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Published on October 19, 2018

Author: lisawoal

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slide 1: Bushnell Pro X7 Rangefinder Review There was a lot of hype around the Bushnell Pro X7 when it came out and for good  reason. This rangefinder is the most accurate you’ll find on the market today and only a  couple minor things to criticize.  First Impressions Straight out of the box you’ll notice this rangefinder takes up most of the box and  comes in a semi-hard zip-case similar to the kind that nice pairs of headphones come  in. The case has a carabiner clip to hang from your bag which turns out to be necessary  because of the size. I use a pretty small carry bag like this one so there’s not a ton of  extra space. I could fit the X7 in my bag if I didn’t stuff my golf shoes in it. The battery  comes included and I really didn’t need the instructions to get going.  I didn’t realize it initially but the elastic loop allows you to access it without having to  loudly unzip it while someone else is in the middle of their backswing. It’s a small but  smart little feature that shows that Bushnell pays attention to the details which makes  me trust the X7 more.    The Specs ● Tournament Legal no slope  ● 550yd range to flag  ● Accurate to 1/2 yard at 125+ and 1/10th yard inside 125  ● 7x Magnification  ● Speed Tech via ESP “Extreme. Speed. Precision.”  ● Vivid Display Technology – assists with varying light conditions  ● Waterproof  ● Pinseeker Tech with JOLT  ● 2 Year Warranty  If you’re considering buying the Pro X7 and comparing against other models here are  the features that makes it better than the competition: slide 2: Accuracy to .1 yards when inside 125 yards Hitting great approach shots means you need to be dialed in from short range. The X7  gives you an extra level of accuracy from .5 to .1 yard to give you extra confidence. You  may not be accurate enough to need this precision now but you might need it once you  see the impact on your game.  This feature doesn’t make a huge difference in my game but love having it for a 40 yard  toss shot that I practice all the time. I’m pretty dialed in with it so that extra 14 inches of  accuracy can make a difference.  7x Magnification The 7x magnification that the ​Bushnell Pro X7​ brings to the table is the best on the  market. The extra magnification enables you to shoot the flag from a range of up to 550  yards. It also helps you to clearly see the slope and undulations of the green which  means you can pick better targets on your approach shots. There’s also a dial for  focusing the lens on it just like a DSLR camera.  Range I tend to play flat courses so it’s a great feeling being able to shoot the flag on Par 5’s  from way out although you realistically only need about 300 yards. The extra weight it  has helps stabilize it if you have shaky when you’re shooting.  Pinseeker The Pinseeker technology has been around for a few years now and it really does make  a difference between a non-pinseeking rangefinder. Most rangefinders in the 200+  range have it now so it’s not all that different from the competition in this category.  Waterproof Most competing models are only rainproof. I don’t plan on putting this to the test with  my unit but I like having that extra defense if I drop it in a water hazard somehow. slide 3: E.S.P. Bushnell’s ESP “Extreme. Speed. Precision.” Technology is designed to get your  reading faster. Calling it “extreme” is a little extreme but it’s definitely very fast. It gives  a reading right away.  Vivid Display Technology This is a fancy way of saying it adjusts the display based on the amount of light around  you. There are 4 settings BRT1 – BRT4 with 4 being the brightest. It does help to adjust  this when you’re playing in the evening and don’t want to blow up your round shooting in  the dark.  Vetted by the Pros Bushnell has more PGA Professionals using their rangefinders than all the other brands  combined. Considering that no clubmakers have that kind of market share for irons or  drivers it speaks volumes for the quality of these units.  Feels Sturdy and Durable This thing is heavy compared to most of the rangefinders you’re used to. It still weighs  less than a pound so it’s not     Using the Pro X7 This thing is very user-friendly and minimizes the buttons. Just press the power button  aim and hold it until you get your reading. Adjusting the display brightness is just a  matter of holding down Mode and toggling to the brightness level you want. slide 4: Final Thoughts in the Bushnell Pro X7 – Do I love it Yes I really do love this thing. I’m shooting distances during all my range sessions and  usually twice each hole. My game has improved now that I really know my distances — I  can’t round up my distances like I used to — but I also swing more confidently knowing I  have the right club to put me in a better position to score. The only downside is how big  it is but it’s a tradeoff I’ll happily make for the extra level of precision extra  magnification and how it’s easier to hold steady.

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