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Published on February 23, 2014

Author: lorihil1

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So I have been considering busking. “Why would you do a thing like that?!” you might ask…

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Blues Music Busking! Golden Guitar Nuggets How to Make Money as a Musician Inspiring Playing Guitar Ramblings The First Post Uncategorized videos Find us on Facebook Markus K Like 2,851 people like Markus K. Facebook social plugin Busking! So I have been considering busking. “Why would you do a thing like that?!” you might ask… (By the way, if you think busking is the same as begging, click on the link at the bottom of this article. I am pretty sure that will change your mind.) So… back to the question of busking… As some of you know, I have made it my goal for this year to finally ‘crack the code of financial freedom for musicians‘, to figure out how to make money as a musician. I have even set up a Facebook group with

that title, in the hope others might contribute to ideas. Sure, I’ve made money from music in the past, but sporadically, and in bursts. It has never been anything I could count on. My dream is to give up my day job (translating, which has been very kind to me by the way) and just focus on music, finally. To that end, I have been practicing lots (first priority!) and I have set up all sorts of activities to ‘spread the word‘, including this website and these blog posts. So where does busking fit in? Well, it suddenly hit me that busking could well be the stone to kill all birds in one go! Let me elaborate on my reasoning… 1 - I don’t allow myself enough time to practice each day, and I don’t have a steady line of gigs yet either. Gigs are worth at least 5 practice sessions, but I am not keen on begging for gigs, especially those that make me feel like a square peg in a round hole. Busking fulfills all this: I can play in front of an audience as much as I like, and it will be on my terms. If I am good enough, people will hopefully appreciate it. It is a challenge I am nervous about, and that is a good thing. I find that the more I feel uncomfortable about something, the more chance there is that it will spur me on to something worthwhile. Challenges are things to look forward to. 2 - I think busking might also be a great way to get more people on my mailing list (feel free to subscribe by the way – see box on the right). I can have a clipboard ready to collect email addresses for people who want to stay in touch. 3 – I can sell CDs right on the street. A great way to make new friends! 4 – Busking seems a very good way to fine-tune your playing and songs. You get immediate feedback on what works and what doesn’t. I know I sometimes get lost in my head, producing things that might seem like a good idea, but will it stand the test of the street audience? 5 – I can busk locally (I hope, I need to look into this) and at the times that suit me. 6 – I can blog about it! I can take little videos showing how it went, etc. I might even tweet where I will be playing next, in the hope some of you might come and support me! 7 – And last but certainly not least, I might actually make some money doing it. It might be a shortcut to financial freedom for musicians! Oh yes…., the question whether busking is the same as begging. Have a look at YouTube video of Estas Tonne playing in the street, and let me know what you think. Pretty classy if you ask me. Plus, it got him millions of views and a solid career as a touring musician, on his own terms. So, what do you think, good idea or not? Does anyone know how to go about it in Spain?

1 76 Comments 1. » Busking – my first taste Markus K says: February 21, 2014 at 8:11 pm […] Busking – my first taste […]

Add a comment... Also post on Facebook Jonathan Walker · Posting as Hilary Overcash (Change) Comment Follow Watch out for the fascist legacy. It's alive and well on the streets of Espana. Reply · Like · Follow Post · 5 hours ago Markus 'Giles' Koehorst · Follow · Top Commenter · Lead Singer/Guitarist/Songwriter at GILES power trio Bill Bailey and various other rather famous people on the street. Enjoy! http://youtu.be/ 3NtMvMW4Jp0 Reply · Like · Follow Post · 6 hours ago Markus 'Giles' Koehorst · Follow · Top Commenter · Lead Singer/Guitarist/Songwriter at GILES power trio I got a private message from someone that was very helpful, and so I thought I would copy it here (anonymously): "I did a busking for a few years in different countries when I was young and in the last 2 years did it on Germany. Only words of advise I have to anyone is this. 1. Don't be self indulgent! 2. Mix with very new and old songs 3. Perform like it's your last one. Do this with every song. The crowd will feel your passion and they will stay and watch you. 4. Stay humble and thanks absolutely everyone who crosses your path 5. In cold weather bring gloves with cut away fingers. A flask of hot water, honey, lemon juice etc. 6. Know your limit when playing for long periods. Hope this helps" Reply · 1 · Like · Follow Post · February 21 at 1:42am Wal Sheppard · The Open University It is of course your decision , acquaintances from my past who were accomplished ( like yourself ) musicians also resorted to playing in public , some even made enough to live on for a while , but on a cold wet winters day on the city streets it matters not how good you can play , most of the passers by will not stop to listen , and that's when you need help the most . it is not begging , sitting with a help me sign is , but it is acceptable in most parts of the world , good luck and don't get arrested , :-) ♥ & V Reply · Like · Follow Post · February 20 at 10:18am Markus 'Giles' Koehorst · Follow · Top Commenter · Lead Singer/Guitarist/Songwriter at GILES power trio Thanks Wal. Don't forget I intend to do a lot of my busking in Spain, where the weather is much kinder to buskers. ;-) Reply · Like · February 20 at 3:14pm Wal Sheppard · The Open University I hope they reward you with lots of euros , and not centos , remember to keep a minder or two nearby , JIC Reply · Facebook social plugin 1 · Like · February 20 at 3:19pm

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