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Information about Business Quiz JUL 18 Prelims Prometheans Club

Published on October 27, 2018

Author: PrometheansQuizClub



2. Disclaimer: Source of all images, videos & audios is internet. The Club has not used it for any other purpose (as monetary profit etc.) but for the infotainment in the form of the Quiz. Any alterations made were done for the sole purpose of Quiz questions. The original form, as much possible, has been included in ‘Answers’ section.

3. RULES  This round consists of 18 questions.  Write your answers in BLOCK LETTERS only.  Use of any unfair means will result in disqualification.  Starred questions will be used for tie-breaking.

4. Bonne Chance!

5. 1)* Id the company.

6. Answer- Flipkart

7. 2) This tech billionaire, also the co-founder of is going to be the new owner of Time magazine. Name him.

8. Answer- Marc Benioff

9. 3) Which company’s name is derived from Voice, Data and Phone?

10. Answer- Vodafone

11. 4) Complete this famous quote by Harry Truman: “It is ________ when your neighbour loses his job, it’s _______ when you lose your job”.

12. Answer- Recession, Depression

13. 5) Which magazine?

14. Answer- The Economist

15. 6) Which of these is not an Indian apparel brand?  Wrangler  Allen Solly  Peter England  Louis Phillipe

16. Answer- Wrangler

17. 7) Name of which cookie brand is also a slang for a black who acts or thinks like a white because of its black exterior and becomes white as you go inside?

18. Answer- Oreo

19. 8) “Aapka Bank, Aapke Dwar” is the tagline of ?

20. Answer- India Post Payments Bank

21. 9)* Apple recently launched XS variants of iPhone. A company trolled Apple by distributing its powerbanks to customers who were standing in line to purchase iPhones in Singapore with the message- “Here’s a power bank. You’ll need it.” Which Chinese company?

22. Answer- Huawei

23. 10)* Id the organisation.

24. Answer- Softbank

25. 11) Which footwear brand’s name means ‘destiny’ in Latin?

26. Answer- Lotto

27. 12) Thomas Lyle Williams noticed his elder sister applying a mixture of Vaseline and coal dust to her eyelashes to give them a darker, fuller look. This incident is said to be the inspiration behind which famous cosmetics brand?

28. Answer- Maybelline

29. 13)* Which bank? Hint: Obvious September connection

30. Answer- Lehman Brothers

31. 14) First formulated at the command of a Queen of Hungary, sometimes identified as Isabella but usually as Elisabeth, or in one document “Saint Elisabeth, Queen of Hungary” . It is also known as the Hungary Water. What?

32. Answer- Perfume

33. 15) Former F1 CEO Bernie Eccelestone was once mugged by 4 men who took away his X watch. He later appeared on a X ad campaign with the tagline- “See what people will do for a X”. Endorsed over the years by the likes of Jet Li, Diego Maradona, Usain Bolt and Rohit Sharma, give me X.

34. Answer- Hublot

35. 16) Milk Bikis, Treat, 50 50, Bourbon and Little Hearts are all offerings from which brand which turned 100 this year?

36. Answer- Britannia

37. 17)* For some time we believed that this letter stands for internet. But, in 1998, one of the co- founders of the parent company explained that the letter also stands for individual, instruct, inform and inspire. What am I talking about?

38. Answer- ‘i’ in Apple products

39. 18) Id the automobile brand from the logo.

40. Answer- Aston Martin

41. Do check out the Final round of Business Quiz.

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