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Published on February 15, 2014

Author: MikeSawyer1



Businesses used to create authority on a different matter than they do today. How did they create awareness and what is the current environment for online businesses that is looking to gain sales? A simple introduction to business authority and awareness.

Business Authority and Awareness Introduction Introduction to Building Authority and Awareness for Online Businesses

A Small Brief • A business can experience issues without having a good reputation with its consumers. Online businesses are under attack by various sources, such as finding new consumers to positioning in the market place. The question is this, “How can I establish a solid authoritative presence without breaking moral and legal laws?.” Authority means to set the standard for quality, which in turn means that your business has to produce content that is linkable to other sources to give it credibility. By actively using experts and solid content for marketing, you can establish authority and through awareness you can gain business.

Old Fashion Authority Method • Producing tons of content • URL link building • SEO stuffing and black hat tactics • False product reviews and testimonies • Overhyped PR content • Link exchange with website owners • More

Business Authority with and without Authority based Business • Leader in its Industry with thought provoking content • Reliable sources and content for marketing and sales • • • Business without Authority • Not recognized in industry • Lower sales volumes and Unreliable marketing Trusted by consumers in its market • Not trusted by consumers or experts Easier to gain sales, retain consumers and achieve goals • Hard to gain sales and retain consumers • Content not shared and information is unverifiable Quality and consumer focused first by setting proper examples in everything they create

New Methods to Achieve Authority • How would you achieve authority for a start up company with no background experience or connections? You will need to consider using expert sources for your content to help establish authority and relationships online. The new methods to invoke a response from your audience still includes some of old ways. The new ones include using transparency for the URL’s, quotes from expert sources and people and a genuine affiliate bond between two companies. Affiliation is a big buzz word around the internet with the promises of tiny cash payouts. A true affiliate will help you make connections to new consumers in exchange for the same, consider it a mutual partnership. Videos that offer detailed information with actionable links can help establish your authority and trust with consumers. A well researched case study and a highly polished report (not necessarily free) can also help establish trust.

Business Awareness Business Awareness generates consumer interest, however a business has to focus on its core story

In the Old West: Awareness Techniques • How did the internet survive this long? People generated awareness for it, by word of mouth and other means. How did the first online businesses generate awareness for their business and products? In most cases, the businesses blogged, published tons of bad content to snag first page rankings and exchanged URL’s in hopes to make sales. As search engines became “aware” of the fraud and nasty habits, Google stepped up and made some changes on how pages were going to be ranked. Google still does this and it can be very frustrating to keep in step. As marketers became smarter, they took to content development and created higher quality and build relationships with other businesses to achieve their goals.

Awareness for Businesses Awareness will attract new consumers for any online business Solid content that educates the consumer should be the top priority before anything else Awareness can open up new niches and topics for your business to cover in their marketing Regain interest from past customers with effective targeting

How Old School Awareness Worked • Back before the Search Engine wars and the assault on unethical awareness techniques. Many online companies used blogging and exchanged links with others to help foster a relationship. This also meant a lot of keyword stuffing, especially with ones that didn’t have anything to do with their business. This worked for quite awhile, until there were penalties that came with stuffing and black hat link building. Time progressed onward and some companies moved into other areas such as articles and used article directories to get attention. This is ok, but the problem is the same content on every directory can lead to problems for the business. Other tactics can along to improve the business awareness need and desire for consumer.

A Business with Awareness and Without Awareness based business Business without Awareness • New found Consumers • • Sharable designs and flexibility in marketing agenda No consumer reach beyond traditional methods • Constant room for improving consumer education No sales or drop in sales and reduction in interest • Harder to build brand and win trust from consumer • Affiliate program not a reality • Survival rate tends to drop by 50% • • • Affiliate building potential Expandable Hierarchy to keep loyal consumers

Final Thoughts There are many different ways to rise awareness and to create authority that will help your business grow beyond the noise. It starts with a clear strategy and objectives. There are many different types of content that is flexible for your needs. Marketing is not easy, but there are two options, one is outsource your needs or handle it in house. If you enjoyed this PowerPoint, visit to learn more about Mike and his team. We work with businesses and bring them the hottest content available.

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