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Published on September 10, 2015

Author: reliv


1. Business Success Training

2. CIRCLE OF SUCCESS Q: How do you succeed with Reliv? Daily Activity Corporate Support RELIV SYSTEM Business Cycle NEW PEOPLE Fundamental Steps A: Fuel your business with new people!

3. Circle of Success Key: Action NOW! These are the daily fundamentals.

4. Make a list now: • 10 product prospects • 10 business prospects Write why you thought of each: Provides purpose for first contact and follow-up Who are the first 5 to contact? Who TODAY? Always have new people to talk to • Family, friends, work, church, school, social media… • Find ways to add to list every day 1. Identify

5. Review 20 prospects with upline — Who’s first? What do I say? • Share excitement and why you thought of them! • Using their why lets them know you care Use company tools to validate Goal: Set an appointment 2. Connect

6. Kathy, I know your health is a priority. I’m working with a company that could really help you. When can we get together? Hi, John. At the soccer game you mentioned that finances are tight. You need to hear about something that has helped me. When can we get together? I’ve just started in something that made me think of you. You really need to check this out — it’s a chance to earn some serious money. When can we get together? How are you? – just ask and listen Use tools & stories to validate Opening Sentences

7. 3. Share the Reliv Story Share your story Your why, your belief, your heart Share the whole Reliv Story — Products & Business Presentation tools available: • Opportunity book, slides, videos • Online: • Webinars Introduce your upline or other Reliv stories

8. Help new people engage – themselves and “who they know”: • Reliv meetings and events • In-home parties • Webinars • Conference calls • Your upline You don’t have to know it all! Be honest and use Reliv’s built-in system to educate and validate 3. Share the Reliv Story • Other Distributors • Lifestyle magazine • Reliv blog ( • Video Tools

9. Be prepared to do business: • Have products and tools with you at all times! Reliv Super Packs, sales tools, bags, etc. • Have recommended order ready for each option Customer, Distributor, Master Affiliate • Be ready to help them register Forms, online application, 800 RELIV US 4. Ask for a Decision

10. Q: Where do you want to get started? A: Products: • Ask questions & listen • Recommend: Super Pack? Personalized needs? • Keep it simple; don’t overwhelm • Let’s look at ways you can save on the products. Who do you know who can benefit from Reliv products? 4. Ask for a Decision

11. Q: Where would you like to get started? A: Build a Reliv business • Let’s get you started. Application — paper or online • Let’s review profit options. • Revisit comp plan • Ask questions & listen • Help them see their potential & select best option • Let’s get you started on the products too. Super Pack? Who do you know who might want to start a Reliv business? 4. Ask for a Decision Customer? Distributor? Master Affiliate?

12. 5. Register & Go! Follow up with consumers Help with product regimen, continue to educate with stories and look to move them up Keep It Simple • Day 1: Did you ‘shake’ today? • Day 3: Are you consistent? • Day 10: What results are you seeing so far? • Important throughout: Who do you know who could benefit from these products or this business opportunity? This is only a guideline — use common sense!

13. Set Distributors up to succeed Help them take immediate ACTION! • Identify — Build a List • Connect — Who are we going to call first? • Share the Story — Let’s set our first appointments! Review basics of running a Reliv business • Ordering, registering people, navigating, etc. • Distributor kit,, upline, Distributor Services Review the Reliv System 5. Register & Go!

14. Reliv Tools

15. Business Cycle International Conference MATS MATS MATS The Reliv System Daily Activity Presentations In-homes Meetings Upline 3-Way Calls Trainings Webinars Corporate Support Monday Story Calls Monthly Product Calls Monthly Webinars Support Tools NEW PEOPLE NEW PEOPLE

16. Develop a library of stories Upline, downline, other Distributors, tools, the Reliv System To build Ambassadors, build relationships Stay engaged to what is going on in Reliv Reliv emails, calls, webinars, blog, social media, texts Set goals! • Review the Road to PD • Stretch their thinking • What will it take to make Key Director in x months? • Who will be the next Key Director in your organization? Engage your Team!

17. Duplicate, Duplicate, Duplicate… Who’s Next?

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