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Published on April 17, 2008

Author: Gabir

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Network Optimisation FUTURE PROOFING YOUR NETWORK :  Network Optimisation FUTURE PROOFING YOUR NETWORK THE FOUNDATION FOR NEW WORLD SERVICES Stephen Butler Chief Executive Officer PowerTel Limited:  THE FOUNDATION FOR NEW WORLD SERVICES Stephen Butler Chief Executive Officer PowerTel Limited Slide3:  THE FOUNDATION FOR NEW WORLD SERVICES Slide4:  KEY TRENDS - INTERNET PROTOCOL (IP) IS EVERYWHERE IP SERVICES FORECAST:  Source: Dataquest, 1999 ($M) IP SERVICES FORECAST Slide6:  Source: ElectroniCast, BT Alex Brown Research 0 2 4 6 8 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000E New World Old World Year Relative Load KEY TRENDS - DATA EXPLOSION KEY ISSUES FOR BUSINESS:  KEY ISSUES FOR BUSINESS Increasing complexity Compounding growth of electronic business Managing everyone to everywhere on-line Need for secure interface On-going cost of rapid change Worldwide technology skills shortage KEY ISSUES FOR SERVICE PROVIDERS:  KEY ISSUES FOR SERVICE PROVIDERS Intensifying competition Increasing demand for COST + VALUE reliable, multiple services NOW high end solutions immediate delivery zero tolerance “Me too” = RIP EMERGING TRENDS:  EMERGING TRENDS Outsourcing IP network services Consolidation of data, voice & video services End-to-end service level agreements Guaranteed QoS Extension of Intranets to remote offices, mobile users & telecommuters Extranet links to business partners, suppliers and key customers Development of community of interest networks (COINS) = GROWTH OF IP VPN MOVING UP THE VALUE CHAIN:  Frame Relay, Cell Relay, Leased-Line Services Virtual Private Network Services Call Center, Distance Learning Multimedia Internet Services Networked Commerce, New World Voice Private Services Public Services Increasing Value MOVING UP THE VALUE CHAIN Slide11:  POWERTEL - A NEW WORLD CARRIER Communications must be based on: Scalable bandwidth Cost-effective information exchange “PowerTel is the ENABLER” Slide12:  EXPERT PARTNERS _ Williams Expertise and Global Reach _ Right of Way Access via DTU Consortium SOLUTIONS BASED OFFERING:  SOLUTIONS BASED OFFERING PowerTel Product Development POWERTEL VPN SERVICE PLATFORM:  IP/ATM/Frame Relay/Internet Personal Internet Application Hosting Services E-Commerce Packet Telephony Internet, Intranet, Extranet, Voice VPN Foundation POWERTEL VPN SERVICE PLATFORM IP VPN BUSINESS BENEFITS:  Improved connectivity and bandwidth optimisation Reduced costs Access to expertise through outsourcing Universal access to IP-based services on a global basis Focus on core competencies IP VPN BUSINESS BENEFITS IP VIRTUAL PRIVATE NETWORKS:  Outsourcing complexity Provides: Enhanced network performance Scalability Privacy Quality of service End-to-end scalable solutions “Business class” Internet IP VIRTUAL PRIVATE NETWORKS BARRIERS TO CHANGE:  Data surpassing voice Competitive market Customer-driven services Voice Data Integration Primarily voice Regulated monopoly Network-driven services OLD WORLD BARRIERS TO CHANGE NEW WORLD POWERTEL AS CHANGE AGENT:  POWERTEL AS CHANGE AGENT OUR NETWORK. YOUR SOLUTION:  OUR NETWORK. YOUR SOLUTION

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