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Information about Business Complex at Lusail, Qatar

Published on November 22, 2016

Author: dia2000


1. HERMAS BUSINESS PARK MARINA DISTRICT LUSAIL CITY Category: Green Building: Office Building Qatar Green Leaders Green Building Certification, Design Management & Training (LEED/GSAS). ISO 9001:2015 Certified

2. P R O J E C T T E A M Project Owner Architect of Record Design Architect GSAS Service Provider Qatar Green LeadersKohn Pedersen FoxDiwan Al EmaraHermas Investment Company

3. H E R M A S B U S I N E S S P A R K , M A R I N A C O M - 0 0 3 Client Diwan Al-Emara Plot area 15,219 m² Total Built-Up Area 118,828 m² Achieved Level 4 Stars Rating Status Obtained LOC – Under Construction Sustainability Assessment Scheme GSAS v2.0 Commercial Design Assessment Rating Scheme Building Type Office Building Hermas Business Park is located in the Marina District, Lusail City, a self- contained sustainable and comprehensively planned mixed used development in the State of Qatar. The project will feature 4 Office buildings around a central courtyard and connected on the 10th floor and roof level. It is composed of 4 basement parking levels, Ground floor for retail areas, 9 Floors of Office spaces and 10th floor level that includes dining area, gym and spa. Location Plot Com-003, Marina District, Lusail City Doha

4. G R E E N B U I L D I N G R A T I N G 4 .023 0.20 0.19 0.48 -0.04 Water Site Energy Urban Connectivity Materials 0.17 Indoor Environment 0.15 Cultural & Economic Value 0.15 Management & Operation .0240 .0270 0.720 0.480 0.240 0.480 0.390 0.18 AchievedPoints Attainable C e r t i f i c a t i o n d e n i e d L E V E L A c h i e v e d 3 . 0 0 2 . 5 0 2 . 0 0 1 . 5 0 1 . 0 0 . 5 0 0 . 0 0 - 0 . 5 0 - 1 . 0 0 G L O B A L S U S T A I N A B I L I T Y A S S E S S M E N T S Y S T E M 1.524

5. S U S T A I N A B I L I T Y P R A C T I C E S 5  The project provides retail spaces on the Ground floor, a spacious courtyard, a dining area, gym and spa at 10TH floor roof level that offers the users public and open spaces Sustainability & Community Energy and Water  Hermas which is located in Lusail City, will inherit the score of the Lusail Master Planned Development for Urban and Connectivity and Site GSAS Criteria that includes: Proximity to infrastructure, Load on local traffic conditions, Public transportation, Proximity to Amenities, Land preservation, Waterbody Preservation and Habitat Preservation.  The project will have access to Lusail City’s light rail network, water taxi transportation system, bicycle and pedestrian network and sustainable infrastructures.  A central courtyard between the 4 office buildings shaded by the roof floor based on the concept “Courtyard - Oasis in the desert”, Also using Islamic patterns in the landscape lines and pathways.  Water efficient plumbing fixtures are used in the project  Native and Adaptive plants that require nominal irrigation water are used in the vegetation  Rainwater tanks for collecting rainwater and will be reused for irrigation are provided  Light coloured paving surfaces and building materials are provided to reduce heat island effect  High Performance building materials are used, Insulated walls and roof and double glazing glass with Low-U value and SHGC  Use of High Efficient lamps and Energy Recovery heat pipes  Provides leak detection systems to minimize the impact of major water leakages  Installation of an Automated Control System to optimize system performance  Double-skin façade that provides shade and helps in reducing energy consumption.  The project provides basement parking to minimize the amount of impermeable surfaces on site and parking footprint.  Bike racks and bicycle network are provided and included in the design

6. S U S T A I N A B I L I T Y P R A C T I C E S 6  Use of regionally manufactured and assembled building elements and materials in order to reduce carbon footprint of materials. Sustainability & Resources Green Building Rating System Sustainability & Health  Hermas provides support to the national economy by maximizing the percentage of construction expenditures for goods and services originating from State of Qatar. More than 30% of Construction Expenditure benefitting the national economy.  The project achieved 4 Stars Rating in GSAS (Global Sustainability Assessment System) v2.0 Commercial Design Assessment Rating Scheme  The project provides effective mechanical ventilation to ensure occupant comfort and health, compliance to ASHRAE 62.1-2010 and ASHRAE 90.1- 2007.  Meet minimum emissions targets for indoor materials and finishes to ensure the comfort and health of occupants.  Provide occupants with access to external views.  Optimize the exposure of daylight for interior spaces in order to improve light quality for building occupants and reduce the need for artificial lighting.  Minimize potentially hazardous airborne contaminants affecting building occupants.  Collection and composting of organic waste will be applied to minimize waste taken to landfills or incineration facilities.  A Recycling Management Plan will be implemented in the project. Sustainability & Management  The project team applied an integrated approach during its pre- design and schematic design.

7. T H A N K Y O U ! Qatar Green Leaders | Green Building Certification, Design Management & Training (LEED/GSAS) Global Business Center (Opposite to Old Arrival Terminal) | C-Ring Road | Entrance 1 | 3rd Floor | P.O. Box: 63382| Tele-Fax: +974 44340477 | Doha | Qatar (Map) –

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