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Published on October 11, 2016

Author: MelissaPapanayotouMB

Source: slideshare.net

1. M E L I S S A P A P A N A Y O T O U Bundles of Zoe

2. About me  Melissa Zoe Papanayotou  Recent first-time mom  Buy-side Financial Analyst  JMSB: B.Com, Major in Finance  McGill University: MBA grad  Driven, hard-working and passionate  Being a mother  Sustainable agriculture and consumption  Health, wellness and the environment  Organic and natural food  Advocating for women’s rights  Helping orphaned and vulnerable children Profoundly passionate about:

3. About my idea  Help support and empower new and expectant moms and their families  Make safe, organic and high-quality products more easily accessible to Canadian families Bundles of Zoe  Monthly subscription-based bundle service tailored to customer’s preferences and based on her stage of pregnancy or motherhood, and her baby’s stage of development Goal

4. Value Proposition PROBLEM  Time-consuming and stressful to research the best, safest products  Safe, eco-friendly items are often priced at significant premiums  Many retailers are American and do not ship to Canada  Hassle and inconvenience of visiting various stores and browsing online SOLUTION  Simple, convenient and affordable subscription service of natural baby care products and foods  Selection of the safest and best quality essential items  Convenience of at home monthly delivery of goods just as they are needed  Targeted product selection of items based on preferences

5. The Market POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS  Pregnant women living an eco-friendly lifestyle  New mothers who value chemical-free, organic products for their families  Working mothers and young families

6. Social Enterprise Aspect SUPPORTING LOCAL AND GLOBAL COMMUNITIES 1 bundle sold = 1 bundle donated to help support vulnerable children and women  Key locations:  Canada  Haiti  Greece  Central and East Africa  Central America  Key products:  Toothbrushes & toothpaste  Soap  Washcloths  Shampoo  Baby wipes & reusable diapers  Pencils & sharpeners  Notebooks


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