Business Analysis - Scrum/Agile Methodology & Relation to Project Management

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Published on February 16, 2014

Author: hichamza



Business Analysis - Scrum/Agile Methodology & Relation to Project Management

Business Analysis Scrum/Agile Methodology & Relation to Project Management Hicham Zinalabdin ! 1 Feb 5, 2014 !

What is “Business Analysis”? Business analysis is a research discipline of identifying business needs and determining solutions to business problems. 2


BA vs. Consultant Consultant is a Business Analyst with more domain experience. 4

What is Project Management? The discipline of planning, organizing, motivating, and controlling resources to achieve specific goals. 5

Did you know 25%-40% of all spending on projects is wasted is a result of re-work1? 70% - 85% of all project rework costs are due to errors in requirements2? 1 Hass, Kathleen B. "Business Analysis Center of Excellence." Projects@Work. 2 Bartholomew, Doug. "Prescription for Better Projects." AllBusiness. 6

    Leadership   Problem  Solving   Decision  Making   Cri2cal  Thinking   Strategic  Perspec2ves   Business Analysis Works  construc2vely  with  team   Coaches  others       Project Management Mo2va2on  of  team   Gives  direc2on  and  is  role  model  leader   Takes  responsibility   Gathers  and  presents  business  and  process  op2ons   Clearing  roadblocks   Establishes  facts   Confron2ng  issues   Determines  root  causes   Plans  effort  and  facilitates  problem  solving  techniques   Analyses  impact  of  decisions   Manages  approval  &  sign  off   Resource  Management   Analyses  trends  and  make  improvement   recommenda2ons   Priori2es  and  Schedule  conflicts   Converts  data  into  informa2on   Sees  strategy  at  product  and  process  level   Influencing   Detailed  knowledge  within  industry   Managing  expecta2ons   Builds  rapport  with  team  and  customers   Communica2on  &   Interpersonal   Key  report  wri2ng  skills   Rela2ng  to  team  &  customers       Time  Management   Work  package  priori2za2on   Deliver  on  2me   Change  control   Scope  Management   Schedule  Planning   Sees  organisa2on  strategy  and  knows  project  integra2on   issues   Wide  knowledge  of  industry  but  not  detailed   Managing  expecta2ons   Variance  management   Influences  major  events  and  adapts  style  to  gain  ‘buy  in’   Stakeholder  communica2on   Verbal  presenta2ons   High  level  status  repor2ng   Schedule  Management   SeSng  priori2es   Ref.: 7

Business Analysis! Framework Methodologies ITERATIVE WATERFALL 8

Business Analysis! Scrum/Agile Methodology Product Owner Scrum Planning Daily Scrum Backlog Scrum Master Sprint Review Scrum Dev. Team Sprint Retrospective 9

Business Analysis! Scrum/Agile Methodology 10

Business Analysis! Scrum/Agile Methodology TO LEARN MORE, GO TO: 11 @MTM_e Time to Disagree… QUESTIONS AND DEBATES Thank You Hicham Zinalabdin 12

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