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Published on January 28, 2014

Author: vaishali_bansal

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BEACH • beaches in Chennai are the best retreat for tourists. • Chennai beaches are world famous for their natural outlook. • Covelong Beach • Elliot's Beach • Marina Beach

OPPERTUNITY • No hygienic food at beach in the city • No maintenance at beach • No attraction

IDEA • Our idea is to have a restaurant at beach. HIGHLIGHTS: A beach view restaurant Hygienic food Attraction for kids Well trained employees

INDUSTRY ANALYSIS AND TRENDS • increase in buying power of Indian consumers is driving the growth. • the income chain - from the "have nothing" to "have some" to "have more" to "have lots" and, finally, "have all". • Eating out is a popular trend among Platinum households.

Conclusion from survey          prefer to visit beach monthly. cleanliness is what people prefer people does not prefer to have stall food Reason :food is not hygienic Food at beach is not hygienic Ready to spend more than 1000 good idea to have such a restaurant prefer more of snacks items prefer that the place should be maintained well

(cont.) ready to accept a restaurant at the beach Idea is attractive willing to spend between RS. 300 to 500, for such service view about beach would change. Gandhi beach will be more suitable

Customer segment • The most regular type of customers are family • including both adults and children. • Most of the customers come for a hygienic and good quality of food. • families who are from middle income and upper income.

Risk assessment The risks we face are the following • There would be many companies, who would have tried to set up the restaurant at beach, but for some reason they wouldn’t so we need to analyses that. • The beach is a area which crowed and hence manage the crowd would be a risk. • The risk could be of the tsunami or during the rain.

Our Marketing channels Brochure Pamphlets Banners

Sales strategy • we intend to succeed by giving our customers a combination of delicious and interesting food in an appealing environment, with excellent customer service. • Strategy 1. Think big and audit your time • Strategy 2. Be different and stand out from the competition • Strategy 3. Build relationships with your customers.

• Strategy 4. Collect E-Mail Addresses • Strategy 5. Use customer service commandments to create good habits.

operations • People are most important element • We value the managers and staff • friendly strong managers make friendly strong crew people. • customers can see it in the quality of the food, how clean the store is and how friendly and fast they are served.

primary opearation: • cooking of the delicious food . • serving the food to the public. • To maintain the customer relation ie. To solve the issues arising. • To have the employee satisfied. Other operations: • buying of the commodites. • To maintain the books of accounts. • To pay the taxes. •

DEVELOPMENT & MILLESTONE These include  Acquire investment capital.  Get a bank loan.  Obtain lease space. And to  Convince your prospective managers to believe in your concept  Gain respect and confidence from prospective employees.  Allow management to concentrate on execution rather than "plan as you go.“  Create a blueprint for operating your restaurant.

Marketing Objectives Maintain positive, steady, growth each month. Generate at least 50% profit per month. Experience an increase in new customers who are turned into long-term customers. Realize a growth strategy of one store per year. Financial Objectives A double-digit growth rate for each future year. Reduce the overhead per store through disciplined growth. Continue to decrease the variable costs associated with food production. Target Marketing The market can be segmented into three target populations: Individuals: people that dine in by themselves. Families: a group of people, either friends or a group of nuclear relatives dining together. Take out: people that prefer to eat Sigmund's food in their home or at a different location than the actual restaurant.

Other’s • To have a well recognised restaurant in two years. • To make our restaurant profitable. • To have a party hall, to conduct parties at beach.


construction infrastructure interiors paint electricity lumber total fixed fixed fixed fixed fixed 10,00,000 2,00,000 1,50,000 3,00,000 80,000 16,60,000 clothing Uniform materials (500*25) fixed 15,500 Table cloth (20*200) fixed 4,000 total 15,500 salary Chef (50,000*2) 1,00,000 Waiters (5000*10) 50,000 Cleaners(3000*3) 9000 Watchman (5000*1) 5000 Helpers(15,000*3) 30,000 total 1,91,000

FURNITURE & FIXTURES Chairs & tables(55*500) (10*100) printer laptop Ac (20,000*2) Sofa set total fixed fixed fixed fixed fixed 37,500 10,000 10,000 40,000 15,000 1,12,500 variable variable variable variable variable variable 4500 30,000 40,000 15000 2000 250 91,750 RAW MATERIALS Gas cylinder Vegetables/fruits provisions water Disposable itemsvariable sationery total COOKING EQUIPMENTS Oven (*2) fixed 14000 fridge fixed 40,000 All vessels for cooking fixed 20,000 stove fixed 20,000 total 94,000

COST SHEET PRICE VOLUME REVENUE STREAMS A) RECIEPTS FROM THE SALES FIXED/VA VALUE RIABLE RESOURCES 500 50 Raw materials( for a month) variable 91750 Cooking equipment Fixed 94,000 Furniture & fixtures fixed 1,12,500 clothing fixed 15,500 construction variable 5000 DISTRIBUTION CHANNEL ONE WAY VALUE accounting VARIABLE 10,000 Cooking (per day) VARIABLE 3660 VARIABLE 1,19,000 maintanence Banners(5*1000) ACTIVITIES Salary for staff COMMUNICATION CHANNEL FIXED/VARI VALUE ABLE Pamphlets(500*100) variable 5000 16,60,000 VARIABLE 1000 MANAGEMENT NIL FOUNDERRS. PROFIT

EXIT PLAN CLOSING DOWN OF THE RESTAURANT: closing down of restaurants may be for various reasons. They may be: • Lack of financing • No damage control • Partnership disputes We would follow the legal procedures for shutting down of our company.Sharing of profit and equipment sale.


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