Business analysis of two giants google & regus

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Information about Business analysis of two giants google & regus

Published on March 16, 2014

Author: MamunHossain3


BUSINESS ANALYSIS OF THE TWO GIANTS Presented By: • Md. Mamun Hossain(GL) • Md. Golam Rabbani Prodhan • Some Akter • Rujina • Md. Mofajjol Hossain

STRENGTHS OF THE GOOGLE INC.  Quality and Customer experience are the primary objects  Financial situation  Access to the widest group of internet users worldwide  Product integration  Culture of Innovation

WEAKNESSES OF THE GOOGLE INC.  Relies on one source of income: More than 90% of Google’s revenue comes from online advertising.  Unprofitable products: Google has many products and services that cause little value for the business.  Patent litigations: Google’s involving in litigations over the breached patents and other intellectual properties are often costly.

CHALLENGES OF THE GOOGLE INC.  Retaining a start-up entrepreneurial approach to their business  Setting up offices in the city centers  Building informal working environments to inspire innovations  Providing free food facilities to the Googlers  Outsourcing all its workspaces until establishing their own offices

SOLUTIONS BY THE HELP OF REGUS  Providing to-rent facility  Providing right locations  Providing unusual facilities to the Googlers  Has taken on the administration, billing, and payment charges  Performing outsourcing activities

CHALLENGES OF THE REGUS WHILE EXPANDING BUSINESS  Cultural and Sub-cultural diversity: As an international business has to face cultural and sub- cultural variances.  Providing unusual work environment: Sometimes they need to provide unusual working environment facilities such as: football table and massage chair.  Fulfilling customers’ needs: As an international business, they now have to face different types of customer’s needs and need to fulfill it.

CHALLENGES OF THE REGUS WHILE EXPANDING BUSINESS  Severe competition: At the time of expanding their business, they now need to face the enormous competitions out there.  Legislative complexities: While expanding their business, they now need go through the legislative complexities of the different parts of the world.

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