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Published on February 5, 2014

Author: YaoJenChang



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This is my presentation PowerPoint for the English for Business Communication course in 2nd college year.
It's a group presentation in English.
The topic is "Why can Pizza Hut be successful ?"

這份主題是"為什麼必勝客(Pizza Hut)會如此成功?"

Why can Pizza Hut be successful? This PowerPoint have many notes. Please download and see them! 這份投影片有很多講稿內容在備忘稿處 請下載整份投影片以利觀看! One of the Authors: 張耀仁 wing Blogger: Email:

English Presentation team 5 Group member: 會計102 楊 瀞 資工102 張耀仁 資工102 林政勳 資工102 吳易倫

number of stores 70 25% 110 39% Pizza hut Domino’s 103 36% Naples

STRUCTURE history locally Pizza hut Way to sale competitor

HISTORY 1.Who estabilsh? 2.Name?

Operating statics 1.Emphasis on communication and mutual support 2. funny work environment 3. the spirit of innovation and change 4. customers’ satisfaction is first

Operating statics 5. staff development and recognition 6. pursuit of customers, shareholders, employees winwin-win(三贏) situation 7. As a company citizenship

target consumers and position consumers 2. position(定位): In the form of dinner(正 餐) , instead of the other fast food from.

MARKETING MANAGEMENT 1. Products 2. price 3. location 4. Delivery service 5. Promotions

Products a. Meet the needs of many consumers b.Happy bar(歡樂吧)

price a.Higher than the same industry a little b.60% consumers think the products are consistent with the price.

location a.many branches b.setting in the important c.convenience

delivery service a.Many industry-leading system b.Internet ordering pizza in whole province“(全省網路訂購比薩) c. hot burning package(熱燒包) burning vehicles(燒包機車)

Promotions a. Different product mix, b. Attractive prices, save a lot of money c. Cooperation with other industry occasionally

Prime Competitors 達美樂 Domino’s Pizza 拿坡里Napoli

Compared with its competitors Strength Weakness a. better location b. better popularity c. stable source of customers a. expensive than fast food b. Not very different from the market share (市占率) of Domino’s Pizza Opportunity Threat a. marketing approach(TV Ads or Posters) b. developing dining areas a. Napoli’s low price b. fifty-dollar pizza stores c. Sluggish(蕭條的) domestic economy

Brand positioning 1.concept of casual dinning 2.divides the boundary with fast food 3.avoiding from friction and competition.

Feature 1.highlight casual atmosphere (ex: Western-style murals, fireplace-like cake table, small (壁畫) kitchen toys) 2.tailor a lot of games for the young white-collar workers elegance and playful world 3.Customers can put down heavy burden in life

Local tactic 1. Local material 2. Local product 3. Local management

Pizza-Hut in Taiwan

Pizza-Hut in Taiwan

Pizza-Hut in China

Pizza-Hut in China

Pizza-Hut in Hong Kong

Pizza-Hut in Japan

Pizza-Hut in Japan

Pizza-Hut in Japan

Pizza-Hut in America Stuffed Pizza Rollers P'ZONEPIZZA Breadsticks Cheesesticks Cinnamon Sticks

Conclusion 1. 2. 3. marketing management(3p) Logo Locally

Q&A Thank you

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