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Published on February 27, 2014

Author: JoeFuller706



Business internet marketing opportunities come in 2 forms. One promises a quick and easy answer to making money. The other offers a genuine opportunity to start your own online business.

Business Internet Marketing Opportunity A business internet marketing opportunity comes in two forms. One is the special offer type where you're given the chance of purchasing some kind of software, system, PDF, or course that will give quick, and usually easy, results.

For example, marketers online are always on the lookout for ways of increasing traffic to their site, so many offers claim to do this, if used as advised. This might be software that will create backlinks to your site automatically or a set of videos that gives details of getting to the top spot on Google for your keyword. The variations are endless. They basically generate hope that, at last, there's a way of doing it without much effort at all.

The other form of business internet marketing opportunity is the opposite of the above. That is, it's a genuine opportunity to make radical change to your business and perhaps your life If it's tightly focused, say on traffic generation, then it gives solid methods that work if adapted appropriately to your niche. It may also offer software or an automated system. If it's about your whole business, it has a completeness and gives on-going support.

The first form of a business internet marketing opportunity has limitations. It's limited by how long it will work. A simple example is that the software which looked so brilliant simply becomes redundant as time passes.

It's limited in its function. For instance, if it's software that goes out and collects keywords related to your niche, it probably isn't finding all the keywords that it could do. So, while it's helpful, its actual function is limited.

It's limited in effectiveness. You buy a software that promises to generate masses of traffic for you. You set it going. Well, you get some traffic but not nearly as much as promised. Or you get lots of traffic but they're not buyers and only want free stuff from you.

Finally, more likely than not this form of a business internet marketing opportunity is based on some kind of trick to outwit the search engines or a "secret" loophole the creator has discovered. Google and others notice these, and probably read and buy some of these products themselves to see what they're doing, and make changes to stop their use. It would be much simpler to give the search engines what they want.

The second form of a business internet marketing opportunity is about real business. This form is more like a franchise. Whether it's very focused or about a whole business start up, it's based on and draws from the creator's experience. That is, they've done what the product tells about.

Which form of business internet marketing opportunity would you choose? Most people choose the first form, wanting to believe in the promise of quick and easy results. Some might give some quick results if used properly but, as seen, their limitations kick in, usually including direct moneymaking from them.

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