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Published on September 12, 2011

Author: Nguvananh_07b

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Slide 1: Individualist independent thinker believer in individualism Collectivist a person who views themselves as a member of a group believer in collectivism Principle(n): Principle(n) A more rule or strong belief that influences your actions Ex: He has a high moral principles A rule, a law or a theory that sth is based on Ex : There are three fundamental of teamwork Subsidiary: Subsidiary (Adj) connected with something but less important than it = additional Ex: subsidiary subject (N) a business company that is control or owned by another larger company Ex: a subsidiary of General Motors Policy (N): Policy (N) A plan of action agreed or chosen by a political party or a business Ex: _ the present government’s policy on education _ American foreign policy A written statement of a contract of insurance Bonus (n): Bonus (n) Extra amount of money that is added to a payment Ex: a Chrimast bonus A sum of money or an equivalent given to an employee in addition to the employee's usual compensation Slide 6: Universalists Focus on rules, contracts than relationships Use the court to solve conflicts Particularists Based on logic of the heart and human friendship Consider the relationships and the belief between the partners in business situations

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