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Published on February 22, 2014

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There are countless stories of bullying and harassment in the news and on the internet.

However, unless it’s happening to you or someone you care about, you might not realize how prevalent bullying has become.

Take a moment to go through this slide show and become more aware of how to prevent bullying as well as what makes a bully tick.

Empathy and Bullying © Copyright 2014 The Detail Devils ®

However, unless it’s happening to you or someone you care about, you might not realize how prevalent bullying has become. © Copyright 2014 The Detail Devils ® There are countless stories of bullying and harassment in the news and on the internet.

The aggravating behaviour can be brought on by a co-worker, cohorts of co-workers, an employer, a customer or even a member of the public. © Copyright 2014 The Detail Devils ® Bullying behaviour is characterized by repeated, unwelcome conduct that would be considered intimidating, offensive, degrading or as victimisation by a rational individual.

It can happen to anyone. © Copyright 2014 The Detail Devils ® It happens in schools, in offices, and even in professional sports.

It has been found that it is not usually the weakest person who gets targeted. *Canada Safety Council © Copyright 2014 The Detail Devils ® Bullies “are most likely to target people who cooperate and demonstrate a noncombative interpersonal style.”*

In the work environment, bullying is comprised of a range of activities. These could include: • verbal abuse, which is loud and clearly noticed by others • frequent threats of termination or unreasonable disciplinary action • persistent ridicule or humiliation • exclusion from work-related events • imposing inappropriate behaviour. © Copyright 2014 The Detail Devils ® • sending offensive messages

Practical jokes, initiation rites, gossiping and spreading malicious rumours with a harmful intent are also harassing behaviours. © Copyright 2014 The Detail Devils ® Gesturing, insulting, criticising and using sarcasm - usually in the presence of clients, co-workers or managers - is harassment.

In certain cases, bullying may result in depression, anxiety, nausea, sleep impairment and body pain. © Copyright 2014 The Detail Devils ® Often, workplace bullying is detrimental to an individual’s health and welfare.

Most stories describe the belated sympathy and social, or legal, response to bullying and harassment. Wouldn’t prevention be better? © Copyright 2014 The Detail Devils ® What can we do about it?

We know that a child who masters empathy at the age of six is less likely to bully ten years later, and that, for students, having one supportive relationship with an adult outside the family can be the difference between success and failure as an adult.” “And we know that empathy – and the various skills it entails – is the key to our world.” *Ashoka - StartEmpathy.org © Copyright 2014 The Detail Devils ® success at home, in the workplace, and in the

© Copyright 2014 The Detail Devils ® In fact, empathy can help us bridge differences, and may indeed be the long-term solution to bullying and harassment.

And although empathy is a necessity, taking individual responsibility for a zero tolerance on bullying is even more important. There are many actions you can take if you witness bullying or harassment in the workplace, but the first step is to take responsibility. © Copyright 2014 The Detail Devils ® Although empathy has been found by research to be a significant motivator for people to help others, having a sense of responsibility is the stronger motivator.

Call The Detail Devils 1300 768 019 If you have any questions or want more information, contact us. © Copyright 2014 The Detail Devils ® www.thedetaildevils.com.au

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