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Published on July 1, 2009

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Slides related to Bushaway Neighborhood organizing against large-scale widening of the Bushaway Rd (Co. Rd. 101 in Wayzata, Minnesota) by Hennepin County. Photos show beauty of historic Bushaway Rd and destruction of trees and homes by County in other sections of Co. Rd. 101

County Vision of 101 Reconstruction Existing View of Bushaway Rd (101 in Wayzata) June 24, 2009 (Presentation by Ron Anderson) 1

l The Co. Rd. 101 Experience l Reconstruction timeline l Road design elements (vision & issues) l Historic Findings on Bushaway Road (Co Rd 101 between Wayzata Blvd and Mtka Blvd)* l History of actions in Gray’ s Bay Area l Next Steps for 101 south community l Next Steps for Bushaway *Bushaway wishes to work on common issues with property owners on 101 south of Gray’s Bay Bridge. 2

KEY: Green – 101 under construction Yellow – 101 already widened Purple – Bushaway (2010 construction) Blue – lakes & 101 South (2010 construction) 3

Hwy 7 and 7-hi

Minnetonka Blvd

Approaching Gray’s Bay Bridge

Co. Rd. 101 from Gray’s Bay Blvd

Trail between Bushaway and Locust Hills

McGinty Intersection

Wayzata Blvd and 394

Harmony Circle & 101 N

Co. Rd 6

19th Ave and Kreatz Lake

Kreatz Lake West of 101

Demolition of houses & trees at 25th Ave N

The End

 1997 – State transferred ownership of Hwy 101 to Hennepin County  2007 - County completed preliminary design for Bushaway Road  2008 (May) - Wayzata Council formed Reconstruction Task Force  2008 (July) – Bushaway Neighborhood holds first meeting  2008 (Nov) - Official Sesquicentennial celebration for historic Bushaway Road at Wayzata City Hall  2008 (Dec) – Bushaway presentation to City Council and Wayzata Council Passed Resolution on Bushaway Issues  2009 – County & URS are currently completing a redesign  2010 – Public negotiation period ends; construction begins  2012 – Construction scheduled for completion *For section between Minnetonka Blvd and Wayzata Blvd 30

 Footprint (width of sections)  Preservation of other property assets  Wetlands and landfill  Safe but modest trail & cross-walks  Preservation of trees  Green corridors  Traffic demand and safety  Intersections and railroad bridge  Overall context-sensitive design 31

2.Bushaway Community Vision for road largely overlaps with 3.Wayzata City Comprehensive Plan and with 4.Wayzata City Council Resolution on 101 Reconstruction Issues will be presented using principles of Wayzata City Plan 32

 Objective 1.0 identify and protect historic and cultural resources  For Bushaway this means maintaining the historic “look and feel” of the Road.  For example, any bridge walls should have a stone bridge structure like the historic period (see below). 33




Thisfe ea 3 4Bus w y iso r 10 ye rso nc t 2 ha a ve 0 a ld Gate at 601 Bushaway Rd Gate at 555 Bushaway Rd 37

 Objective 1.1 Preserve lake views (and the homes themselves)  The County design calls for a 3-feet higher bridge and a 25ft retaining wall at the SW corner of the bridge. This would block lake views from some homes on both Bushaway and LaSalle. Current Bushaway Bridge over Railroad 38

 Objective 1.0 Protect Lake Minnetonka as the most significant asset for the community. What this means for Bushaway Road is avoiding needless land fill for a trail next to Bushaway Rd. Instead, as needed build boardwalks over portions of Gray’s Bay, the Locust Hills lagoon north- end and the pond at 250 Bushaway. 40

Marsh at 250 Bushaway Gray’s Bay from Bridge Lagoon at Locust Hills at Bushaway 41


 Objective 2.1 Provide safe pedestrian and bicycle routes and road crossings. This implies that trail design should consider:  Wider shoulders to the road for bicycles and pedestrians rather than a separate and super-wide trail,  boardwalks in any wetland areas where land is not sufficient for wide shoulders,  Keeping trail width to 4 or 6ft instead of 8ft to reduce impact on the environment. 44


 Objective 5.4 Preserve existing stands of mature trees when at all possible.  It is estimated that if the proposed County draft design were to be implemented, hundreds if not thousands of trees would be destroyed.  While the County would replace the trees, they would be young trees & not necessarily planted in the Bushaway vicinity. 46



 Objective 5.5 Establish green corridors and entrances to the City.  This is a City mandate to make roads like Bushaway environmentally “green” showcase scenic lake roads.  E.g., for road surface water drainage purposes instead of curb and gutters, we could utilize a natural, leading Low Impact Design (LID) edge infiltration system.  Curbs also create crashes when cars get too close and are thrown out of control 52



 Objectives 3 & 5 Address roadway improvements and traffic demand  Road improvements may be needed, but traffic demand does not warrant widening the road nor adding additional lanes. 55



 Objective 7 Improve traffic safety  Bushaway Road has a relatively crash-free history.  For the years 2002-2006, Wayzata had nearly 800 crashes. The McGinty/Bushaway interaction had only 10 crashes during that period. Nine other intersections in Wayzata had higher crash rates, some of them 7 times greater. 58

 A 1- or 2-lane roundabout has been proposed for the intersection.  While roundabouts sometimes produce advantages, experts advise that:  they should not be placed on a bridge or grade due to ice;  they should not be built in areas with many elderly drivers.  The biggest argument against a roundabout for Bushaway is the size. It would take up over twice the land used by the current intersection and would require condemnation of two homes.  In order to preserve the historic and environmental nature of the road, we do not support a roundabout or other major changes. 59


Not an improvement because of wide shoulders, boulevards, and construction zones. 2 houses still demolished



 Objective 3.6 Promote context-sensitive design  Objective 4.2 Ensure the protection, conservation, and maintenance of the natural environment.  The County has a history of not designing roads that are sensitive to historical, cultural, and environmental contexts.  The following pictures taken last week confirm that. 65




The First Road Survey of the Shakopee to Dayton Road (Minnesota River to Mississippi River) 1858 map of Bushaway Portion of first road survey Discovery of this map led to activities to celebrate the sesquicentennial. 69




 The Bushaway Rd area was part of Minnetonka Township until 1956 when it was annexed by the City of Wayzata  While Bushaway Rd was informally called Bushaway for decades, it was not officially designated as such by the City of Wayzata until 1957. 73

 2009 – County is currently completing a redesign  2010 – Public negotiation period ends; construction begins  2012 – Construction scheduled for completion 74

•1887 - First Gray’s Bay bridge •1920 - Primary bridge over channel until 2000s •1976 – Mn/Dot drew plans to improve causeway

 In the late 1970s, MN/DOT proposed a new, second causeway through lower Wayzata Bay.

Mn/Dot in the early 1980s proposed a parking area requiring 2 acres of land fill in Gray’s Bay. They sought to condemn & seize the causeway and the marina.

Throughout 1980s Mn/DOT attempted to design an acceptable plan Md/DOT even tried to condemn the causeway as well as the marina June, 1985 Gov. Perpich denied DNR request to condemn them Outcome was due to coordinated consensus between 1. Gray’s Bay Causeway Homeowners Association 2. Gray’s Bay Dam Association 3. Bushaway Alliance From this coordination emerged the concept of a scenic parkway, from Mtka Blvd to Wayzata Blvd, which may still be valid today.

¨ The Bushaway Preservation Fund set $29,000 as it’ s fund- raising goal to pay for the historical study, consulting engineering experts, and attorneys fees. We have just reached the 50% level. More fund-raising effort is crucial. ¨ Historical Study (see next slide) 79

 For an outside, professional opinion on the historical significance of Bushaway, the Bushaway Preservation Fund has contracted with Mead & Hunt, using historian Bob Frame. The study will be completed by August 31, 2009  Preparing for this study, we obtained abstracts and/or title histories for all houses over 50 years old.  The study report will be used as leverage by our attorney, Mark Anfinson, in negotiating with the County. 80

•As has been shown in the photographs, the 101 South to Mtka Blvd has much in common with Bushaway Rd •To work together effectively the 101 South Community will need an active organization to: •Work toward consensus •Work with Minnetonka City officials •Liaisons with Bushaway and with Wayzata activities •Fundraising for historical research •This research will be much reduced if links with Bushaway history can be specified. •Fundraising for legal fees

Ð Searching for environmental engineering experts to advise us on the issues already mentioned. Ð We will monitor County work on road reconstruction. Ð Fund-raising 82

    Preservation Fund Donations Direct Contributors (In-Kind)  Zita Hawley • Zita Hawley  John and Donie Fleischhacker • Dave and Cathy Whiting  Robert and Michele Keith • Ron Anderson and Nancy Kehmeier  Mark and Nancy Morris  John and Susan Stielow • Alan Miller  Patricia McDonald & Robert Grisvold • Kristen Eide-Tollefson  Ron Anderson and Nancy Kehmeier  Peter Pflaum  Stephen Pflaum  Jon & Lorry Mendez-Burns  Lynn Gruber  Bushaway Alliance Fund  Paula Ramaley & Reed Holiman  Anonymous We have reached 50% of our goal of $29,000. We need your help to cover the costs of protecting our properties. Please write a check tonight. Or send it to 663 Bushaway Rd, Wayzata MN 55391 (ATT: Ron Anderson, Treasurer) 83

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