Buster's Shocking Surprise

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Published on March 12, 2009

Author: dmcqstewart

Source: authorstream.com

Slide 1: Buster’s Shocking Surprise! Written and illustrated by P.1 – P.7. The Diamond Primary School. WORLD BOOK DAY 2009 Slide 2: Once upon a time there was a puppy called Buster. Slide 3: Buster lived with his owner Mr Bone. Mr. Bone thought that Buster was a good dog. But…. When Mr Bone wasn’t looking he was very naughty. Instead of snoozing in his bed, Buster liked to run off and play with his friends Boogy and Beef. Slide 4: Boogy and Beef were even worse than Buster. They were always getting into trouble. One day Mr. Bone was in town. Buster thought that he could have some fun and crawled out under the hedge…… Slide 5: Buster went to call for Boogy and Beef who were in the junk yard. There was lots of rubbish to climb on and old barrels. They played hide and seek and chase the can. They got into a huge, brown rusty barrel and rolled down the hill. After a while they got fed up and decided to cause some trouble in town. They had to be careful not to be seen so they sneaked into the butcher’s shop….. : After a while they got fed up and decided to cause some trouble in town. They had to be careful not to be seen so they sneaked into the butcher’s shop….. Slide 7: They each stole a sausage off the butcher’s table. Boogy and Beef gobbled up their sausages in one gulp. But Buster started to choke. There was something hard in the sausage. Slide 8: He spat it out on the floor. It is a key! “Wait a minute! I recognise that key” said Buster. “It is Mr Bone’s key to his underground secret lab!”…. Slide 9: “I feel an adventure coming on” said Boogy. “Lets go and investigate.” The three dogs raced back to Buster’s house without being noticed. They stopped at the secret locked door. What is behind it? “Let’s find out” whispered Buster. Slide 10: Buster carefully removed the key from his collar and put the key in the lock. Slowly he turned the key until ‘CLICK’….. The door creaked open and the dogs peered inside. To their surprise they found a chocolate machine. “Let’s explore,” suggested Buster, licking his chops. Slide 11: They gazed in wonder at the enormous piles of creamy, mouthwatering chocolate. “Are we dreaming?” asked Beef. “It smells delicious!” exclaimed Boogy. “Why does Mr Bone want to make chocolate?” asked Buster. The three dogs decided to split up and find out. Beef suggested, “I’ll keep watch for Mr Bone!” Slide 12: Buster sniffed along some shelves until his nose detected a strange smell coming from a large, glass jar. On the jar was a label which said, “TOP SECRET!!” Slide 13: Meanwhile, Mr Bone had finished in town and was on his way back to his house. As he walked up the path he was surprised to see Beef coming to greet him. Beef thought “Oh no! What am I going to do to distract Mr Bone? “ He tried to jump and lick Mr Bone but Mr Bone noticed the creamy chocolate around his face and nose. Mr Bone’s heart skipped a beat and he pushed Beef out of the way and ran down the stairs to his secret lab. Slide 14: All the time he was thinking, “What have they done, my future is ruined. No more fame and fortune!” As he stared into the lab he was amazed to see the dogs had added a further ingredient which resulted in the best chocolate recipe ever!! They worked together as a team producing vast amounts of delicious chocolate which was sold all over the world. The secret ingredient was……. well – that remains a secret!!

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