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Published on February 22, 2014

Author: ianhaensly

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Burlock & Barrel Distilleries

Jacksonville, FL

History of Jacksonville Whiskey   In the 1920s during the age of prohibition two brothers had fallen victim to the hard economic times of the great depression. Brothers Bill and Ben McCoy owned a port on the Westside of the St. Johns River in Downtown Jacksonville, FL. It was here, in Jacksonville, where they began distributing whiskeys to the people of North America. McCoy and his superior spirits became a house hold name throughout the east coast of the United States, hence the saying, "The real McCoy".

 The Burlock Bag  Capt. McCoy mostly hauled Rye, Irish and Canadian whiskey as well as other fine spirits and wines. He is credited with inventing the "burlock" -- a package holding six bottles jacketed in straw, three on the bottom, then two, then one, the whole sewed tightly in burlap. These “bulock” bags were ideal due to the easy stacking, stowing, and protection during the open ocean transport and distribution of the McCoys iconic sprits.

Burlock& Barrel   Since those Roaring 20's Jacksonville has been an intergral part of spirits distribution in America , while there has never been an established distillery to call Jacksonville home two friends have changed that and begin to write another page in Jacksonville's deep history. Ian Haensly and Colin Edwards founded Burlock& Barrel in 2013 with a belief that great whiskey can be made outside the Scottish highlands or the mountains of Kentucky and Tennessee. Almost 100 years later Burrlock and Barrel will once again bring quality made whiskey back to the First Coast.

GET NAKED!   Burlock& Barrel believes in the age old saying “Good whiskey is made in the still…not the barrel”  For our initial run we will be producing a barrel free “Naked” white whiskey consisting of a fine blend of high quality Florida corn, malted barley, and rye giving our whiskey a smooth sweet taste on the on the pallet and a hint of spicy sweetness on the finish.

B&B Select   Burlock& Barrel Select will be our aged flagship whiskey.  We will use the same hand crafted recipe utilized in B&B’s white whiskey “Naked” and age it in 5 gallon American oak barrels for 812 months.  Using smaller 5 gallon barrels allows for a greater surface area compared to a tradition 53 gallon barrel resulting in a swifter maturation process creating the same quality taste as a traditional whiskey aged for 5-8 years.

The Art to the Craft   Burlock& Barrel whiskey will be distilled in a 70 gallon pot still coupled with a reflux column allowing for the triple distillation creating a much smoother spirit.

Whiskey in America   According to Entrepreneur.com less than a decade ago there were only 80 distilleries in America making spirits.  Today the number of craft and commercial distilleries totals 623 including distilleries for whiskey, gin ,vodka and rum as well as less popular spirits like absinthe and schnapps.  By the end of 2014 that number will jump to over 750.  Burlock& Barrel will be an integral part of this growth for craft distilleries in the south east.

Expectation   Burlock& Barrel plans to make its initial small batch run producing right at 2500 gallons of white whiskey in its first year of distillation.  By the end of the 2nd year of distillation we project to be distilling 7500 gallons of white whiskey and begin aging 500 gallons of aged Burlock and Barrel Select  By the end of the 3rd fiscal year we aspire to have grown by 200% from the previous year reaching volumes of 15,000 gallons of white whiskey and barreling 1,500 gallons of aged Burlock& Barrel Select, while growing exponentially through promotion, product development and dedication.

Marketing   Burlock& Barrel will be marketed using all aspects of social media, word of mouth and promotional events including retail tastings and attendance at whiskey or spirit affairs and conventions  With strong grass roots and guerilla marketing campaigns , along with daily updates through the social media outlets and consistent updates on the company website consumers will be aware of all progress being made at the distillery and able to follow the founders as they prepare Jacksonville’s first Whiskey. Brand apparel and Items will be available for purchase through the company website on the web store.

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