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Published on March 6, 2014

Author: imraniftikhar963



Description of the product or services offered:
ALLY SPORTS CAFE is a sports theme based cafe looking to attract the increasing number of people who love various sports. It will cater to the burgeoning upper middle class and sports enthusiasts especially of football and shorter versions of cricket (Twenty20). ALLY SPORTS CAFE is its fabulous sports cafe who is offering energy sports drinks and all sports whether indoor or outdoor games have separate place to sit and watch the glorious and live matches. It's the perfect spot to gather with friends to enjoy your favourite sporting events. Their highly sophisticated sound proof system makes you feel like you are actually at the game with healthy food.

ALLY SPORTS CAFE 2011 Concept Statement “ALLY SPORTS CAFE” Game is on... Description of the product or services offered: ALLY SPORTS CAFE is a sports theme based cafe looking to attract the increasing number of people who love various sports. It will cater to the burgeoning upper middle class and sports enthusiasts especially of football and shorter versions of cricket (Twenty20). ALLY SPORTS CAFE is its fabulous sports cafe who is offering energy sports drinks and all sports whether indoor or outdoor games have separate place to sit and watch the glorious and live matches. It's the perfect spot to gather with friends to enjoy your favourite sporting events. Their highly sophisticated sound proof system makes you feel like you are actually at the game with healthy food. Intended target market: This is an market which is since the majority of the cafes in Pakistan are either unaffordable or they do not provide an adequate facility where friends can hang out and enjoy their favourite sports action.We will focus on the highly discriminating youth segment first, because these are the opinion leaders. Because youth mostly are involved sports activity so we will go first for youth and we can attract children also due to having gaming zone in a café with the help of this we can attract families as well and keep the old agers in café interested to come and have some drinks, snacks and games whatever they like. This market is highly susceptible to getting stuck in a coffee shop with friends, they will talk about their latest matches, conflicts with other friends, the future, or the ALLY SPORTS CAFE. We will market the regular visitors with a combination of amateur events and family fun club. 1|Page

ALLY SPORTS CAFE 2011 Benefits of the product or services: The business will focus on establishing a sports theme restaurant where people can enjoy their favourite sports on the large screen TV, or just talk about it with friends while enjoying our tasty food and drinks. Cafes and other expensive eatery outlets seem to be the in-thing now a day with the young and rich people now a days. When deciding on which place to eat at, these people usually consider the quality, price, perhaps décor and style. Often, new places are tried just because they offer something different. We aim to capitalize on this and see the sports theme as our unique selling proposition. The benefit of the product offered by ALLY SPORTS CAFE is Healthy food Sports encouragement in youth Healthy activity time spending Matches will be watched with friends and have discussions on that Description of how the product will be positioned relative to similar ones in the market: ALLY SPORTS CAFE offers a new cafe for sports lovers whoever likes cricket, football, hockey, boxing etc. If there is a big event in sports like world cup or Olympics cafe will show all the matches live on big screens with different angels and in Pakistan there is no who offers these types of cafe. There are a lot of cafes in Pakistan who are offering sports activity and healthy food. Ally sports cafe is a cafe where every sport has separate place for their lovers and will be decorated according to the sport and upcoming events. So the cafe like ALLY SPORTS CAFE will have a new trend in Pakistan which has never been introduced in Pakistan. Description of how the product or service will be sold and distributed: We start our business on the basis of partnership between 4 persons in which all are providing finance. We will offer our product through our own business setup of ALLY SPORTS CAFE. 2|Page

ALLY SPORTS CAFE 2011  Products The Warehouse will provide a first-class delivery service of quality food and cold beverage related supplies, including whole bean or ground coffee, flavor syrups, jet teas, fruit smoothies, bubble teas, concentrated milk, fresh baked goods and assorted paper supplies. Our services will include invaluable trade resources, effective promotional programs, custom-designed marketing material, informative monthly newsletters, training and product demonstrations, as well as information on the latest market trends in the coffee/specialty sports drinks beverage industry.  Product & Service Description PRODUCT DESCRIPTION The Warehouse will carry a variety of quality products that will enable us to provide full service delivery to healthy food for sportsman stands and coffee houses. Our underlying philosophy in selecting products is to choose lines that will bring consistent quality, competitive prices, and product satisfaction to our customers. SERVICE DESCRIPTION An important component of our business is not just our products, but our service. In addition our full service delivery, customer choice based on priority. 3|Page

ALLY SPORTS CAFE 2011 LETTER: 14 DESIGN: All letters are in upper case COLOURS: Black, Red, Green, Yellow and white. SIZE: 450 pt and resolution is 300 dpi. SLOGAN: Game is on.. Design: 8 letters in slogan written in black colour in which first and fifth and seventh letter in upper case and remaining are in lower case. TRADEMARK The name of ALLY SPORTS CAFE is registered as a trademark. 4|Page

ALLY SPORTS CAFE 2011 MISSION STATEMENT OF ALLY SPORTS CAFE ALLY SPORTS CAFE, to ensure that each guest receives prompt, professional, friendly and courteous service. To maintain a clean, comfortable and well maintained premises for our guests and staff. To provide sports activities, live matches with fair price - nutritional, wellprepared meals - using only quality ingredients. To ensure that all guests and staff are treated with the respect and dignity they deserve. To thank each guest for the opportunity to serve them. By maintaining these objectives we shall be assured of a fair profit that will allow us to contribute to the community we serve. VISION STATEMENT Our vision is to recognize as the leading business providing sports activities with good food for all the people. BRIEF COMPANY OVERVIEW After the market study about the competitors, we analyze that there are many peoples those involve in cafe business but there is no one who provide the café with sports activities to the customer according to their desire and there is no one who have these facilities. As a result of identification of this gap in market, our mission is to provide the confidence to the customers that they are having a good sports café in Pakistan. ALLY SPORTS CAFE has been idea in 2011 from our team member. A need in Pakistan. There is no café who is offering sports activities in café. 5|Page

ALLY SPORTS CAFE 2011 “A place for good Food and sports.” Remember the old saying "be a good sport" The best way to experience Ally Sports Cafe is to grab a stool at the bar, order a burger, coffee or healthy drink an a brew then enjoy the ball and banter. This is the best sports cafe in Lahore, Pakistan who is offering sports activities and having fun altogether under one roof. Ally Sports Cafe is only protecting their cafe by refusing to sell alcohol. Another cool thing, KIDS EAT FREE on SUNDAY Only if come with families. OPPORTUNITY Whenever any individual thinks to visit a cafe, step into the market has to bargain for the price, quality of the product but even then when comes home he/she is not satisfied with the product. Ally sports cafe now giving a satisfaction to customers that we have a quality food and healthy drinks in cafe at low cost. We will also call the cricket stars, hockey stars in our cafe to sit in the audience especially in big event matches like world cup and give their comments and opinion on match. People will come in our cafe to watch their hero and enjoy the match with them. 1. Price of the product Now-a-days, the economic situation not only in Pakistan and also whole world is facing severe crisis. People are worried about buying anything when prices of the product are too high. 2. High quality services offering The quality services with quality products which are demandable by the customer are not easily available at reasonable prices in cafe also neat clean environment. There is an opportunity of providing people in such a company “ALLY SPORTS CAFE” which has numerous advantages to them providing high quality with unique satisfaction according to requirement of t customers. 3. Food In ALLY SPORTS CAFE where only healthy foods will be available like Fruit juices, snacks, energy drinks and many more these type of foods in different flavours. 6|Page

ALLY SPORTS CAFE 2011 Market Analysis Summary Coffee is the second largest commodity market next to oil, and growth is expected to continue at a strong pace for the foreseeable future and with coffee we are offering a sports activities, sports health conscious drinks, food and snacks with the separate area of every sports in café. The specialty beverage industry is growing at an equally strong pace, with sales growth in some categories projected to grow at rates of 40% per year. This growth offers excellent opportunities for new companies to enter this market, and we are excited about the possibilities. Market Segmentation The coffee, special sports food and sports drinks beverage industry is divided into several segments. Consumers who enjoy these products purchase drinks at restaurants, coffee houses, sports venues, drive-thru espresso stands, and even inside other retail establishments that might feature an independent beverage stand. We are targeting youth first and then our target market will be old agers who visit our café early in the morning and have a cup of coffee or healthy drink and enjoy the chess or anything related to sports or even newspaper. Targeting kids as well with the gaming zone in the café and also have an offer for kids who with their parents take food free for kids on Sunday. It’s an offer which is not offering in Pakistan cafes. Total population of Pakistan Total population of Pakistan near 19 billion. Percentage of youth in 63% in Pakistan. Pakistan Sports in Pakistan Cricket, Hockey, Snooker, Football, Chess, Boxing, Basketball, Tennis, Squash, Table Tennis, swimming, wrestling etc. SOLUTION OR ECONOMIC BENEFIT 7|Page

ALLY SPORTS CAFE 2011 Sports serve as an excellent physical exercise. Those who play sports have a more positive body image than those who do not and in our cafe with sports activities we are offering food and juices for good health. Our ASC will also involve people into good side of sports it prevents drug addicts persons from drugs so it will economically good. Playing sports often involves physical activities like running, jumping and stretching and moreover a constructive expenditure of energy. Playing sports since an early age strengthens the bones and muscles and tones one’s body. Thus sports provide the body with a complete exercise. Underdevelopment of sport and ‘muscle drain’ in developing countries Exploitation and child protection in sport Developing local markets through sport by means of hosting local sports events, producing low-cost and affordable sporting goods and through athletes’ remittances  Building skills for employment through sport    Developing local markets through sport A brief discussion of the potential of sport to stimulate local development through local sport events, producing low-cost and affordable sporting goods and through energy or health drinks for sports man in our cafe. Building skills for employment through sport An overview of the potential of sport to equip young people and adults with skills that are useful for employment ‘Core’ skills include those that are directly associated with coaching and sport management. ‘Soft’ skills include the skills and values that are learned through sport, such as: cooperation, leadership, respect for others, knowing how to win and lose, knowing how to manage competition, etc. MANAGEMENT TEAM 8|Page

ALLY SPORTS CAFE 2011 These are the following members of management team in ALLY SPORTS CAFE Mr. Imran Iftikhar (C.E.O) Miss. Sana Fayyaz (C.M.O) Mr. Fayyaz Ahmed Mr. Qaiser Iqbal (Sales Manager) 9|Page (C.F.O)

ALLY SPORTS CAFE 2011 Business Model Forecasted Demand through Questioner of 200 customers Obtain suplly from supplier to made items Ally sports cafe where the products will be made with different ingredients. Delivery to customer Feedback from customers BUSINESS PROCEDINGS OR WORKING 10 | P a g e

ALLY SPORTS CAFE 2011 DESCRIPTION OF THE BUSINESS MODEL Business model of ALLY SPORTS CAFE is consists of 3 steps. Firstly, we generate awareness and creating interest in people through display centre’s. In second step, we will forecast the demand. In the third step, get right for live matches In the fourth step, integrate all the segments. In the fifth step, we will deliver the services and products to our customers. Our customers can give feedback on our website. How The Business Will Create A Sustainable Competitive Advantage We have no direct competitor in Pakistan but some indirect competitors in market. Fashion cafe or rock cafe is our indirect competitors. Fashion cafe or rock cafe these cafe are based on food but we are providing food with sports activities. We will create a sustainable competitive advantage by following: Strategic assets These are the most important assets of our organization. Our strategic assets are  Quality work  Affordable prices  Registered brand.  Convenient location in Lahore.  Professional sportsman and workers  Unique design for sports activities 11 | P a g e

ALLY SPORTS CAFE 2011 INDUSTRY ANALYSIS The economy of Pakistan has been performing not well in recent years. Despite higher energy prices and natural climates. The growth momentum that Pakistan has sustained for the last four years is underpinned by dynamism in industry, agriculture and services. The number of cafes in the organized sector in Pakistan is expected to rapidly increase as a result of the changes in demographic and economic factors which are having a significant impact on the restaurant industry in Pakistan. Increasing urbanization and rising disposable incomes are other factors which show greater promise for the services sector. The trend of eating out has significantly increased in recent years and it has evolved into a popular culture. Cafe owners and operators are working to understand and respond to the preferences and expectations of Generation X and the Millennial Generation. Doing so requires that cafe re-think their menu offerings, procurement patterns, technology, training, service, and marketing. A cafe will only be successful if it is able to cater to the huge, unique market of young consumers which makes up about 30% of the total population. Market conditions in the area have a significant impact on the profitability of a cafe. In this case, the future outlook remains positive as long as the market needs are met and menus are affordable. In terms of culinary trends, there is the popularity of health foods, use of fresh and authentic ingredients, expansion of quick service, and acceptance of new fusion concepts, restaurants with a focus on entertainment, and ethnic and regional cuisine cafes and establishing of the chef entrepreneur. Many multi national chains have adapted their recipes to the taste buds of Pakistani consumers and made their offerings spicier. 12 | P a g e

ALLY SPORTS CAFE 2011 Future of the Industry The Pakistani economy is becoming increasingly service-oriented, and over the past several decades, the foodservice industries that offer the highest levels of convenience have been rewarded with strong sales growth. In the face of rising population, incomes and increasingly hectic work schedules, a nearly insatiable demand for convenience will continue to drive restaurant sales. The value of consumer time, as well as the demand for consistent, high-quality food products, will continue to shape the food industry. The role of convenience in this dietary shift cannot be over-emphasized, and the future growth of the rest of the foodservice industry will be driven in large part by its ability to find new ways to save consumers’ time. So with this future in industry of food ALLY SPORTS CAFE have a excellent chance to go over the head. TARGETED MARKET The Market The target market for ALLY SPORTS CAFE is essentially cricket fans, football fans, belonging to the upper middle and higher income classes. The target age group is between 17 and 35 years. It is located in an area that attracts most of their evenings out. Our customer base will come from the following segments:  Football fans belonging to higher income groups from all over the city  Students (16 to 24 years)  Tourists  Offices in the vicinity The concept and product image of ALLY SPORTS CAFE will attract 3 different customer profiles:  Those cricket and football enthusiasts who want to share their passion  Those who want to do more than just eat out  The curious and the young at heart  13 | P a g e

ALLY SPORTS CAFE 2011 Market Trends and the Future The fast food market is growing rapidly in Karachi and Lahore with the changing lifestyles of not just the elite but a cross section of society. The growth in expenditure on fast food has been tremendous and will continue as the demand for convenient meals is ever growing, which is seen in the mushrooming of cafes catering to all income groups. The expanding purchasing power of the growing middle class in Lahore has allowed them to spend an increasing amount on leisure activities. The population dynamics also favour our idea, given that the proportion of people in our target age group i.e. the youth is expected to increase in proportion over the next decade. The rapid increase in employment rates for both males and females in the age group 20-29 also support our assumptions about increasing customer base each year. COMPEPTITOR ANALYSIS AND GO TO MARKET STARAGY How The Business Will Create A Sustainable Competitive Advantage We have no direct competitor in Pakistan but some indirect competitors in market. Fashion cafe or rock cafe is our indirect competitors. Fashion cafe or rock cafe these cafe are based on food but we are providing food with sports activities. We will create a sustainable competitive advantage by following Competition and Competitive Strategy The idea of a cafe entirely dedicated to sport viewing is a new concept in this city. Thus we have no direct competitors in terms of the exact experience offered. However there are many restaurants or cafe that do arrange viewings of major sporting events and popular matches such as the T20 Cricket World Cup or the Football World Cup. These and other themed restaurants or cafes are the ones we will view as our primary competitors e.g. Fashion Café Coffee, Café Zouk, etc. Secondary competitors will be restaurants that are alternatives for eating out for our target market e.g. Roasters, Espresso, Gloria jeans , Jammin java etc. 14 | P a g e

ALLY SPORTS CAFE 2011 There are over 20 restaurants on MM ALAM ROAD approximately with at least 5 others in the DHA area. Although this presents an obvious challenge in terms of market share, it also indicates the presence of a large, strong potential. The newest competitors have made their successful entry based on an innovative concept or novelty. Capitalizing on an increasingly popular global trend of theme restaurants, ALLY SPORTS CAFE! Will offer an innovative product in a familiar style at a competitive price. There are three major ways in which we create a competitive advantage:  Innovative concept making us the only one of its kind Cafe in Lahore  Quality product at lower prices  Other activities to engage the customer by allowing customers an experience that entails much more than food. 15 | P a g e

ALLY SPORTS CAFE 2011 Porter`s Model: There are 5 factors that can affect  Threat of new entrants  Bargaining power of buyer  Bargaining power of supplier  Rivalry among competitors  Threat of substitute product 16 | P a g e

ALLY SPORTS CAFE 2011 Threat of new entrants Threat of new entrants is high in those industries where the profit margins are high. Profit margins in this market are high so the threat of new entrants is high. Bargaining power of buyer Bargaining power of the buyer is medium because there are substitutes available in the market for our product but number of competitors is not very high. There are few competitors in the market. Bargaining power of supplier Bargaining power of the suppliers is medium instead of there are few number of suppliers in market which place our order or sports juices or healthy food. Rivalry among competitors Competition is high in those industries where the number of competitors is high. But in this industry the number of competitors is small and the competition is also low. Threat of substitute Substitute for our products are available in the market but not easily. There is no cafe who is offering sports activities but there are cafes who shows matches on big screens in cafe relatively similar products with special events organizing of sports but in their cafes there is no sports activity. 17 | P a g e

ALLY SPORTS CAFE 2011 BCG Matrix: Market Growth High The BCG matrix shows that, the market share of our business is low, because people are now properly aware of our product. But, the growth rate of our business is very high due to its unique business model, importance in teenagers and youngsters. In near future our business can be lie in the star, cash cow because there is no one running this industry in this way. Low ALLY SPORTS CAFE LYING HERE. High 18 | P a g e Market Share Low

ALLY SPORTS CAFE 2011 1. STAR Stars generate large amounts of cash because of their strong relative market share, but also consume large amounts of cash because of their high growth rate; therefore the cash in each direction approximately nets out. If a star can maintain its large market share, it will become a cash cow when the market growth rate declines. The portfolio of a diversified company always should have stars that will become the next cash cows and ensure future cash generation. 2. CASH COW: As leaders in a mature market, cash cows exhibit a return on assets that is greater than the market growth rate, and thus generate more cash than they consume. Such business units should be “milked", extracting the profits and investing as little cash as possible 3. DOG: Dogs have low market share and a low growth rate and thus neither generate nor consume large amount of cash. However, dogs are cash traps because of the money tied up in a business that has little potential. Such businesses are candidates’ for divestiture. 4. QUESTION MARK: Question marks are growing rapidly and thus consume large amounts of cash, but because they have low market shares they do not generate much cash. The result is large net cash consumption. A question mark (also known as a "problem child") has the potential to gain market share and become a star, and eventually a cash cow when the market growth slows. Our ALLY SPORTS CAFE is in now question mark in start of the business. 19 | P a g e

ALLY SPORTS CAFE 2011 PEST Analysis: PEST Analysis is use to understanding "Big Picture" Forces of Change. PEST Analysis is a simple, useful and widely-used tool that helps you understand the "big picture" of your  Political environment,  Economic environment,  Socio-Cultural environment  Technological environment. As such, it is used by business leaders worldwide to build their vision of the future. It is important for these reasons:  First, by making effective use of PEST Analysis, you ensure that what you are doing is aligned positively with the powerful forces of change that are affecting our world. By taking advantage of change, you are much more likely to be successful than if your activities oppose it  Second, good use of PEST Analysis helps you avoid taking action that is doomed to failure from the outset, for reasons beyond your control;  Third, PEST is useful when you start operating in a new country or region. Use of PEST helps you break free of unconscious assumptions, and helps you quickly adapt to the realities of the new environment. How to use the tool: PEST is a simple mnemonic standing for Political, Economic, Socio-Cultural and Technological. To use this tool, follow this three stage process:  Brainstorm the relevant factors that apply to you;  Identify the information that applies to these factors; and  Draw conclusions from this information. POLITICAL FORCES Pakistan is not a politically stable country. Political changes in Pakistan are moving extremely fast. But there is no big effect of it on this industry within the Pakistan. It includes  Government type and stability       Freedom of press, rule of law and levels of bureaucracy and corruption Regulation and de-regulation trends Social and employment legislation Tax policy, and trade and tariff controls Environmental and consumer-protection legislation Likely changes in the political environment 20 | P a g e

ALLY SPORTS CAFE 2011 ECONOMIC FORCES There is unemployment, high labor cost, high interest rates and inflation in Pakistan. But, there is a ray of hope because it is projected that in 2011 Pakistan economy would grow at least 4 percent and could grow more with strong international economic recovery. It includes  Stage of business cycle  Current and project economic growth, inflation and interest rates  Unemployment and labour supply  Labour costs  Levels of disposable income and income distribution  Impact of globalization  Likely impact of technological or other change on the economy  Likely changes in the economic environment SOCIAL FORCES There is high population growth in Pakistan and lack of health and education facilities. To take the example of education, only 1 % of the budget is spend for education. There is a need of significant improvement in these areas. But these factors cannot affect our business because we are focusing on the upper class.  Population growth rate and age profile  Population social mobility, and attitudes to these     Population employment patterns, job market freedom and attitudes to work Press attitudes, public opinion, social attitudes and social taboos Lifestyle choices and attitudes to these Socio-Cultural changes TECHNOLOGICAL FACTORS Research and development expenses are high in Pakistan. Technological adaptation in Pakistan is tremendously increasing. Internet users are increased in Pakistan due to communication cost reduced. Designing of jewellery is very easy on special software on the internet.     Impact of emerging technologies Impact of Internet, reduction in communications costs and increased remote working Research and Development activity Impact of technology transfer 21 | P a g e

ALLY SPORTS CAFE 2011 Strengths:            SWOT Analysis: Provide our product on the best locations in Lahore Gaddafi stadium Reasonable price. Best quality product Strong public relations in the market Directors are the investors .This will not only save money but also help us pour loyalty and sincerity in our newly started business Quick decision making to handle the problems. The ability to travel comfortable for long distance travel Has a vast number of loyal customers Environmentally friendly, especially during these times of Global awareness. Access to instant pricing with real time reservation, creating a convenient, troublefree booking process. Increases Productivity Weaknesses:  Lack of financial resources  Newness of the business  Lack of investment  Employees and security problems  High initial investment for building  The expenses to make their consumers comfortable. Opportunities:  Discounts available from suppliers  More advertising can be done to enhance our and market share  We can do Partnership to enhance our business.  We can add more unique product packages to attract customers  Ability to expand to other markets surrounding  Internet friendly bookings and accessibility  Help boost the economy; this will create new opportunities for jobs 22 | P a g e business

ALLY SPORTS CAFE 2011 Threats:  Threat of new entrant  Emergence of substitute  Tax will increase our costs, ultimately decreasing our profit margin  Social forces  Poor economic and political conditions in Pakistan RISK ASSESSMENT External risks The political situation prevalent and the poor law and order situation in the country can have a big impact on our business’ long-term future. A single political event of importance can have an adverse impact on the business environment. One way to overcome the problems posed by the political situation is to get the business insured against political risk. Moreover, a change of government may lead to an adverse change in the tax rate or the rules and regulations governing the restaurant business. Economic variables also influence the outcomes of the strategies that we have drawn up. High food prices inflation, high oil prices, energy and food shortages, and high interest rates also pose a threat to our business. The business is heavily dependent on the correct execution of technology .The high costs associated with maintenance and obsolescence of technology will be a problem. We are targeting the youth population residing in Gulberg, New muslim Town, Model town, Garden town, Johar Town, Faisal Town and DHA, which makes our market limited. Results of our research shows that mostly males are mainly interested in sports. Presence of sports areas, like near Gaddafi stadium like we have, DHA, Sports complex a threat to our business. Also, Gunsmoke, Espresso, Roasters etc serve almost the same kind of food that we do. To combat this risk, we need to constantly revise our strategies so that we remain innovators in our field. 23 | P a g e

ALLY SPORTS CAFE 2011 Internal risks Evaluation of management team The management team is the most important part of any new venture and hence represents a major risk factor. Below we analyze the weaknesses and strengths of our management team and how we can overcome these weaknesses. Strengths Weaknesses Understanding of each other will result in May not be able to manage rapid growth synergistic benefits. due to inadequate experience Professional sportsman with us Consensus and coordination can take a lot of time because 32 people have to agree on one point. This can delay important decisions. All of the management team has strong family support to help them in difficult times Members have good contacts and networks In order to overcome our weaknesses the first step is to gain is an in-depth knowledge of the restaurant business via the experiences of other successful restaurateurs. This would compensate for our lack of experience of the management team. The problem of lack of consensus can be resolved through putting rules in place. 24 | P a g e

ALLY SPORTS CAFE 2011 Financial Projections / Current status, amount of money requested, an projected use of funds: INCOME STATEMENT Account Year 2012 Rs Year 2013 Rs Year 2014 Rs Year 2015 Rs Year 2016 Rs Sales 4,840,400.00 5,227,632.00 5,645,842.56 6,097,509.96 6,585,310.76 2,698,440.00 2,833,362.00 2,975,030.10 3,123,781.61 3,279,970.69 2,141,960.00 2,394,270.00 2,670,812.46 2,973,728.36 3,305,340.08 400,000.00 408,000.00 416,160.00 424,483.20 432,972.86 2,541,960.00 2,802,270.00 3,086,972.46 3,398,211.56 3,738,312.94 Less: Cost of Goods Sold Gross Profit Other Income Total Less: Operating Expences: Salary Expence (1,180,000.00) (1,197,700.00) (1,215,665.50) (1,233,900.48) (1,252,408.99) Marketing Expence (250,000.00) (253,750.00) (257,556.25) (261,419.59) (265,340.89) Utility Expence (988,000.00) (1,002,820.00) (1,017,862.30) (1,033,130.23) (1,048,627.19) Miscellaneous (260,000.00) (263,900.00) (267,858.50) (271,876.38) (275,954.52) (25,000.00) (25,000.00) (25,000.00) (25,000.00) (25,000.00) ₋ Depreciation Net Profit ( Loss) Net Profit B.I.T Tax Payable on profit (161,040.00) ₋ ₋ 59,100.00 ₋ 303,031.00 ₋ 572,886.00 870,981.35 25,779.00 547,107.00 Net Profit after tax 25 | P a g e ₋ ₋ 56,613.00 814,368.35 ₋

ALLY SPORTS CAFE 2011 Cash Flow Statement Year 2012 Rs Year 2013 Rs Year 2014 Rs Year 2015 Rs Year 2016 Rs 2,600,000.00 381,960.00 375,755.00 610,085.34 110,784.34 5,227,632.00 5,645,842.56 6,097,509.96 6,585,310.76 Opening Balance Revenues 4,840,400.00 Total Inflow 7,440,400.00 5,609,592.00 6,021,597.56 6,707,595.30 6,696,095.10 Purchases 2,698,440.00 2,833,362.00 2,975,030.10 3,123,781.61 3,279,970.69 Expences Operating Expences 2,365,000.00 2,400,475.00 ₋ 2,436,482.13 ₋ ₋ ₋ 800,000.00 ₋ ₋ ₋ 7,058,440.00 5,233,837.00 381,960.00 375,755.00 Capital Expenditure 2,473,029.36 2,510,124.80 5,411,512.23 5,596,810.96 5,790,095.48 610,085.34 1,110,784.34 905,999.62 1,195,000.00 Building Security Tax Payments Total Outflow Net Cash at End of Period 26 | P a g e

ALLY SPORTS CAFE 2011 Balance Sheet Year 2012 Current Assets Cash in hand Year 2013 Year 2014 Rs Rs Rs 381,960.00 155,304.40 12,634.59 Cash at Bank 300,000.00 300,000.00 300,000.00 100,000.00 100,000.00 100,000.00 150,000.00 150,000.00 150,000.00 100,000.00 100,000.00 100,000.00 800,000.00 800,000.00 800,000.00 400,000.00 400,000.00 400,000.00 100,000.00 100,000.00 100,000.00 250,000.00 50,000.00 75,000.00 20,000.00 20,000.00 20,000.00 2,601,960.00 2,175,304.40 2,057,634.59 1,600,000.00 10,00,000.00 1,600,000.00 10,00,000.00 1,600,000.00 10,00,000.00 100,000.00 ₋ 100,000.00 ₋ 100,000.00 ₋ (98,040.00) (524,696.00) (642,366.00) Insurance Advertising Software & Other Expence Securities Fixed Assets Furniture & Fixtures Equipment Less Accumulated Depreciation Food License Total Assets Owner's Equity Owner's Investment Investor Payables Retained Earnings Deffered Cost Total Liabilities & Owner's Equity 27 | P a g e 2,601,960.00 2,175,304.40 2,057,634.59

ALLY SPORTS CAFE 2011 EXIT STARTEGY "Begin with the end in mind," Those who have created a successful business know it does not happen without planning, hard work, and a little luck. Yet most have no exit plan for leaving their business. The truth is that most business relationships do not have happy endings.  Look for Equity Partner If we did not get desire results then we will go for more investments through looking for equity partner to expand our business to get results.  Launch gaming Zone We can also have an opportunity to go for a gaming zone in a café with this we will generate good revenue and this will help also to involve our customers more and interest our customers as well.  Intro of Membership We will go for a membership in our café and it will also help to generate our good revenue and make our customers regular and loyal. OUR LOCATION Gaddafi Stadium near Fazal e Haq Dera, Gulberg, Lahore. 28 | P a g e


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What is research??

What is research??

April 2, 2014

Explanatory definitions of research in depth...

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