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Published on February 14, 2008

Author: tstaley


Introduction to:  Introduction to Write. Together. Better. The First Real Web-Based Word Processor:  The First Real Web-Based Word Processor Buzzword is a free online word processor that facilitates document collaboration. In addition to creating and editing rich documents, Buzzword also has a centralized document file store that makes it easy to see your documents as well as ones that have been shared with you. Buzzword provides a rich, full-featured writing experience that will make you forget you’re working in a browser. Buzzword: Key Features:  Buzzword: Key Features Insert images and tables just like any leading word processor Add comments in context with time stamp and author View and edit documents exactly as they will print See who has access and rights and add new people with one simple step The innovative toolbar maximizes the document viewing area Buzzword Key Features, Continued:  Buzzword Key Features, Continued Specific icons show when a document has been updated since last open Adding new co-authors, changing roles can also be done right from the doc view Sort or filter based on Author, title or last updated Principle 1: Ubiquity:  Principle 1: Ubiquity Imagine Writing Anywhere Imagine having access to your documents from any Internet-connected computer. Imagine having access to all the documents you are sharing with others. Imagine that all your collaborators have access to those documents as well - so your updates appear as soon as they look for them. Principle 2: Collaboration:  Principle 2: Collaboration The advantage of using Buzzword is that there is always just one version of a document, accessible from any computer. Simply invite your colleagues to that single document. You're always on the current version of the document. No more need to use e-mail as your document manager Document sharing happens at the bottom of the editing screen. You can invite people to share your document by assigning one of 3 roles: Editor - full writing privileges Commenter - can only add comments to the document Reader - read only When should you use Buzzword?:  When should you use Buzzword? If your Inbox is filled with messages that have attachments, Buzzword will probably make a big improvement in your work. Recently, 21 people collaborated on a document that went through over 10 revisions. If they had not used Buzzword, over 200 emails would have been sent. Instead, all participants were kept up to date with versions of the document, and many people weighed in with their comments. Result: 21 people on the same page. Principle #3: User Experience:  Principle #3: User Experience Buzzword has received rave reviews on its design "Of all the online word processors I have tried, none strikes a more perfect balance between features, user friendliness, aesthetics, and speed... In short, buzzword is the best online wordprocessor I have come across. I have willingly abandoned Google Docs for it.” "The interface is clean and streamlined and everything just seems to make sense where it is and how it works. It is responsive and fast and pretty much the nicest "practical and functional" word processor I have used - web based or otherwise." "I’ve totally enjoyed using Buzzword. I think the interface is fantastic, to the point that I will now find using Google Docs & Spreadsheets and Zoho Writer to be cumbersome." "I love the interface, that is the biggest thing i have to say, people want to work in an environment that is appealing, that is not jarring on their eyes and VU have created a system here that fulfills both those.” We think people will write better and more effectively when they enjoy the environment. Where would you rather work?:  Where would you rather work? Buzzword Google Docs Google Docs is limited by the limited text layout capabilities of your browser. Browsers deliver content without consideration of the printed page, so Google Docs cannot show pagination or any aspect of a page’s appearance. Buzzword recalculates line breaks, page-breaks and reflow around images with each keystroke. The page you see is identical to the page that comes out of your printer, including headers, footers and margins. User Experience: What You See Is What You Get:  User Experience: What You See Is What You Get Unlike virtually every other web-based editor, Buzzword is WYSIWYG. With every keystroke or layout change, Buzzword instantly recomputes character spacing, line endings, pagebreaks, headers and footers, and running text around graphics. The result is that the document as displayed on the screen is always an exact replica of the document that others see, either on the screen or when printed. We recognize that this level of control is important in the field of education. Students assigned a five page paper need to know absolutely the length of their document. Product Details:  Product Details WYSIWYG ("what you see is what you get"): In Buzzword you are always working in "print preview mode." You will see exactly how document pages, layout, headers, and footers will print. No need to copy and paste back into a desktop word processor to finalize the formatting. Comments in context: Buzzword comments are easy to use; simply select the text to which you are referring and add your comments in the comment box. Comments appear adjacent to reference text, and each reviewer has his/her own color so it's easy to distinguish. Easy and robust image placement: Buzzword imports JPG, PNG and GIF images, and provides very straightforward tools for sizing and placing those images. Buzzword flows text around images like powerful desktop word processors. List handling simplified: Buzzword offers a much easier way to add, delete, or skip bullets, numbers, or symbols in a list. Granular access control: You can share your documents with others, and provide them one of three levels of access: Co-author (full edit privilege), Reviewer (ability to add comments only), Reader. Useful and compelling document dashboard: The Buzzword document organizer allows access to all your Buzzword documents, listing them in a variety of convenient ways. And the Organizer is dynamic, notifying you when your documents have been changed by your collaborators. Version History: Buzzword auto-saves your document regularly and keeps record of recent changes, so reverting to former versions is simple. Collaborator Awareness: Buzzword always displays a gallery of collaborators on each document. The Collaborator Bar also shows when others have the document open for reading or editing. Leverage existing work: Buzzword imports and exports Word and RTF files so you can continue to work on existing documents. No installation required: Buzzword runs in most popular browsers using the ubiquitous Adobe Flash Player 9. You no longer need to worry about whether your collaborators have compatible word processing software.

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