Business Justification for Barcode Scanning or RFID Mobile Solutions for IT Asset Management

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Information about Business Justification for Barcode Scanning or RFID Mobile Solutions for...

Published on February 26, 2014

Author: mobilereach



This presentation discusses building a business case for barcode scanning or RFID mobile solutions for IT Asset Management.

Business Justification for Barcode Scanning & RFID Solutions

Agenda  Benefits of Barcode Scanning & RFID to ITAM  Quantifying these benefits  Creating Business Justification around ROI  Performing an example ROI analysis  Q&A

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Business Benefits of Scanning 1. Saving Time for ITAM Field Technicians 2. Improving accuracy of Data Capture 3. Bringing CMDB/Asset database to 95% accuracy

Business Benefits Improved worker efficiency Ability to capture more complete and more thorough information Generating a more accurate IT asset repository Allowing for better ITAM decisions AND higher productivity


Saving Time… 1. Faster physical & spot-check inventory 2. Faster review/change of individual assets (MAC) 3. Faster creation of assets during receive/inventory 4. Faster tracking of batch operations Quantify Time-Savings by associating $$ to Time

Improving Accuracy… 1. Remove human error in entering certain coded values such as S/N, Asset IDs, PO numbers, etc. 2. Use smart User Interface to control data entry 3. Automate as much data capture as possible 4. Incorporate data validation at point of capture Quantify Accuracy Improvements by converting to Time-savings and associating $$ to Time

Bringing DB to 95% accuracy… 1. Extend controlled processes to field workers 2. Enforce processes wherever assets are handled 3. Ensure the capture of all asset transactions at the time and point of action 4. Use smart and easy User Experience with barcode scanning and/or RFID reading to reduce human error Quantify DB accuracy value by assigning $$ to Data confidence


Situation  One large campus with 10 buildings  Approximately 10,000 total assets to track  Approximately 1,000 assets per building  One central Receiving facility, distributing to buildings  1 Full Physical Inventory must be performed per year  Approximately 200 new assets received daily  Approximately 500 individual MAC updates per day  Average of 3 “mass updates” (moves, etc) per week  Fully loaded labor cost: $30 per hour

Performing ROI Determine Value of solution 1. • Value the Process Improvements • Quantify in $$ Determine Costs of solution 2. • • Software Costs • 3. Equipment Costs Implementation Costs ROI is the Value minus the Costs

Process Improvements Use Cases  1. 2. 3. 4. Physical Inventory Receiving MAC Mass Update / Move Processes  1. 2. 3. Current process: Pen & Paper Option #1: Barcode Scanning only Option #2: Combination Barcode Scanning / Passive RFID

Mobile Device choices • Barcode Scanning:     iPod Touch device Linea Pro laser 1-D scanner Device $800 apiece Tags: $0.50 apiece • RFID Reading:     14 Motorola MC series RFID reader Device $1800 apiece Tags: $2.00 apiece


Physical Inventory  Pen and Paper: 1. Walk the area with a printout 2. Find Asset ID or S/N on asset 3. Locate item on printout 4. Identify location where item found 5. If item not on printout, add it 6. (Later…) Log into ITAM application 7. Find and open each asset record 8. Update asset record 9. Create new asset records 10. Pull report for exceptions

Polling Questions #1  For Pen & Paper Process… • Assume 50 people performing the task • How many days will it take to complete the inventory? • How accurate will the end result be?

Physical Inventory  Barcode Scanning 1. Walk the area with a scanner 2. Scan Asset ID or S/N from asset 3. Pull up asset record on scanner 4. If asset record not found, create one 5. Check/update/add fields as needed 6. Pull report for exceptions (later)

Polling Questions #2  For Barcode Scanning Process • Assume 50 people performing the task • How many days will it take to complete the inventory? • How accurate will the end result be?

Physical Inventory  Passive RFID 1. Walk into area, set location 2. Set RFID reader to read, walk area 3. All RFID tags auto’ read 4. All asset records auto’ timestamped and updated with location value 5. Pull report for exceptions (later)

Polling Questions #3  For RFID Process • Assume 5 people performing the task • How many days will it take to complete the inventory? • How accurate will the end result be?

ROI Calculation of Inventory • Enter in the values selected • Get a Labor Cost Estimate per year result • Get an accuracy estimate on the post-Inventory database

Q&A Questions/Comments? 919-336-2500

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