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Published on November 8, 2016

Author: BenCunningham2


1. Account-Based sales and marketing services

2. Why Use BuyingTime? If you recognize one or more of the following scenarios, then BuyingTime can help you: • Your desire to grow the business is not matched by the sales and marketing skills of the business leaders. • A sales director relationship has failed you (more then once?). • The sales process within the company does not match the buying cycle of your target customers. • The business is daunted by the idea of actively building a ‘brand’ or a reputation for delivering certain services well, seeing this as a luxury it can’t afford. • The network of contacts that helped to grow the business has been exhausted. • The company requires a mechanism to deliver regular “high-quality” sales leads that the company’s principals can turn into real opportunities.

3. Services Overview Our methods in this area are tried and tested… they may look a little odd, but here’s how we operate: • First, we start by creating a target account list for you. We make sure that the data is clean and we find the relevant key decision makers and influencers within each account. • We then write a sales letter to our own template and work with you to develop an A4 1 or 2pp case study doc which can be mailed with that letter. • After month 1 we aim to be delivering 2 or 3 good leads each month as a minimum, with people whom you can see yourselves doing business with. What makes this successful is the talent on the phone of our team members, and the attention to detail in creating the universe and proposition. • We give you a dedicated resource for one day each week, over a 6 month period (they work as one of your team, carrying your email address etc…). They gradually cover that whole universe and arrange meetings with suitable contacts who want to see you.

4. Proposition Development Clarity of proposition is one of the most important steps when it comes to engaging with new customers. Often our client is so close to their proposition that it does not "sing", and is too convoluted or confused to be interesting for new prospects. We will NEVER start a project without a proposition in place that our team has bought into - and which we can deliver to senior business leaders quickly over the telephone, through email or through a colleague and partner. How do We ensure it's truly great though: • Interrogate • research competition • Test language • Sales letter • Practice & replay

5. Lead Generation We do this by following these practices: • Identifying the most appropriate target sectors and individuals for each client • Building accurate contact datasets for each client - alongside a succinct & compelling message • Writing polite, well-crafted sales letters to them and alerting PAs to their arrival. • Working through our clients' pitch on the phone in a persuasive and engaging manner. • Qualifying the prospect and pressing (firmly but politely) for an opportunity to meet. At BuyingTime, our pipeline development service exists both to open new doors and to work on a large universe of existing leads so that they develop into high-quality opportunities for our clients.

6. Lead Nurture Here at BuyingTime, we know that once a relationship has been established with a prospect, the relationship needs to be nurtured. This is not just about calling a lead regularly in order to maintain contact but is about actively working to grow those relationships in order to drive the sale forward. Lead nurturing can involve: • Networking within the target business in order to involve and engage other stakeholders. • Using our data detectives to dig deep within the organisation and uncover the "real" landscape that our client is selling into. • Crafting thought leadership content such as white papers or case studies to engage the prospect further. • Organising and facilitating events that encourage debate around the subject that we are discussing with our sales prospects, in order to improve engagement rather than just maintain it.

7. Live Event delivery Commerce Futures our events & media business with a popular events series that engages with business leaders and practitioners in the following sectors: • Multichannel brands and retailers • Media, entertainment and publishing • Travel and tourism • B2B commerce (wholesale, manufacturing, FMCG, logistics) • The Third Sector Commerce Futures was created as a sister offering to BuyingTime’s Lead Generation service to create an environment in which industry leaders can engage with like-minded individuals to share best practice and latest industry insights. Our events range from small breakfast meetings with 30 delegates to large conferences with over 100 delegates in which we look after every aspect of the event for you. For some more information on Commerce Futures and our upcoming events, please take a look through our website:

8. Our Clients Our client base has grown mainly through word of mouth, in other words, people for whom we have been successful for have told their personal networks that we’re genuinely helpful and always aim to deliver the best for our clients. As such, the organisations we work for are interlinked and the sectors we have worked in are closely related. Our clients generally have the following elements in common: • Their propositions are complex and service-driven, not a ‘product’. • They are niche specialists – subject matter experts not salespeople. • Their business involves selling services to large ‘blue-chip’ companies and organisations.

9. Client Deal Data If you are going to work with a company, you want to know that they can deliver the goods. One way to assess that is to look at what they have done before. At BuyingTime we are proud of how we’ve helped our clients succeed. From the meetings we have set, our clients have have closed over 100 deals ranging from £25k - £10m. Below is the total amount of first year net new revenue we have generated for our clients: £47,160,592.00 Our clients recognise the great work that we do for them which is why we have been working with some for 12 years now. We pride ourselves on delivering great results for our clients and because of this, we maintain an 80% client retention rate.

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