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Published on February 19, 2014

Author: dreamzsk

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LIVING THE AYURVEDIC WAY: LIVING THE AYURVEDIC WAY What secret do the most successful people in the world have?: What secret do the most successful people in the world have? They have a PURPOSE! Lets create a MOVEMENT!!: Lets create a MOVEMENT!! What was the difference? Our Purpose Taking Ayurveda Global with the help of Scientific Validation and Extensive Research: Our Purpose Taking Ayurveda Global with the help of Scientific Validation and Extensive Research Purpose before profits…. AYURVEDA: AYURVEDA What is Ayurveda?? Creating a Movement: Creating a Movement By Creating a GLOBAL COMMUNITY where people practice Ayurvedic Way of Living Ayurveda to take the driving seat in the Global Wellness Revolution By educating people all over the world on Ayurveda as a Way of Life By bringing out Scientifically Validated Research based Ayurvedic products By providing Ayurvedic services which can provide unbelievable wellness experience PowerPoint Presentation: Scientific breakthroughs in BIOLOGY and CELLUAR BIOCHEMISTRY U.S economy devotes $2 Trillion (about 1/6 th of total economy) to healthcare People avoid being a customer of sickness industry as it being reactive People proactively wanting to feel healthier and reduce aging 1/6 th of U.S adult working population is being driven by ‘prevention is better than cure ’ Opportunity for People to create a fortune out of this trillion dollar industry, while being healthy Wellness industry will be at the forefront of the focus on anti aging . Innovation in distribution – as today, 70 to 80 % of the cost of most retail products is in distribution Reasons and Opportunities are endless…. We are now at the beginning of an industry that will impact almost every aspect of our lives. This Wellness revolution is NOW.. India is seeking options to avoid being the world capital for Lifestyle diseases People Realise the importance of using natural products which can prevent diseases The opportunity lies in natural products and treatments – Ayurveda has a key role to play: The opportunity lies in natural products and treatments – Ayurveda has a key role to play Ayurveda is the oldest and purest form of wellness practice. No other wellness practice can boast of the 5000 year old heritage Ayurveda is the science of achieving wellness using the power of Nature. Ayurveda has already started creating a wellness wave in Developed countries Yoga attains global popularity – US has over 15 million practitioners. The developed world will have close to 50 million practitioners There are many Ayurvedic Schools and institutes came up in Europe and USA in the last ten years 1 st International Ayurveda Congress was hosted in Austria. European Ayurveda Medical Association (EURAMA), Swiss Ayurvedic Association, Association of Ayurvedic Professionals of North America (AAPNA) etc are few of the organization actively promoting Ayurveda globally In the West Panchakarma parlors are doing more business that beauty parlours Holistic approach inherent in Yoga and Ayurveda makes them a universal choice. While neutraceuticals focus a ‘body only’ approach. Ayurveda provides a holistic solution of Mind, Body and Soul. There is no better time than this to create a Movement Practice of Ayurvedic Way of Living: Practice of Ayurvedic Way of Living Scientifically validated Research based Ayurvedic Products The Movement Ayurvedic Services for Ultimate Wellness Experience Ayurvedic Way Of Living: Ayurvedic Way Of Living Spreading the Ayurvedic Way of Living through Education. Seminars Workshops Practice Sessions Powered by Kerala Ayurveda Academy, USA First Ayurveda Academy in USA. More than 1000 alumni. Authentic Ayurveda courses 70 year old Heritage, Traditional Ayurveda, 65 years’ clinical experience : 70 year old Heritage, Traditional Ayurveda, 65 years’ clinical experience Drug discovery platform Safety studies Bio-models for efficacy Intellectual Property Natural Product Chemistry, Standardization, New Chemical Entities World-class manufacturing facility conforming to global standards of quality and delivery. ISO 9001 – 2008, GMP and Kosher certified Collaboration with Banaras Hindu University for Education and Research Ayurvedic Services- Ultimate Wellness Experience: Ayurvedic Services- Ultimate Wellness Experience Hospitals Ayurvedagram Ayurveda centers Ayurvedic Herbal garden USA/ INDIA Leverage Your Time, Energy and Money through your Wellness Community using a Complete Eco-System: Leverage Your Time, Energy and Money through your Wellness Community using a Complete Eco-System Join the Movement: Join the Movement As an AWOL promoter Participate in propagating Ayurvedic Way of Living by creating a community More of a Voluntary service Participate-Promote-Preach AWOL seminars/workshops As an Ayusante Promoter Be a wellness entrepreneur Achieve Personal Goals while being a part of this mission Use and sell Ayusante products and services and leverage through the community Create income Based on the business in the community Personal Goals: Personal Goals Good Health – Personal & Family Additional Income Retire Young Passive Income Help Others Own a business Leave a legacy Philosophy of earning money ? : Philosophy of earning money ? LEVERAGING Be a Wellness Entrepreneur : Be a Wellness Entrepreneur WORK LEVERAGE ACTIVE 95% PASSIVE 5% Scalable Business Model Leverage your Time and Money Big businesses are created through Leveraging; By Creating Networks: Franchisee networks Distribution networks Branch networks. Ayusante Product Philosophy: Ayusante Product Philosophy Well Differentiated Products inspired by Ayurveda, backed by Scientific validation through extensive Research Herbal Health Promoters Health Beverages Natural Cosmetics Personal Care range Food to start with……: to start with…… Join the Movement…Fulfill your Dreams: Join the Movement…Fulfill your Dreams Register as an Independent Distributor. No Regn Fee, No License Fee Attend a Basic Ayurveda Course Free of Cost Buy products at Distributor Price. Use and save money. Sell and make Retail profit Leverage your time, effort and money by expanding a Wellness Community. Earn part-time additional income or build a career. CONTACT :- SANDEEP KOTHARI 9413116055, 9829269121 www.sandysolutions.com www.ayusante.com SANDEEP KOTHARI & ASSOCIATES 17-E-844,CHOPASANI HOUSING BOARD , JODHPUR 9413116055, 9829269121: SANDEEP KOTHARI & ASSOCIATES 17-E-844,CHOPASANI HOUSING BOARD , JODHPUR 9413116055, 9829269121 Personal website:-www.sandysolutions.com Company website :-www.ayusante.com https://www.facebook.com/myayusante https://twitter.com/myayusante

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