Buying Hand Tools – A Comprehensive Guide

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Information about Buying Hand Tools – A Comprehensive Guide

Published on December 13, 2016

Author: kartartools


1. Source: Buying Hand Tools – A Comprehensive Guide Whether you are a master craftsman or simply need to tackle a few household projects, quality hand tools are a must for every home, amateur or professional workshop. Knowing what to look for and being familiar with the most common tools will allow you to easily buy hand tools online and make smart buying decisions and also, you will receive years of quality service from the tools purchased. So whatever task you want to do, just follow this guide and you will soon have the right tools to get the job done.  Selecting a Good Hammer A good hammer is a very important part of any well-equipped toolkit. Whether used by itself or in combination with another hand tool, the hammer will prove to be a very useful tool. But choosing the right hammer for the job can be a little confusing. Hammers are not just for pounding nails they also serve a variety of other functions. The most common hammers used are Nail Hammers, Finishing Hammers, Ball Peen Hammers, Sledge Hammers, Rubber Hammers and Dead Blow Hammers. The best quality hammers have fibreglass shafts and padded rubber handles. These kinds of hammers will absorb the shock of the blow better than a wooden or steel shaft. Also, these hammers are incredibly strong and seldom crack or break like wood handles. Soft padded rubber handles also absorb shock and improve a hammers grip and hand comfort.  Purchase the Right Screwdriver Screwdrivers are of two different types- straight blade and Phillip’s head. But you need to keep many more things in mind such as the quality of the screwdriver, grip, functionality, and other considerations. High-quality screwdrivers have alloy steel shanks, grit blasted tips, nickel-chrome finishes, and sturdy plastic handles. The screwdriver should also have a good grip and not hurt your hand under extreme exertion. The best ones are which have recessed slots around the handle, rounded handle with grip inserts and rubber padded grips. In addition to this, functionality is also an important factor; the two specific types of screwdrivers are nut driver and multi-tip. A socket set is a must with a screwdriver; it does not come with a screwdriver you need to buy it separately. You can buy sockets set online in India from Kartar Tools.

2. Source:  Assortment of Wrenches Comes Handy Wrenches are used to tighten and loosen nuts, bolts, screws and fittings. Wrenches have many uses, so it is important to know how to differentiate wrench types and their intended purposes. There are six common varieties of wrenches: crescent, box, combo, adjustable, offset, and line wrenches.

3. Source:  Crescent Wrenches feature an open end and have two gripping surfaces and can be used in tight spaces where a slightly different angle is required.  Box-End Wrenches feature an enclosed end that grips the nut on every side. Box-end wrenches do not slip over the head of the fastener in tight places.  Combo Wrenches have two equally sized wrench ends, usually, one end is a box enclosure and the other a crescent shape.  Adjustable Wrenches feature adjustable heads depending on the size of the head to be fastened.  Offset Wrenches have extended wrench shaft at one end to accommodate the user's knuckles.  Line Wrenches are a combination of the crescent and box designs on one end of the wrench. A small opening in the box allows the wrench head to be slipped over a line for securing the fastener. Quality hand tools are a must as they provide the user with years of reliable use. When purchasing hand tools, it is advisable to spend a little more for a quality. Buying poor quality hand tools will mean that you will have to replace the tool earlier and it may also not perform up to the expected standards. Nothing can ruin a project than a broken tool or one that does not perform as designed and thus damages the material being worked on. Happy tool buying! Dear readers! Please leave a comment and check out a wide range of hand tools online from top brands.

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