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Published on May 8, 2014

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Every year BVL International issues a "Report of the Board" to look back on the preceding year, to reflect on the association's activities and to provide a brief outlook for the current year. 2013 deliberately focused on themes connected to the future and the benefit of members from the fields of logistics and supply chain management, helping them to obtain information, creating platforms and providing wide-ranging support.

Inspiration, Ideas, Innovation 2013 Report of the Board

Inspiration, Ideas, Innovation2 BVL International Profile Nonprofit association founded in 1978, objective, non-affiliated, does not represent special interests More than 10,000 members from the top echelons of industry, trade, services and the world of academia 28 chapters in Germany, 300 free events every year 21 student chapters in Germany 12 international chapters: Beijing, Carolinas, Hefei, Istanbul, Izmir, Luxembourg, Moscow, São Paulo, Shanghai, Singapore, Tashkent and US Southeast Around 250 honorary officials Exchange of expertise and experience Raises awareness for the importance of logistics and promotes the application and development of supply chain activities Activities Events – regional and national, free and fee-based events to spread knowledge and promote networking Services – publications, research, platforms for know-how transfer and building personal networks Campus – hands-on knowledge for hands-on solutions, international business and logistics, lifelong learning Awards – recognition for innovative and inspirational ideas for logistics activities in industry, science and the media Benefits BVL members ... have access to updated knowledge bases and market expertise facts and figures and know-how and experience enabling them to identify and evaluate trends more easily to assess their standing in the competitive arena to meet other market participants from both sides of the market and to expand their personal network At a glance

2013 Report of the Board 3 Prof. Dr.-Ing. Raimund Klinkner, President of the Board Looking back at 2013, what were the high- lights of BVL’s activities? The focus was on content, as content forms the basis for stimuli and ideas, and therefore for the creation of value added for our members. The international study on “Trends and Strategies in Logistics and Supply Chain Management” played a par- ticularly important role in this respect. We devoted a great deal of effort to BVL’s focal sectors – chemical logistics, for example – in the form of a study and a forum, as well as to the field of automotive logistics in partnership with the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA). In terms of significance for the logistics commu- nity, the 30th International Supply Chain Conference was the central event. With regard to the public at large, the key event was Supply Chain Day, a day of action that promotes the image of logistics and supply chain management throughout Germany. What are the general conditions like for the logistics industry in Germany? In terms of turnover, the performance of the logistics sector in 2013 was on a par with the record levels of 2012. We expect to see renewed turnover growth of be- tween one and three percent in 2014. This all depends on economic developments worldwide, of course. And what challenges does the sector face? The biggest challenge is the increasing complexity of economic activity due to uncertainty, risks in the supply chains and market volatility. We are also facing enor- mous cost pressure driven by customer de- mands and ever fiercer competition. One promising solution, and this also presents a major challenge, is partnership-based cooperation between companies. BVL’s theme for the year and the motto for the 2014 conference is therefore: Complexity, Costs, Collaboration. What were the most important develop- ments for you in 2013 as President of the Board? I am delighted that membership has increased once again from its already high level, with 10,788 logistics experts organ- ised in our association at year-end. Around 250 members do outstanding work on an honorary basis – in the chapters, on the advisory boards and on the Board itself. It’s terrific to see more and more young people deciding to become members and getting involved in the activities of BVL – often first as students and then as young professionals. The work of the association is extremely vibrant, and there is a real cul- ture of knowledge transfer and debate. What goals has BVL set itself for 2014? The focal point of our strategy is to generate even greater benefits for our members, by developing tailored services and target group-focused communication models. We want to cater to the desire for a more personalised approach and offer new services that allow members to de- cide for themselves which channels they use to take advantage of these services. Our constant goal is still to ensure the outstanding quality of all the services we provide, to perhaps surprise members now and again, and, in general terms, to remain a reliable and dependable partner. 2013 was a double anniversary year for BVL International: the association celebrated its 35th birthday, and the International Supply Chain Conference took place in Berlin for the 30th time. The theme for the year and the slogan for the Conference was “Inspiration, Ideas, Innovation”. This anniversary year deliber- ately focused on themes connected to the future and which benefit the members, helping them to obtain the information they need, creating platforms on which they can exchange ide- as on specialist topics, facilitating interaction with colleagues and providing wide-ranging support within the large BVL net- work. Thus the members have the opportunity to shape the future of “their BVL” in both a national context and on the in- ternational stage. This Report is an abridged version of the 2013 Report of the BVL Board and was updated in January 2014. The full Ger- man-language version can be download- ed from the Internet in PDF format or is available in printed form from the head office of BVL on request.

Inspiration, Ideas, Innovation4 Interview with the President of the Board ................................................................... 3 Strategy Analysis and forecast ........................................................................................................ 5 Internationalisation ........................................................................................................... 6 Sector focus: chemicals, trade, IT/telecommunication .............................................. 8 Innovation ........................................................................................................................... 9 Qualification ...................................................................................................................... 10 Retrospective ...................................................................................... 12 30th International Supply Chain Conference ............................................................. 13 German Award for SCM / Supply Chain Sustainability Award ............................... 15 Forum Automotive Logistics .......................................................................................... 16 Forum Chemical Logistics and study on chemical logistics .................................... 17 Theme forums – spare parts logistics and cost-cutting .......................................... 18 Supply Chain Day / transport logistic .......................................................................... 19 From the chapters ............................................................................................................ 20 BVL Members / Association bodies ...................................................................................... 22 Distinctions / Head office ............................................................................................... 23 Board ................................................................................................................................... 24 International chapter chairpersons .............................................................................. 25 Representatives of BVL International .......................................................................... 26 2014 dates / Publishing details ....................................................... 27 Contents

2013 Report of the Board 5 Analysis and forecast The international study on “Trends and Strategies in Logistics and Supply Chain Management” prepared on behalf of BVL in 2013 concluded that the logistics land- scape is characterised by increased market volatility, rising customer expectations and increasing cost pressures. 85 percent of the respondents in the study name the com- plexity resulting from these factors as the major challenge. Evaluation of 60 executive interviews and 1,757 completed questionnaires identified the following key trends: ■ Ongoing expansion of networks with horizontal and vertical alliances ■ Increased complexity driven by custo- mer expectations, cost pressure and market volatility ■ Increased use of modern technologies, particularly at the interface of IT and logistics ■ Targeted and above all active response to regulations and risks ■ Shortage of new recruits and skilled personnel in SCM and logistics ■ Inadequate infrastructure The November survey for the Logistics In- dicator of BVL confirmed the mood at the 30th International Supply Chain Confer- ence in October: the logistics sector ended 2013 with a great deal of momentum and carried this momentum over into 2014. Around 95 percent of logistics service providers and 85 percent of logistics man- agers in industry and trade forecast an Complexity proves the biggest current challenge The survey findings for the BVL Logistics Indicator and the mood at the 30th International Sup- ply Chain Conference suggest that 2014 will be another successful logistics year following the stable side-step in 2013. At the same time, the many uncertainties and imponderabilities which the sector has lived with for some time now are converging to create a high level of complexity. This is a challenge that logistics and supply chain management must face in the coming years. unchanged, positive or even improved busi- ness trend for the first quarter. The turn- over estimate of around 230 billion euros in the logistics sector in Germany for the year just ended appears realistic. Around 2.85 million people are currently employed in logistics, equally divided between logis- tics service providers and the logistics departments of companies in industry and “ Companies constantly have to be in a posi- tion to provide increasingly sophisticated product options, a wider range of packaging designs and ever more intelligent logistics solutions. The custo- mer wants it all: a high standard of service, expert logistics, new products, and above all low costs. „ Prof. Robert Handfield, North Carolina State University, head of the study trade. These figures show that the perfor- mance of the German logistics industry in 2013 was at least on a par with that of the record year which preceded it. It is fair to assume that we will see further growth in turnover of between one and three percent in 2014.

Inspiration, Ideas, Innovation6 Strategy Internationalisation The work of the various BVL bodies is be- coming more international every year. All in all, 40 logistics experts are currently at the helm of the international chapters on an honorary basis or act as “BVL Represent- atives”, always in close contact and coop- eration with their colleagues in Germany – at the Chapter Management Meeting, for example, or at discussion sessions during the International Supply Chain Conference. At the Chairpersons Meeting in Berlin in October, the focus was on the exchange of experience between honorary officials working outside Germany. The number of international chapters rose from nine to twelve in 2013 following the founding of new chapters in Luxembourg and the USA. The chapters each staged be- The logistics community is connected worldwide During the past five years, the internationalisation of the network has been one of the strategic projects of BVL, and a great deal of progress has been made in this area to date. The internatio- nal chapters and representatives around the world make up “BVL International”. The increasing number of members outside Germany, the BVL presence at international trade fairs, and the visits of foreign delegations to the International Supply Chain Conference in Berlin underline the success of BVL’s worldwide activities and the positive response to this international strategy. “ Now let’s keep the mo- mentum running. „ Lawrence R. Basel, Vice President, Accounting Principals Inc., and Chairperson of BVL’s Carolinas Chapter Toronto US Southeast Guayaquil São Paulo Zug Budapest Moscow Tokyo Beijing Shanghai Singapore Johannesburg Istanbul Representatives Chapters Hefei Tashkent Izmir Dubai Ulan Bator Amsterdam Luxembourg Mexico City Hong Kong Katowice Carolinas BVL founded three new international chapters in 2013: the Luxembourg, Carolinas and US Southeast Chapters, taking the total to twelve. The global network is also supported by the activities of 15 BVL Representatives. tween two and nine events in 2013, adding up to a total of 35 BVL get-togethers and gatherings. The chapters cooperate with companies but also and increasingly with institutions and organisations like foreign trade chambers, logistics initiatives, univer- sities or trade fairs. The events staged by the international chapters were attended by around 2,400 participants in all. The goals of the International Projects unit for 2014 include the planning of further valua- ble logistics events to raise the worldwide profile of BVL and its chapters. BVL Interna- tional always emphasises the benefits of the themes it addresses and the advantag- es of the overall network, aiming to recruit new members from among the employees of respected companies in industry, trade and the service sector.

2013 Report of the Board 7 The network continues to grow BVL’s Luxembourg Chapter was founded on May 13, 2013 during the Logistics Busi- ness Forum in Luxembourg. Luxembourg’s Economics Minister Etienne Schneider was on hand to wish the close coopera- tion between the “Cluster for Logistics Luxembourg” and BVL every success. The BVL members unanimously elected the first Chairpersons – Alain Krecké, Senior Manager, Cluster for Logistics, and Thomas Mayer, Global Logistics and Supply Chain Manager at IEE International Electronics & Engineering S.A., Echternach, Luxembourg. The chapter will work closely with the Saar/ Rhine-Palatinate Chapter on the other side of the border. The “Carolinas Chapter”, the first interna- tional BVL chapter in the USA, was founded on August 12, 2013 at the Volvo Trucks com- pany in Greensboro, North Carolina. Prof. Robert Handfield from NC State University and Lawrence R. Basel, Vice President, Ac- counting Principals Inc. were unanimously elected Chairpersons. The keynote speakers at the opening event were Robert Hand- field, who presented the findings of the new BVL study “Trends and Strategies in Logistics and Supply Chain Management”, and Jan Lundegard, President of Volvo Parts North America. Prof. Stefan Wolff, member of the BVL Board, and Prof. Thomas Wim- mer, Chairman of the BVL Executive Board, presented BVL and outlined its activities. The some 100 attendees praised the qual- ity of the event and in particular the focus on specialised logistics topics. The second chapter in the USA was found- ed in Atlanta in the state of Georgia under the name “US Southeast” on November 1, 2013. In true American style, the founding event took place right before a home game of the local “Atlanta Hawks” basketball team in the setting of the Philips Arena in the immediate vicinity of the CNN World News Center. Steven Markham, BLG Logis- tics Group Atlanta, was elected Chapter Chairperson, with Josip Tomasevic, AGCO Holding (the holding company for, among others, Fendt, Massey Fergusson etc.), and Philip Heinrichsdorff, BMW, Spartanburg Plant, being elected Chapter Vice Chairs. It is not just the number of international chapters that is growing but also the num- ber of BVL Representatives. Depending on their working field and personal interests, each BVL Representative supports the association in his or her own particular way and acts as a contact for logistics and supply chain managers in the locality or re- gion. The team of BVL Representatives was recently joined by Jan Brachmann, General Manager at Seifert Polska in Katowice, and Dennis Fanelsa, Vice President of BASF East Asia in Hong Kong. At a glance International chapters BVL currently has a network of twelve international chapters, which generally operate along the same lines as their counterparts in Germany. Coordinated by their chairpersons, the chapters invite the members of the logistics community in their locality or region to events and gatherings. They also build contacts with other institutions or educational estab- lishments. The international chapters are based in Beijing, Hefei and Shanghai in China, Istanbul and Izmir in Turkey, Mos- cow, São Paulo, Singapore and Tashkent, and were joined in 2013 by the “Carolinas” and “US Southeast” Chapters in the USA and the Luxembourg Chapter. BVL Representatives Alongside the international chapters, there are BVL Representatives around the world who serve as a point of contact for people interested in the association. De- pending on their working field and main areas of activity, the BVL Representatives support the “logistics cause” in different ways – from arranging contacts and pro- viding assistance finding internships to the organisation of delegation trips to the International Supply Chain Conference. All in all, there are 15 BVL Representatives in the association network worldwide – from Burlington in Canada all the way to Johannesburg in South Africa. Services The worldwide network is coordinated by the International Projects unit at BVL head office and provides organisational assistance, materials for activities at the various locations, and information on the work of BVL. The English-language servic- es are being expanded step by step – both on the Internet and in the form of a news- letter. The team provides support for dele- gations and arranges contacts between chapters, BVL Representatives, members in general or logistics training institutions.

Inspiration, Ideas, Innovation8 Strategy Sector focus Studies, specialist articles and new event formats like the Forum Chemical Logistics are the build- ing blocks in the BVL strategy geared towards providing information for logistics-intensive sectors, creating platforms and developing new networks. BVL has continued to develop its sector exper- tise and focused in 2013 on the chemical industry, the trade sector and IT/telecommunications. Systematic development of sector-specific expertise Three teams at head office led by Managing Director Uwe Peters have been systemati- cally working on the creation and provision of suitable services for these three focal sectors and have been able to draw on the groundwork laid in previous years. The first study on “IT in Logistics” was published back in 2012. Special-topic tracks at the In- ternational Supply Chain Conference were dedicated to chemical logistics for the first time in 2012, while the trade sector has been a regular topic of presentations and discussions at the conference for a number of years now. Last but not least, IT has long been a relevant though often peripheral topic when it comes to logistics matters. The goal of BVL is to provide experts from the focal sectors with interesting informa- tion and to create platforms for in-depth discussion. The association has always pro- moted cross-sector exchange on new issues in logistics and supply chain management. BVL publishes the findings of its internation- al study “Trends and Strategies in Logistics and Supply Chain Management” as a key source of basic information. Another inter- esting reference study for logistics experts in all sectors is the “TOP 100” study, which was published once again in 2013 with the focus on the European logistics market. The recent sector-specific publications of BVL on the chemical industry, trade and IT are: Study on Chemical Logistics Importance, Structures, Dynamics Published by Thomas Krupp, Carsten Sun- trop, Christian Kille, Uwe Veres-Homm and Lina Heeg Articles in the conference volume for the 30th International Supply Chain Confer- ence – Inspiration, Ideas, Innovation Published by Thomas Wimmer and Sabine Hucke ■ Focus on Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Scenario-based identification of exter- nal threat potentials in the medicine supply chain; Authors: Andreas Aschen- brücker, Michael Löscher and Mischa Seiter ■ Focus on Trade Retail operations: why and how retail- ers benefit from an integrative supply chain management strategy; Authors: Alexander H. Hübner, Heinrich Kuhn, Michael G. Sternbeck ■ Focus on Electrical Engineering An approach towards mastering the evolutionary and revolutionary develop- ment of the electronics industry sector; Authors: Stefana Karevska and Chris- toph Kilger ■ Big Data for Logistics Using knowledge effectively Author: Michael Benz A study is currently being compiled for the trade sector. Following a tendering process, BVL commissioned a consortium made up of the HTW University of Applied Sciences in Berlin, the 4flow AG company and the German Retail Federation (HDE) to conduct the study. The Study on Success Factors in Trade Logistics, published by Stephan Seeck, Marco Bötel, Wendelin Groß and Maja Herrmansdörfer, is scheduled for publication in the spring of 2014. Following the success of the Forum Au- tomotive Logistics, a Forum Chemical Logistics was staged for the first time in 2013 and was extremely popular with both participants and exhibitors. The Cost-Cut- ting Forum, an event with cross-sector appeal, took place for the second time, and the similarly interdisciplinary Forum Spare Parts Logistics has been writing its own success story for many years now.

2013 Report of the Board 9 Innovation Almost all polled experts believe innova- tion is key to the future of logistics. At the same time, over 60 percent of respondents describe the innovative drive of the sector as low. The detailed findings are encour- aging, however: around 80 percent of the companies represented in the survey are already actively committed to innovation management, and companies are also stepping up their investment in research and development. 60 percent of respond- ents predict that spending in this area will increase or even increase very significantly in the next five years. 78 percent of com- panies represented in the survey have implemented new products, processes or services over the last five years. Innovation makes companies better in terms of competitiveness, cost effective- ness, efficiency and sustainability. The logistics service providers and users who have introduced innovations during the last five years are profiting from falling costs and savings in time thanks to faster pro- duction and development times and more rapid handling of orders. Savings in time and money are the main positive effects of innovation – while lack of time and low investment are its greatest enemy. The time invested by employees in innovation pro- jects is time well spent. Improved time man- agement, optimised personnel planning and, above all, more investment in research and development are the key to success. Companies generally look in-house to gen- erate new ideas for innovation: more than More important for growth than ongoing globalisation BVL’s goal for 2013 was to provide inspiration for innovations in logistics, and this was also re- flected in the motto chosen by the association for the 30th International Supply Chain Confer- ence. A survey conducted in the summer showed that logistics has recognised the importance of innovation and is now geared up to promote new ideas more systematically. There is still a great deal to do, however. one in three respondents said that their company obtains ideas from their own studies and analysis. In contrast, they make little or no use of opportunities for cooper- ation with universities and research insti- tutions – although this kind of cooperation is particularly advantageous when it comes to putting theoretical knowledge into prac- tice and saving time that can be used for in-house development activities. This is an area in which a relatively small investment in terms of time and money can lead to promising ideas and developments. Innovation is not an end in itself but something that is necessary to ensure the continued growth of logistics. It is the only way that companies in the sector can successfully meet future challenges such as changing consumer preferences, global competition, rising cost pressure or the “ The ability of national economies to generate wealth is increasingly dependent on innovation. „ Klaus Schwab, President of the World Economic Forum increasing need for energy efficiency. The member survey shows that the necessary foundations are already in place in the logistics sector, and that the industry has now reached the fork in the road which leads to more innovation. BVL recommends that every company in the logistics sector should invest one percent of its turnover in innovation to ensure that it remains com- petitive in the long term.

Inspiration, Ideas, Innovation10 Strategy Qualification Hands-on training and studies coupled with intercultural skills are key for career starters in logistics and supply chain man- agement, and ongoing further training and refreshment of knowledge is a must. Logis- tics is a global “people business” which is changing constantly and rapidly. The three educational institutions of BVL Campus in Bremen: ■ the HIWL – School of International Business and Supply Chain Management ■ the DAV – German Foreign Trade and Transport Academy ■ the BVL Seminars, the further training and development specialist offer lifelong learning focusing on both theory and practice, backed up by in-depth and specialised support for students. Students greatly value the support they receive in paving the way for their careers The contact network at BVL Campus is extensive and wide-ranging: scientists and hands-on logis- tics experts join forces to develop tailored study programmes, companies entrust HIWL and DAV with the education and training of their future management personnel, and experienced logistics managers value the range of seminars that enable them to bring their knowledge up to speed. BVL Campus is a byword for lifelong learning with real-world relevance in an international context. After the DAV presented the qualification certificates to graduates from the 100th final semester in 2012, the HIWL also had particular cause for celebration in 2013: on June 28, the first students in the “Logistics” course graduated from the HIWL. Ten of them in all, six men and four women, were presented with their certificates in Bre- men’s historic Town Hall, having attained the academic degree of Bachelor of Arts in a six-semester dual-element programme. The majority of graduates accepted the attractive job offers made by their partner companies and are now tackling logistics challenges in the real world. 28 new students began their courses at the HIWL, including one student from Thailand with Leschaco as the partner company. The HIWL therefore now has 83 students in total, while the DAV is currently attended by 223 students in full-time and part-time programmes. Both the HIWL and the DAV attach major importance to the international character of their study programmes. They provide their students with the opportunity to ex- change ideas in an international context, to present the results of their projects and to engage in discussion with colleagues from around the world. One example for this approach is the international student sym- posium in the Chinese city of Hangzhou at- tended by 22 students from the HIWL and DAV. And in September, nine DAV gradu- ates began studying for a follow-up Master of Science degree at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh. Five HIWL students spent a semester at California State University, while two students studied at the Tec de Monterrey in Chihuahua, Mexico. Further partnerships with universities in Brazil, Tur- key and China are in the works, and there are also plans to increase the number of international lecturers. “ I can certainly recommend the DAV for hands-on further training in the commercial field. Thanks to the international cooperation partners, you not only have the chance to obtain a university degree but also to embark on an academic career. And you can do all this without even having a university entrance qualification. „ Andre Königs, Business Manager (DAV), enrolled for a follow-on degree in Edinburgh

2013 Report of the Board 11 In November, the BVL Seminars unit staged a supply chain management seminar for management executives in Moscow for the first time. The event was organised togeth- er with MADI. The international ECG Acad- emy programme for management person- nel from companies in the automotive dis- tribution sector is already being staged for the eighth time, and BVL Campus is heavily involved in the programme. The modular course is held at different locations in Europe, with one training module being staged in Bremen at the end of November. The final examinations for participants will be in Athens in May 2014. The “Studium Generale” series, a joint pro- ject of the three educational institutions on BVL Campus, held four well-attended lecture events in 2013. The speakers were David Mayo, Senior Director Supply Chain DACH + NORDICS at CHEP Deutschland GmbH, on innovations and new devel- opments in the supply chain, Kathrin S. Trump from the Institute for Diversity Management and Marcella Matthes from Fraport AG on the requirements and basic challenges in the field of diversity man- agement, Frauke Heistermann, member of the Management Board at AXIT AG and BVL Board member, together with Pascal Männche, Senior Vice President Logistics at DEUTZ AG, on the advantages of cloud solutions for the logistics sector and, fi- nally, Christian Marnetté, member of the Management Board responsible for sales & marketing at Kühne + Nagel, on manage- ment and controlling in the marketing of logistics services. “ It was a time full of excitement and hard work. My personal highlights during the course were projects, out- ings and the semester abroad. There’s no doubt in my mind why students should choose the HIWL: there’s probably no other school that provides such in-depth support during the practice and theory phases. „ Elena Kurz, Bachelor of Arts, HIWL The graduates from the first degree course at the School of International Business and Supply Chain Management (HIWL) with Prof. Josef Decker, Dean and Head of Logistics Studies, and Michael Krähe, Head of International Business Studies.

Inspiration, Ideas, Innovation12 Retrospective 30th International Supply Chain Conference BVL has been staging the International Supply Chain Conference for 30 years now, with the most recent event in Berlin attracting around 3,200 participants. The motto for the 2013 conference was “Inspiration, Ideas, Innovation”. German Award for SCM | Supply Chain Sustainability Award Lekkerland was presented with the German Award for SCM in 2013 in recognition of a highly in- novative concept, while the Supply Chain Sustainability Award went to Tchibo. Sector forums The Forum Automotive Logistics was jointly staged by the VDA and BVL for the first time in 2013, while a totally new event format was launched in the shape of the Forum Chemical Logistics. Theme forums The Forum Spare Parts Logistics, formerly known as the Nuremberg Logistics Dialogue, has served as a cross-sector special-topic platform for many years now. The Cost-Cutting Forum is also de- signed to appeal to logistics experts from industry, trade and the service sector. Supply Chain Day The success story of Supply Chain Day, which took place in 2008 for the first time, was continued in 2013. This day of action was called into being by BVL; 640 companies and organisations were involved in last year’s event, which attracted around 36,000 visitors. Science and research BVL does not conduct its own research but commissions studies, organises working groups and stages scientific events. The association also promotes research for SMEs. PR and press activities BVL is treading new paths on the Internet and Web 2.0 front. The association is also a dependable partner of the media and publishes the “LOG .” series with information for members. From the chapters 28 regional chapters for working logistics managers and 21 student chapters stage events and dis- cussion sessions throughout Germany, and 300 such meetings took place in 2013.

2013 Report of the Board 13 Anniversary conference generates innovative stimuli 30th International Supply Chain Conference Around 3,200 participants from around the world came together at the annual three-day sector event for experts from logistics and supply chain management – which this year took place under the motto “Inspiration, Ideas, Innovation”. More than 100 speakers held presentations, talked to participants and provided valuable information, important stimuli and food for thought. The stands of the some 200 exhibitors and the lounges were also focal points of in-depth communication. The highlights of the conference included the presentation of the German Award for SCM to Lekkerland, the award ceremony for Mexican scientist Dr.-Ing. Mayolo Lopez Castellanos, who won this year’s Science Award for SCM, a discussion on the out- look for the world economy in 2025, the reports by Professors Robert Handfield and Frank Straube on the major study entitled “Trends and Strategies in Logistics and Supply Chain Management” – and the an- niversary evening with its theme from the 1980s, the decade in which the Internation- al Supply Chain Conference was first held. Dr. Oliver Blume, Franz Fehrenbach, Prof. Raimund Klinkner, Dr. Elmar Degenhart, Manfred Gundel, Prof. Götz Rehn, Prof. Henning Kagermann The keynotes in front of the full session of the conference were held by Dr. Oliver Blume, member of the Executive Board Pro- duction and Logistics at Porsche AG, Franz Fehrenbach, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Robert Bosch GmbH, Dr. Elmar Degenhart, CEO of Continental AG, Prof. Götz Rehn, founder and Managing Direc- tor of Alnatura Produktions- und Handels GmbH, Manfred Gundel, Chairman of the Managing Board of KUKA Roboter GmbH, and Prof. Henning Kagermann, President of acatech, the German Academy of Science and Engineering. The themes for the 16 special-topic pres- entations were “Ideas”, “Innovations”, “Net- work” and “Sectors”, and a broad spectrum of issues with practical relevance were dis- cussed, from big data all the way through to the importance of refurbishing as a suc- cess factor. The focal sectors were electri- cal engineering, mechanical and plant en- gineering, pharmaceuticals/healthcare and trade. The themes discussed in a workshop format were “Challenges for Professionals” and “Logistics in India”, then there was the “ We live in truly fascinat- ing times, and we have the abil- ity to shape the world around us. More is possible in our socie- ty than we tend to assume. „ Prof. Götz E. Rehn, founder and Managing Director of Alnatura Produktions- und Handels GmbH “ The vision of Industry 4.0 calls for a ‘Smart Factory’ and ‘Smart Logistics’. We have the opportunity to exploit this potential. „ Prof. Henning Kagermann, President of acatech Thesis Conference workshop showcasing outstanding degree theses and the creative network “What would Harry do?”. “Let us work together to generate new stimuli and use this as an inspiration to create new ideas which in turn lead to innovations that benefit us and our compa- nies in the worldwide competitive arena!” These were the words of Prof. Raimund Klinkner, President of the Board of BVL, in his opening address to the 30th Interna- tional Supply Chain Conference on October 23 in Berlin. The organisers developed a whole series of new ideas for both the staging and the content of the anniversary conference.

Inspiration, Ideas, Innovation14 Retrospective 30th International Supply Chain Conference Many conference attendees were pleasant- ly surprised by the design of the reception area with a silhouette of Brandenburg Gate and a welcome in (almost) all languages spoken at the conference. The optimised conference app enabled attendees to access updated information and to put to- gether their own tailored programme. The focus sequences made use of “Event-Pads” permitting the asking of questions online, thereby greatly enhancing the options for interaction between moderator, speakers and audience. Last but not least, a Social Wall in the exhibition area documented the vibrant communication about the event in the social media in real time. BVL welcomed speakers and guests from around 40 countries, among them three foreign delegations from Mongolia, India and China who had organised a full pro- gramme for their visit to Germany. An In- ternational Meeting Point was set up in the Hotel InterContinental for this first time in 2013 to promote intercultural exchange and was coordinated by BVL’s International Projects unit. The Press and PR unit provided support for the some 200 accredited media represent- atives in the form of content-based and organisational services in the press room of the conference, and special-interest media from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Poland were present at the conference, as was the German business press. The PR departments of ex- hibitors and sponsors were able to obtain advice from BVL’s press experts and receive assistance on organisational issues before and during the conference. And, as is the case every year: after the conference is be- fore the conference: The 31st International Supply Chain Conference will take place in Berlin from October 22 to 24, 2014. The theme for the event is “Complexi- ty, Costs, Collaboration”. 30 years of the International Supply Chain Conference – a journey through time The International Supply Chain Conference has been a “future forum” from the be- ginning. At the first event in 1984, logistics was in the process of establishing itself as a cross-functional activity spanning oper- ations from procurement and production through to the sale of goods to the end cus- tomer. The central objectives that BVL set itself were and are to create an awareness and understanding of logistics in industry, academia and among the public at large, to systematically document logistical prob- lems, to develop methods and processes to solve these problems in an interdisciplinary and sector-focused way, and to promote and continuously optimise the application of these methods. The International Supply Chain Conference became the key instrument to realise these objectives. For 30 years now, the event has been a part of the rapid development of logistics, providing an annual forum for interdisciplinary exchange between ex- perts. The optimisation of cross-functional processes was followed in the 1990s by the creation and optimisation of process chains and then of value added chains. With the new millennium came the realisation that the industry must think and act in a global context – in response to megatrends such as the individualisation of customer prefer- ences, the sustainability of economic activ- ity and the digitalisation of the processes involved in this activity. “ The strength of the conference is that it is a forum for both forward-looking information and personal encounters. „ Dr. Hanspeter Stabenau, Honorary Chairman of BVL “ The successes of the past will soon be no more than sta- tistics ... The German economy must defend its position anew every day against ever stronger competition. „ Franz Fehrenbach, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Robert Bosch GmbH BVL welcomed its guests to the 30th International Supply Chain Conference with a silhouette of the Brandenburg Gate. Participants came from around the world, among others a delegation from Mongolia. One of the highlights was the anniversary evening with the presentation of the German Award for SCM.

2013 Report of the Board 15 German Award for SCM | Supply Chain Sustainability Award Awards for Lekkerland and Tchibo The 2013 German Award for SCM was won by Lekkerland Deutschland. The jury chose the com- pany for the award in recognition of its multi-temperature concept entitled “Lekkerlogistics – Focusing on Customer Orientation”. The 2013 Supply Chain Sustainability Award went to Tchibo. “The jury was impressed by the proactive and systematically customer-focused way in which Lekkerland developed and techni- cally implemented an innovative solution”, said Jury Chairman Prof. Bernd Gottschalk in his tribute speech. He added that when the project was launched over two years ago, Lekkerland adopted a farsighted strat- egy of putting itself in the position of its customers, above all filling station shops, kiosks and newsstands. These customers are mainly supplied with three product groups – uncooled, fresh and deep-frozen products requiring three different storage and transport temperatures. The managers at Lekkerland believed that it was no longer customer-friendly, efficient or sustainable to deliver goods to customers on up to three different trucks. They developed a surprisingly simple solution: thanks to its multi-temperature logistics, the company has achieved sustainable bundling effects in its logistics routines to the benefit of its customers. In a nutshell, the concept is about “one order, one delivery, one invoice”. 160 newly purchased multi-chamber trucks are the centrepiece of the multi-temper- ature logistics concept and were pur- pose-designed to meet the requirements of Lekkerland. Flexible wall panels allow them to be split into temperature zones to suit changing load volumes, and the customer receives the full range of ordered products in just one delivery. The one-stop strategy has resulted in the following qualitative and quantitative im- provements: ■ The total number of stops has been re- duced by 260,000. This is equivalent to 3.4 millions road kilometres less a year producing emissions of 2,000 tons of CO2 . ■ The customer orders all products in a single order and receives them in a sin- gle delivery with a single invoice. ■ This greatly reduces the customer’s administrative workload, and this im- provement is underpinned by the use of a modern telematics tool. ■ In the deep-frozen warehouse, for ex- ample, the already low complaint rate has fallen by two thirds. 2013 Supply Chain Sustainability Award The winner of the second Supply Chain Sustainability Award, conferred jointly each year by the sister organisations BVL Austria and BVL Germany, was Tchibo GmbH. The company was presented with the award in March in recognition of its wide-ranging project entitled “Acting with Responsi- bility”, in which logistics plays a central role. “We are delighted that the award has gone to an exemplary company in which sustainability has been part and parcel of the corporate strategy for years. The envi- ronment-friendly and socially responsible organisation of all relevant processes – from the use of resources and production by suppliers all the way through to waste disposal – is a key factor in Tchibo’s un- derstanding of quality”, was what Roman Stiftner, President of BVL Austria, and Prof. Thomas Wimmer, Chairman of the Execu- tive Board of Bundesvereinigung Logistik Germany, had to say about the award winner. The jury said that Tchibo pursues a strategically integrated and holistic sus- tainability approach which is systematical- ly implemented in Tchibo’s logistics opera- tions along the entire supply chain through the active integration of suppliers, business partners, employees and customers. Big celebrations: the team from Lekkerland were abso- lutely delighted to receive the German Award for SCM presented by Jury Chairman Prof. Bernd Gottschalk (centre). To his right are project leaders Kay Schiebur and Ralph Dreger.

Inspiration, Ideas, Innovation16 Retrospective Forum Automotive Logistics “Europe’s leading forum” In 2013, the joint Forum Automotive Logistics took the place of the two previous events, BVL’s Industry Forum Automotive Logistics and the VDA Logistics Conference. The theme of the forum was “Managing Complexity”. Around 550 participants attended the event at the MAN Truck- forum in Munich on January 23 and 24. BVL Board President Prof. Raimund Klinkner was extremely satisfied with the premiere of the event. “BVL staged its sector forum for ten years, developing it into the kick-off event at the start of each year for the large community of automotive logisticians. We are pleased that we can now continue to write this success story and further expand the scope of this event together with the German Association of the Automotive Industry”, said Klinkner. VDA President Matthias Wissmann shared this assess- ment and had the following to say in Mu- nich: “The VDA and BVL have now created Europe’s leading forum for logistics in the automotive industry. The event puts down a marker for the ongoing development of automotive production logistics, confirm- ing the wisdom of our decision in favour of a joint VDA-BVL event.” Wissmann also outlined the key challeng- es in the field of automotive production logistics: “The production networks in the German automotive industry are becoming ever more global and increasingly inter- linked. Last year, the number of new cars built by German manufacturers outside Germany increased to 7.7 million. Added to this total are the 5.4 million cars built in Germany.” He said that the parts and com- ponents of a car often came from different continents, being delivered by suppliers directly to the assembly line only when needed, just in time and often also just in sequence. “The job of production logisti- cians is to master this complex system”, added Wissmann. In addition to listening to the keynotes, forum participants also had the chance to discuss specific aspects of logistics in the automotive industry in ten different theme sequences. The high-quality event covered a wide range of topics and featured around 50 speakers. The content focus on day one was on cloud computing, aftermarket, packaging standardisation, the digital fac- tory, multimodal transport, Auto-ID and RFID. Alongside presentations on complexi- ty and volatility as well as the challenges of raw material supply, day two also featured a panel discussion on how sustainability impacts complexity. In the afternoon, there were two parallel sequences on cost-cutting and the shift in sales markets. The forum was rounded off by a number of plant tours. The next Forum Automotive Logistics will take place on February 4/5, 2014 in Frankfurt. “ The Forum Automotive Logistics was a total success right out of the blocks. The event greatly exceeded our expectations with around 550 attendees. „ Matthias Wissmann, President of the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) VDA President Matthias Wissmann held a keynote during the Forum.

2013 Report of the Board 17 Forum and Study on Chemical Logistics Exploiting potential for optimisation The first BVL Forum Chemical Logistics was staged in Ludwigshafen on June 12 and 13 under the heading “Exploiting Potential for Optimisation”. The event was fully booked, with 225 attendees and 19 exhibitors, who presented their services in the parallel special-interest exhibition. With a market volume of 144 billion euros in 2011 and over 323,000 employees, the chemical industry is one of the key indus- tries in Germany. Logistics plays a central role in this sector in the management of complex logistics and supply chains. Although at first glance the fundamental challenges for logistics in the chemical industry are similar to those of other sec- tors – in that the marketplace is becoming increasingly global, calling for agile and flexible supply chains and high delivery reliability in a market that demands an ever-increasing speed and quality of service – these customer expectations have more complex effects in the highly sophisticated field of chemical logistics. The trend to- wards outsourcing is on the increase but the specific characteristics of chemical logistics may mean there are limits to how far outsourcing can go. This was reason enough for BVL to commis- sion the study “Chemical Logistics – Impor- tance, Structures, Dynamics” and to create the Forum Chemical Logistics. The high- lights of the programme were the opening presentation by host Dr. Robert Blackburn, President Information Services and Supply Chain Management at BASF and BVL Board member, the presentation of the study, a lively panel discussion and the plant tours at BASF in Ludwigshafen. The logistics managers from the chemical industry and their service providers were by no means on their own during the Forum; they were joined by managers from other sectors of industry and members of the scientific community. The next Forum Chemical Logistics will take place in Frankfurt on May 8, 2014. Study on chemical logistics: recognising the trends It was also at the Forum Chemical Logistics that BVL presented its first study on chem- ical logistics, prepared by the “Competence Group Chemical Logistics” comprising the CMC2 GmbH company, the European University of Applied Sciences (EUFH) in Brühl, the Würzburg Institute for Applied Logistics (IAL) and the Fraunhofer Working Group for Supply Chain Services (SCS) . The study focuses on the following aspects of chemical logistics: ■ Specifics and special characteristics of chemical logistics ■ Quantification of the macroeconomic importance of chemical logistics ■ Differentiated list of the top market players in industry and logistics services ■ Description and characterisation of the value added stages in the supply chains of the chemical industry ■ Company types and business models on all value added levels ■ Analysis of the level of development of logistics in the chemical industry and subsequent identification of potential to boost productivity and competitive- ness ■ Overview and detailed description of central trends and developments in the field of chemical logistics

Inspiration, Ideas, Innovation18 Retrospective Theme forums Optimising after-sales and total cost of ownership The two tailored forums provide participants with practical and theoretical stimuli for the logis- tics functions of spare parts logistics and total cost of ownership. The events are designed to appeal to logistics managers in industry, trade and services and are seen as interesting one-day events that facilitate exchange and interaction between experts. Forum Spare Parts Logistics This forum, the successor event to the Nuremberg Logistics Dialogue, serves as a platform for cross-sector interaction and exchange between experts from the after-sales sector. The one-day forum with parallel special-interest exhibition took place in the city of Nuremberg in the Franconia region of Bavaria at the end of February 2013 and was attended by 190 participants from industry, trade, services and academia. The theme of the event was “Understanding Market Requirements – Optimising Processes”. What are the differ- ent challenges in the various sectors? How can spare parts inventories be optimised? How can “lean management” ideas be transferred to the spare parts business? During the Forum Spare Parts Logistics, ex- perts presented their approaches and solu- tions aimed at achieving improvements and ensuring optimum process organisa- tion, and reported on their experiences with real-world implementation. The next Forum Spare Parts Logistics will take place in Nuremberg on March 13, 2014. Forum on cost-cutting in value added chains The topic of cost optimisation was the focal point of a specialist forum in Bremen on April 23 and 24, 2013. This event looked at issues relating to total cost of ownership from the perspective of logistics. Compa- nies like shipbuilder Abeking & Rasmussen have to take many other factors outside the supply chain into consideration. The situation in the aerospace sector is even more specialised: Bremen-based satel- lite manufacturer OHB already talks of a small-series production batch when an order comes in for four satellites with similar equipment levels. The parameters are completely different for mass market products. Mondelez is the world’s largest producer of biscuits. The high number of small products makes for a complex supply chain. The company has developed a dis- play concept for its marketing activities in over 165 countries. As when a buyer choos- es the equipment and accessories for a car, individual sales outlets can put together their large-scale package for sales pro- motion online in a modular process. This generates economies of scale and ensures the use of optimum displays while still maintaining flexibility for the sales outlets. British American Tobacco (BAT), on the oth- er hand, brought 694 billion cigarettes into circulation worldwide in 2012. The com- pany focuses its attention on rectifying supply bottlenecks. As part of this concept, BAT uses a joint pooling strategy to supply production plants with raw materials, and this balances out fluctuations in material requirements. The next Forum Cost-Cutting will take place in Hamburg on Septem- ber 18, 2014. The Forum Cost-Cutting is held alternately in the Hanseatic cities of Hamburg and Bremen. The 2013 event took place at the Congress Centrum Bremen.

2013 Report of the Board 19 Supply Chain Day | transport logistic Day of action once again whets the appetite for logistics Supply Chain Day 2013 was once again an extremely lively and busy occasion, first on the central website where all the events are listed, then at many logistics locations all over Germany. This was already the sixth time that the logistics industry has let the public take a look behind the scenes of this highly diverse sector. On April 18, the nationwide day of action of the logistics sector attracted around 36,000 visitors to 381 events throughout Germany and in neighbouring countries. The figures are up once again on the pre- vious year, when 34,000 people attended the various events. Over 640 companies, organisations and educational institutions were involved, compared to around 550 in 2012. The day of action focused on in- formation for undergraduates and school students. In other words, the search for qualified new personnel – made even more difficult by the process of demographic change – is in full swing. 150 of the organisers were also active in previous years, including companies like Alnatura, Lekkerland, DB Schenker, bremen- ports, Kühne + Nagel, Audi AG or Amazon. In terms of the event formats, there is a discernible trend towards large-scale re- gional events involving several companies. Examples include the Hammer “logistics parcour”, the VIA Bremen event entitled “More than job and career – logistics paves the way”, the job and career platform of the Hamburg Logistics Initiative or the “Dangerous Goods and Safety Day” staged by the chambers of industry and trade in the Rhineland region in Grevenbroich. The biggest BVL event was the LogistikRuhr Students’ Day in Dortmund. But Supply Chain Day is also about small and highly specialised events – like the special-inter- est event entitled “Boosting Efficiency and Quality with RFID-Supported Processes” at avus Services in Stuttgart. As the initiator of this day of action, BVL has set itself the goal of further increasing the number of events and the scope of top- ics in 2014. Whether fascinating technical solutions, the use of IT, specialised logistics issues in individual sectors of industry and trade or international networking – there is always something new to discover, and plenty of potential to further improve the image of the logistics and supply chain sec- tor step by step. Trade fair stand and special-topic forums at “transport logistic” At the leading “transport logistic” fair in Munich at the beginning of June, the central point of contact for BVL and BVL Campus with the DAV, the HIWL and the Seminars unit was Stand 300 in Hall B3. As a cooperation partner of the fair, BVL also staged three special-topic forums: on the Tuesday of the fair, the focus was firmly on the growth market of Russia. The second presentation on the Wednes- day looked at the efficient organisation of tender management, and the theme on the Thursday was lean management in warehouses. Supply Chain Day provides companies, organisations and educational establishments with an opportunity to pres- ent themselves to the public and to showcase their logis- tics operations – as shown in the photo above at L’Oréal in Karlsruhe. During such activities as company tours, presentations, business simulation games or exhibitions, visitors can gain insights into the diverse spectrum of logistics, and this creates a new and broader understand- ing of the logistics sector.

Inspiration, Ideas, Innovation20 The programme for the 2013 Chapter Manage- ment Meeting in the Saar- land region of Germany also included a visit to the former “Alte Völklinger Hütte” steelworks, now a World Heritage Site. Positive response to high-level commitment and interesting topics One of the main reasons for joining BVL is the range of events staged by the regional chapters all over Germany, events that are chiefly organised by the honorary chapter chairs. The chapters invited members to 300 regional events in 2013, get-togethers that play an important role in network building and also serve as a source of wide-ranging information. From the chapters Retrospective In 2013, the diverse activities of the chapters were even more popular with members and other interested persons than in the previ- ous year. As a result, and thanks to the out- standing efforts of the chairs and student chairs, 300 chapter events were staged with over 7,500 attendees. In order to ensure that both the topic focus and the event formats remain attractive – in line with the confer- ence motto of “Inspiration, Ideas, Innova- tion” – and to promote the development of the association, the chapter chairs came together once again in 2013 at a Chapter Management Meeting in Weiskirchen in the Saarland region of Germany from May 31 to June 1. In addition to providing a forum for topic-based discussions in workshops, the meeting also allowed participants to get to know one another, encouraging people from different generations to exchange experiences and logistics experts from different fields to work together to develop new ideas. For the first time, the roughly 70 attendees also included several chapter chairpersons from outside Germany. Given the economic strength of southwest- ern Germany, it was already apparent in 2012 that it would be a good idea to create a further regional chapter to optimise the provision of services for members. To this end, the Baden-Württemberg, Upper Rhine and Rhine/Neckar Chapters “transferred” some of their postcode districts to pave the way for the founding of the new North Baden/South Palatinate Chapter. The chairs of the new chapter are Prof. Kai Furmans, Institute Director at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Johannes Busch, Head of In- ternational Logistics at The Lorenz Bahlsen Snack World, and Volker Klohr, Managing Di- rector of Locom Consulting GmbH. The Up- per Rhine Chapter has now been renamed the South Baden/Upper Rhine Chapter. This means there are now 28 regional chapters and 21 student chapters in Germany. Shortly after the start of the new year, on January 16, 2013, the kick-off event for the new Main-Franconia Student Chap- ter took place in the Marienberg Fortress in Würzburg. The designated Student Chapter Chairs Chiara Freichel (Univer- sity of Würzburg) and Elisa Schneider (Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University/Mosbach) welcomed the guests, who included not only the Main-Franconia Chapter Chair but also BVL Executive Board Chairman Prof. Thomas Wimmer. There is also a positive trend in the commit- ment of up-and-coming logistics experts. The 30 percent increase in members from among the ranks of young professionals compared to the previous year points to increasing interest in networking activities and the opportunities this provides for ex- change and interaction. The level of interest in honorary work is also increasing among the younger members, particularly women. While women are still seriously underrepre- sented among the chairs of the chapters, ac- counting for only seven percent of all chairs, the situation is far more balanced in the student chapters, where there are 20 female students among the 51 student chairs. “ As a logistics or supply chain manager, you’re often on your own in a company, which means it’s difficult to bounce ideas off anybody. And that’s why the network operated by BVL is so important, so that you can continue to develop yourself and to optimise the processes and routines in your place of work. „ Thomas Henkel, Head of Logistics Management, SICK AG, Waldkirch

2013 Report of the Board 21 Special event formats The first BVL Germany Logistics Tour from May 21 to 25, 2013 took 18 logisticians from the Saxony Student Chapter across the length and breadth of the country in a quest to discover everyday and out- of-the-ordinary logistics processes and supply chain worlds. The five-member organisational team headed by project leader Oliver Roscher comprised highly committed members from the Saxony Student Chapter. The “tourists” visited the Fiege mega-centre near Erfurt, the courier terminal of time:matters, the Vanderlande Industries headquarters in Veghel in the Netherlands, Emmas Enkel in Düsseldorf, Thyssen-Krupp Steel in Duisburg, DHL Sup- ply Chain at its Essen location and, finally, the Fraunhofer IML in Dortmund. “Ladies in Logistics” was the theme of an event staged by the Baden-Württemberg Chapter for the first time on October 9, 2013, and the topic was extremely popular with the just under 30 participants. Chapter Chair Jürgen Waas gave an introduction to the subject matter based on studies in the logistics sector and on the situation of female management executives in Baden-Württemberg. These studies show that female employees are clearly underrep- resented both in the sector as a whole and in management positions compared to the average figures for industry overall. Things are changing, however: female students now account for 40 to 45 percent of all stu- dents at the universities, and in companies with programmes for the advancement of women, the share of female management personnel is as high as 45 percent. “ BVL gives me the chance to gain insights into real-world logistics and to prepare myself even better for my future career. I’ve already got to know lots of nice people in the student chap- ter who share my interests and with whom I want to continue to discover the world of logis- tics. „ Corinna Beck, student at the Saarland University of Applied Sciences (HTW)

Inspiration, Ideas, Innovation22 Members | Association bodies Karl Ulrich Garnadt, CEO of Lufthansa Cargo AG, and Karl Gernandt, Chairman of Kühne + Nagel International AG were newly elected to the Board of the associ- ation. Dr.-Ing. Christoph Beumer, Frauke Heistermann and Dr. Johannes Söllner were re-elected for a further three-year term. Joachim Limberg, Chairman of the Mate- rials Services Business Area Management Team at Thyssen-Krupp AG, Essen, was co-opted to the BVL Board as an additional member. Dr. Ottmar Gast, Chairman of the Manage- ment Board of Hamburg Südamerikani- sche Dampfschifffahrts-Gesellschaft KG, and Karl-Heinz Lippe, Vice President Op- erations – Stationary Trade at DHL Supply Chain Germany & Alps, left their honorary posts on the BVL Board after serving their maximum terms in office. The departure of Gast and Lippe also saw the end of the Board membership of Prof. Christopher Jahns, which has been inactive for several years. Outlook When analysing the development of BVL membership, it is no surprise to find that the number of members in the big met- ropolitan areas is far higher than in other regions. The measures taken to underpin the positive ongoing trend in membership numbers include more in-depth support and services for members, the integration of young professionals by the regional chapter chairs and three pilot projects. The Main-Franconia, Saxony and South West- phalia Chapters are being gi

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