanese at the end of each period. With his kind of face he looks pretty okay, except when he shaves of his moustache without warning.

SUMIT KALRA Besides being a member of the class XIIB Cricket Club,(Yes Cricket Club not Wrestling Club) he was also very serious about his upcoming entrance exams. So then where does he get the time to think up things like putting dead lizards on the class blackboard duster (or in Sulabh's Lunch box EEEEuuu!)? But of course one would ask

VARUN CHAWLA He talks with an accent and he has a very cute grin. He is in the school football team and a better-hearted person you will not find anywhere. Two things about him stand out: 1) His ability to burp (Yep! You read it correctly) continuously and without any apparent effort. 2) His hair, especially after a sweaty game of football, looks remarkably like a porcupine, or, as if he has received an electric shock.

VIBHA KWATRA All good things come in small packages and Vibha proves that. A glint behind the glasses and you know her mischievous mind is at the work again. Teasing people and making wonderfully neat diagrams are her forte.

VIKRAM GUPTA Here is Othello with a difference he's one of the sweetest guys you'd know. Always full of good humour. Our beloved games captain, he is the apple of Mrs. Bose's(Our Biology Teacher) eye.

YOGESH CHAUHAN He is the perfume factory of the class, except that, sadly most of his perfumes smell like Vicks. But he has a heart of gold and a face that's always ready to smile, or better, laugh. What's that? You want another name for him? One would say "Kumbhakaran". He actually went home from school one day and slept till 12 at night then he got up thinking why everything was so dark, saw that everyone was sleeping and slept again till morning.

Mrs. PRAGYA NOPANY As she is fond of joking herself, people call her no-pany (as in "No Water"). Well, she may not have any water, but she definitely has a lot of love. And it's all yours for the taking. As teachers come, she is one of the mildest - a fact that is taken undue advantage of. You should see her in the physics period. Every sentence she utters is immediately challenged by about five people. Usually it ends with them all coming up to her at the same time and yelling at the top of their voices while Balaji explains things on the board. And it's carnival time for the rest. But alas for us, she got wiser towards the end and refused to get interrupted. So no more fun time. We also experienced a heavy hand when we mistook the class wall and windows for an autograph diary-an experience that taught us - "You can get the better of some of the people all the time,(Note the correction) and all the people some of the time. But you can't get the better of Ma'am!".


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