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Published on December 10, 2017

Author: davco_online


slide 1: Buy Floor Coating Supplies: Buy the Best Coating a concrete floor is not about decorating the surface only but it is about protecting your floor as well as the entire structure of the building also. A floor regardless of its location needs an overall protection in the first place only for the safety of the entire structure eventually. It is the floor which needs maximum attention at the time of construction. It is because it is that portion of the entire building which is most in use or sometime abused than that of the other part of any residential or commercial or industrial building. Floors including the inside walls usually get damaged and affected from extreme moisture in weather. The Bathroom floor has a major exposure to water which makes prone to damage the floors. Finest Manufacturers Therefore since last 20 years the structural and chemical engineering organisation and the renowned building material’s manufacturer ParexGroup concentrated on evolving and developing more effective floor coating materials and methods across the world. There are so many materials have developed and methods are adopted to protect the floor from deterioration or contamination that significantly increased the life expectancy of the slide 2: same. Besides some other common issue related to floors like easy skid protection chemical resistance easy maintenance etc. are well settled by developing high quality and effective floor quoting chemicals. Buy the Finest Item To meet the need of the time and fulfil the commitments towards the industry the famous Parex Group Singapore had accentuated on the research and Singapore manufactured many of the unique and multipurpose floor coating materials which are best for use in different kind of floors under the brand name of DAVCO. Among the floor coating manufacturers in Singapore the Parex Group’s products are well appraised dependable and found reliable by the community of contractors and Engineers for its quality product. Buy Davco DAVCO is a well-known and most popular brand also for its liquid waterproofing system. To get the complete satisfaction guaranteed safety and reasonably set price buy floor coating supplies from DAVCO only. These are the most accredited products and therefore gaining market around the world rapidly. There are varieties of water proofing items and other water-resistance materials available with the floor coating supplies best for use into different spheres. Buy floor coating supplies available with DAVCO and products that can provide a seamless waterproofing system and ultimate bondage. Unique properties of floor coating chemical of DAVCO  Easy to mix a water based supplies  Waterproof therefore does not swell or inflate  Resistant to mildew and other bacterial growth.  Non-corrosive if exposed to certain chemical grease and fats as well  Non-flammable  Available in various colours

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