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Published on February 25, 2014

Author: gauravdadhich1



Business Quiz conducted at Buzzing Crowd - The Quiz fraternity of DoMS, IIT Roorkee

Columbidae – Business Quiz Gaurav Dadhich DoMS, IIT Roorkee 25th Feb, 2014

Rules: - Quiz Master is not God. However, he is from the Placements Committee - Work out the answer from the question. Take a guess. Read between the lines - If your fingers are on the Mobile Phone, my fingers are pointing outside the door - If you think the quiz is too difficult - read more often. - If you think the quiz is easy - read even more often, make a quiz of your own and conduct the same - Be aggressive. You are not 5 year olds playing catch.

Round 1 +10 for Direct Question +5 on Pass No Negative

Q.1 Founded in 1971 by Nolan Bunshell and Ted Dabney as Syzyngy Engineering, the name of this company means “to hit the target” or “to receive something fortuitously” in Japanese. It now owns Hasbro Interactive.

Q 2. Founded by Paul Vincent Galvin as the Galvin Manufacturing Co., ___X___ is credited with the first car stereo. This also gives the company its present name X. Neil Armstrong‟s famous words “one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” was received on a transceiver made by this company. Identify X.

Q 3. The world‟s most expensive watch is priced at around $5 Million is made by a company __X__. X derives its name from the French word for „porthole‟. It is the official time keeper of the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Q 4. This Google entity has been recently launched. Name?

Q 5. Which company is the world‟s largest private sector employer ? In 2010, this company had bought the video content delivery company It is a family owned business in the sense that 51% of the shares are owned by the founder‟s family. Legally, it is a public company.

Q 6. This conglomerate (better known for its Electronics business) was involved in a 11 company cartel that was fixing electricity prices in Europe in 2007. In 2011, this company decided it would donate an electron microscope to each of the 5 Indonesian Universities. Recently it bought out Prizm Payments, a Chennai based company. Its name is Kanji for “sunrise”. Ticker Symbol: TYO

Round 2 +10 – Direct/-5 +20 – Pounce +5 - On Pass -10 – Negative on Pounce

Q 1. “Halo” is the name of the new Concept Sports Car by whom, which they demonstrated in the Auto Expo 2014?

Q 2. Pocari Sweat is a Japanese sports drink. Why was it in the news recently?

Q 3. US Regulators recently banned the sale and import of _____ products manufactured by Pune-based Jash International, which had brands like: Sutra _____ Red Sutra _____ Menthol Sutra _____ Red Cone Sutra _____ Menthol Cone FITB!

Q 4. TGG is the new consulting firm of a veteran that has been out of news (thankfully) for some time now along with the author of the famous book “Freaknomics”. Whose?

Q 5. Which company is supporting Indian Hockey with a campaign called “Garv”?

Q 6. Which was the first celebrity to reach 25 Million Twitter Followers? And, which is the first celebrity to reach 50Million Twitter Followers? *Part Points.

Round 3 +10 on Direct / No Negative +10 on Pounce / -10 +5 on Pass

Q 1. *Part Points The term used for most other things like footwear, fine jewelry and other apparels is „build to order‟. However, for men‟s clothing, the term used in this context is ___X___. The literal meaning of this term is „to speak for something‟. Also, for women‟s clothing, the term used is ___Y____. The term Y is protected by law and is defined by the Chambre de commerce et d'industrie de Paris based in Paris.

Q 2. According to the investment baron and one of the richest individual‟s in the world, what was Warren Buffet‟s life‟s biggest mistake which cost him close to $200 billion in compounded interest over years?

Q 3. This organization replaced the state-level “blue sky laws” in the US and was found in 1934

Q 4. Developed by the East China Architectural Design and Research Institute, this is a masterplan of __X__, which has geographical coordinates 23°9‟26‟‟N 72°41‟12‟‟E.

Q 5. Warren Buffet once wrote in his annual report, “If you meet ___X___ at the annual meeting, bow deeply”. Which IIT Kharagpur, Harvard Business School and Mckinsey Alumnus was he talking of?

Q 6. Jewish Rabi are unhappy with Whatsapp (Hint: they don‟t want to be Nirmohi Akhara) and have officially communicated their concerns. What concern? Why? Hint?

Q 7. Identify the Brand?

Q 8. In the buzzing world of entrepreneurship, who is a fauxtrepreneur?

Q 9. This is the logo after rebranding effort of a global giant(largest company in its sector by revenue) which it has launched in 11 states of the US since 2010. TIME has termed it in its list of Top 10 Worst Corporate Name Changes. This company is known for its extremely poor customer service ratings. Which company?

Q 10. Om Perkash Malik graduated from St. Stephen‟s College in 1986. He launched in 1994 in the US – an events site for Indian emigrants. - Co-founded: South Asian Journalist Association (1994) - Written for, WSJ, Red Herring in senior positions. - Part of CNET‟s 100 Most Influential Bloggers What is his more famous creation?

Q 11. Sameer Gehlaut and his IITian friend Rajiv Ratan bought a defunct securities company with a NSE membership in 1999 and started offering brokerage services. In mid-2000, they received venture funding from Lakshmi Mittal. In 2010, Punjab appointed them to set a 1350 MW power plant. Name the company?

Q 12. Bulova is a luxury manufacturer company of watches and clocks. Its parent company is the Citizen Watch Company. What unique distinction does the company hold in the world of branding?

Round 4 +10 on Direct +20 on Pounce / -10 +5 on Pass

Q 1.

Q 2.

Q 3.

Q 4.

Q 5.

Q 6.

Q .7

Thank You

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