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Published on June 15, 2008

Author: ChiefRedHorse

Source: authorstream.com

Light Ballistic Armor Protection : Light Ballistic Armor Protection From Dr. René Louis Joseph Bourdon and Mr. Geoff Darnell ‘B & D Protection’ Introduction : Introduction Dr Bourdon has invented two chemical formulas for two ranges of light armor products and for bullet proof glass: Composite armor plates for stand alone use or for incorporation in applications. A special bullet proof armor paint for application on car body parts. Bullet proof glass (vehicles, buildings, etc!) Dr. René Louis Joseph Bourdon : Dr. René Louis Joseph Bourdon Retired army officer and Doctor. Ph.D. in physics and chemistry. M.D. (Orthopedic surgeon). Invented the basic armoring applications approx. 30 years ago. Revived his research 2 years ago after retiring. Dr. René Louis Joseph Bourdon(continued) : Dr. René Louis Joseph Bourdon(continued) Since spring 2006 he intensified the research activities and real tests of his products have been conducted. His latest laminate techniques, metal, and glass treatment products have proven to be the very best of current armoring technologies. The products : The products Body Armor, Vehicle Armor, Aircraft Armor Applications, including bullet proof glass are now possible with the exclusive formulas! All the required materials can be sourced in the country of manufacture. (no import required!). They bring the level of armor protection with extremely light weights that are no longer prohibitive. Armoring capacities : Armoring capacities The Armor is a fraction of the weight required for standard Armor Plating. Armoring is stronger, lighter and can sustain multiple hits from high powered weapons without penetration. The Laminates when combined with Armor Plating are now functioning to slow the rounds when striking the plates and can be developed to trap the bullets between the Laminates and the Metallic Plates, thus protecting against or minimizing ricochets. Dr. René Bourdon’s comment : Dr. René Bourdon’s comment I am not SHY! What I have is beyond Great! I am in the Business of Saving Lives, If you or your family member bought a protective system or armor what is your guarantee, V50? Maybe it will work 50% of the time? I am not satisfied with that and would not expect You or Your loved ones to accept it neither! Opportunity : Opportunity After a life dedicated to help or protect people (both scientifically and medically) Dr. Bourbon has decided to retire from active life. He is willing to sell the rights to his inventions to a serious buyer willing to commercialize the formulas. He will assist the buyer for a period of 6 months to prepare the industrial manufacturing of the products after the transfer of the formulas and processes. Test results : Test results At every opportunity to test the plates, they have been shot many times, and with the heaviest threat ammunition available, to prove that the technology was developed to the maximum stressing limits possible. Multiple shots - many striking the same spot or very close - prove that no other armor on the market can achieve the same. Spacing of shots has not been limited to international test standards that specify spacing to be not closer than 2”inches or 3”inches from the edges of the test plates. Test 1 : Test 1 Our first test plate was shot 18 times without metal failure penetration. This Laminated 1.5mm Metal Plate had 2mm Lamination front and 2mm Lamination back. The plate took 3 rounds before shock separated both front and back laminate from the metal plate, without penetration of the metal plate itself. We continued to fire 9 more rounds on the front of the now bare metal then turned it over and shot another 6 rounds on the back side of the plate for a Total of 18 hits from .40cal Teflon Bullets. The plate did have 2 penetrations on the bare plate, when test fired with an M16. First test Pictures 1-2 : First test Pictures 1-2 PLATE With LAMINATES PLATE FRONT First Test Pictures 3-4 : First Test Pictures 3-4 BARE PLATE SIDE VIEW BARE PLATE FRONT VIEW TWO PIECES OF MASKING TAPE COVER SHOTSWHERE TWO M16 ROUNDS PENETRATED Test 2 : Test 2 S & W .40cal Hand-loaded rounds with High Velocity Teflon Coated Bullets, 210gr, Velocity of 832mps. This shooting included a locally purchased Foreign made Bulletproof Vest, which we modified by removing the Kevlar material and tailoring the Vest to fit the CUSHION PLATE we had designed. CUSHION PLATE was approximately 11”in. x 15”in, and only weighed 1.5lbs (700gm) including Vest Material. Our 4lb 4oz. (1.95kg), 8”in x 10 1/2”in ARMOR PLATE was inserted into the carrier pocket at the front of the Vest. Our Front Coverage Only Vest weighed a total of 5.9 lbs. (2.5kg). A full front and back coverage Vest was not made, since we only wanted to check the effects of multiple hits. Test 2 (continued) : Test 2 (continued) Our Vest was shot with 8 rounds before removing the front ARMORED PLATE for close inspection. We fired a total of 11 rounds of .40cal “Teflon” Bullets which penetrated the front laminate but did not penetrate our metal plate or back plate. The only separation of our laminates was due to 3 rounds striking the edges of the laminate and chipping it, but the bullets were trapped between outer and center layers, no ricochet. Test 2 Pictures 1-2 : Test 2 Pictures 1-2 PLATE FRONT PLATE SIDE Test 2 Pictures 3-4 : Test 2 Pictures 3-4 CUSHION PLATE PLATE BARE FACE Test 3 : Test 3 S & W .40cal Hand-loaded rounds with High Velocity Teflon Coated Bullets, 210gr. Velocity of 832mps. Two Plates were tested. Both 1.2MM thick One a BARE PLATE painted yellow. The second a LAMINATED PLATE of which the Strike Face lamination was less than 1MM thick with rubber cushion 1/8th in. on the back face. The first plate shot was the BARE PLATE, it was hit 4 times without penetration, one round was smashed flat and held on the plate face at point of impact, two impacts 1in apart, two impacts 1 ½” apart. Test 3 (Continued) : Test 3 (Continued) The second plate, the LAMINATED one, was fired at 11 times, visible round hits are 9 penetrations of the front laminate. The first bullet struck exactly at dead center of the plate; although this round penetrated through the laminate, amazingly the lamination is still holding the bullet in the the strike face. We did get a separation of the front laminate from the metal plate when it was hit by the final shot. We had a total of 4 rounds that fully penetrate the complete LAMINATED PLATE, three of the penetrating hits were within a 1 1/4”in. diameter, and 2 of those were within ½”in of each other. The 4th penetrating round appears to have impact damage visible on the back side of the lamination where the (2 missing bullets) may have hit and glanced off. Test 3 (Continued2) : Test 3 (Continued2) As for the 1.2M Plates shot, we chose these two for checking effects of our work. The First Plate: was not completely treated, and was actually what we called a Reject Plate. The Second Plate: was merely repaired and treated with our newest technique, by repaired we mean it had al dents pounded out and re-shaped before new treatment and lamination application was added. This plate had been shot 6months prior with .38cal, .9mm, .45cal, .45cal. Hollow-point hand loads, .357cal magnum and .9mm rifle/ It had already been shot over 30 times without penetration. We can not predict what would have or would not have penetrated if both sides had our lamination. It only had a rubber pad on the back side of the plate. Test 3 Pictures 1-2 : Test 3 Pictures 1-2 LAMINATED PLATE FRONT METAL PLATE AFTER REMOVALOF LAMINATE Test 3 Pictures 3-4 : Test 3 Pictures 3-4 BARE PLATE FRONT BARE PLATE SIDE Test 4 - Shooting Filmed by NBN Channel-4 News Crew : Test 4 - Shooting Filmed by NBN Channel-4 News Crew Philippine Government Owned NBN-4 camera crews accompanied us to the Naval Magazine Shooting Range on SBMA. We were out there almost 2 hours to record our shooting and testing of a number of Armored Plates. We shot a number of different plates, laminated and un-laminated , ranging from .5mm to 3mm thick metals. The first plate we shot was only a test of materials, we had a non laminated .5mm plate, almost like paper that we shot while tied to a standard plate. This micro-thin plate was easily penetrated with 3 rounds, but when separated from the standard plate it was tied to, all three bullet heads were laying on the base of the drum where they had been prevented from ricocheting back through the plate. We are looking at this plate for “Stab Protection.” Test 4 Continued : Test 4 Continued S & W .40cal Hand-loaded rounds with High Velocity Teflon Coated Bullets,210gr. Velocity of 832mps. The Most Important Plates shot this day were 1mm “HELMET PLATE” that we have been testing for the manufacturing of Police and Military Helmets , and the 3mm LAMINATED HEAVY IMPACT PLATE. The Helmet Plate of 1mm Un-laminated Plate Metal, which was shot 3 times without penetration, proved that it is light enough to be worn as a helmet and that it can stop high powered metal penetrating rounds. More thickness is not needed - just the addition of our lamination - keeping the weight down, yet lending safety to the user. The second point being made is that if a 1mm plate can withstand such an attack, imagine what 3mm, 4mm, 5mm can prevent? Test 4 Continued 2 : Test 4 Continued 2 The second most important plate shot that day was the 3mm Laminated Plate with rubberized backing. This plate was initially shot 10 times, then the lamination separated from the plate to demonstrate to the NBN-4 camera crew that the rounds had been trapped inside in between the 1mm lamination and the 3mm metal plate. Another entire 17 round magazine was then shot into the plate. After the firing the separation of the laminate was completed. It showed that the maximum damage the metal plate had sustained was minor denting only to around ¼”in. deep and that no penetration had occurred. This shooting really impressed the news crew! Test 4 Pictures 1-3 : Test 4 Pictures 1-3 .5MM PLATE 1MM HELMET PLATE FRONT HELMET PLATE BACK Test 4 Pictures 4-6 : Test 4 Pictures 4-6 HELMET PLATE BACK 1MM PLATE, SHOOT-OUT PLATE BARE FRONT SHOOT OUT PLATE WITH LAMINATE FRONT VIEW Test 5 : Test 5 S & W .40cal Hand-loaded rounds with High Velocity Teflon Coated Bullets, 210gr. Velocity of 832mps This time two 3mm LAMINATED HARD PLATES and the EXPERIMENTAL HELMET were tested. We had purchased an old WWII Style U.S. M1 Helmet and did our magic. The helmet that was 40-50 years old, we added a laminate and did not treat the metal of this1.2mm thick Antique. Under NIJ Helmet Test Standards, a total of 4 shots are fired for qualification of Level IIIA 3 rounds fired, one each at the front, and both sides shot with 9mm 130gr bullet with velocity of 1440fps (these are hand-loads). Final round is fired at the rear of the helmet, 9mm 123gr. with velocity of 1260fps (this is a commercially purchased bullet). Test 5 Continued : Test 5 Continued These standards use the 9mm bullets to simulate being struck by fragments or shrapnel, they are not designed to stop rifle bullets or higher powered handguns. We used this Old modified M1 Helmet, actually shooting a total of 9 times with our much more powerful .40cal Teflon Rounds fired from 10 feet. Total of 9 rounds shot, hits including 2ea shots that hit off mark on the rim edge, no penetration but bent and deformed rims. 2ea shot that hit on an oblique angle that did not penetrate but ricocheted. Then one round front circle mark front, one round circle mark right side, one round circle mark left side, one round on top of helmet inside circle mark (all rounds no penetration). There was denting but not bad enough to fail the test. Test 5 Pictures 1-3 : Test 5 Pictures 1-3 Front Left Right Test 5 Pictures 4-6 : Test 5 Pictures 4-6 Back Top Inside Test 6 : Test 6 Test Plates #1 and #2 which are both 3mm LAMINATED PLATES sustained 3-4ea .40cal. Teflon rounds and Each also were tested with 1ea. .40cal. Special Test Rounds of “Bourdon Star Bullets. These are special shock rounds that are designed to hit and mushroom similar to a flower, they are high impact bullets. On Plate #1, the Bourdon round actually struck exactly on top of a Teflon Bullet hit without penetration or noticeable denting of the Metal Plate. Test Plate #3, also a 3mm LAMINATED PLATE was shot 15 times without noticeable damage, most rounds did not penetrate the lamination and most ricocheted. Test 6 Pictures 1-3 : Test 6 Pictures 1-3 Plate 1 Plate 2 Plate 3 PLATE 2 WAS SHOT PREVIOUSLY AND REPAIRED. IT HAD BEEN SHOT WITH .38cal., 9mm, .45cal, .45cal HP, .357cal Magnum, 9mm Rifle, .223 M16 FMJ, .223cal. Armor Piercing Rd., 30.06cal M14 Armor Piercing Rd. Test 6 Picture 4 : Test 6 Picture 4 SOME OF THE BULLET HEADS RECOVERED L to R: .40CAL BOURDON STAR, .40CAL TEFLON TAIL, TEFLON TIP Test 7 – 15th February 2008 : Test 7 – 15th February 2008 We have further advanced the technology to an incredible new level, as will be seen on the following slides. B & D Protection : B & D Protection This picture shows currently used armour plating of the same thickness metal, showing lethal damage caused by same calibre bullet. B & D Protection : B & D Protection This photo demonstrates the thickness of our metal plate. As can be seen they are extremely thin and light, but as will be seen on the following slides also extremely strong! B & D Protection : B & D Protection These pictures show the 556 armourlite bullets used to fire the plates. B & D Protection : B & D Protection This is the weapon used to fire the bullets. B & D Protection : B & D Protection This is the plate used prior to the first firing. B & D Protection : B & D Protection This shows the impact (scratch!!) From the first bullet. B & D Protection : B & D Protection This shows the same plate after the second firing. Again only scratched the surface! B & D Protection : B & D Protection This is the same plate showing the results of all three firings. Again just three scratches of the surface!! All three bullets exploded on impact. Test 8 – 21st February 2008 : Test 8 – 21st February 2008 The following slides show the shocking and incredible results from our latest test firing. B & D Protection : B & D Protection These are the three different calibre bullets used (7.62, 3.08 & 30 calibre) on our latest test firings. B & D Protection : B & D Protection The bullet on the left is the type of bullet used on our previous test firings (15th February 08). The bullet on the right is the length of bullet used in these latest test firings. As will be seen this is a much larger and more powerful bullet! B & D Protection : B & D Protection This is the M14 used to fire all three bullets used in this latest test firing. B & D Protection : B & D Protection This shows the first bullet (7.62) to be fired. B & D Protection : B & D Protection This picture shows the impact (scratch!!) Of the first bullet fired (7.62 Tornado). B & D Protection : B & D Protection This shows the second bullet (3.08 Tornado) we fired. B & D Protection : B & D Protection This shows the impact (again scratch!) Of the second bullet. B & D Protection : B & D Protection This shows the plate after the third bullet (30 calibre) was fired. All three impact point (scratches!!) Are indicated. B & D Protection : B & D Protection Shown are the empty bullet cases after the three firings. B & D Protection : B & D Protection The following slides give a few examples of the types of vehicle glass that can be treated with our exclusive bullet proof formula. The glass will then give protection from 9mm pistol to 7.62 rifle. Multiple shot – no problem! B & D Protection : B & D Protection Front windscreen glass. B & D Protection : B & D Protection Side window glass. B & D Protection : B & D Protection Rear window glass. So you now have the opportunity to have all your vehicle (windows included) protected as can be seen on the following slides of a vehicle which was fully bullet proof protected! B & D Protection : B & D Protection This van previously weighed approx. 2,300 kgms. After full bullet proof protection (all metal and all glass) the weight only increased by approx. 300 kgms. This is now fully protected against small calibre up to 308! We have the technology, if required, to protect both the metal and glass up to 50 calibre! B & D Protection : As can be seen, by the door and windscreen, the interior did not need to be altered. The door glass mechanism is unaffected. The glass still goes up and down, as before. The weight of the door increased by only 35/40 kgms. B & D Protection B & D Protection : B & D Protection The total added weight of the rear door (metal and glass) will be approx. 80 kgms, making a total weight of the rear door of approx. 130 kgms. B & D Protection : B & D Protection For more information about the purchase of the formulas for this incredible world beating technology and processes: Email: geoff.darnell@hotmail.co.uk or riflex2005@yahoo.com Final negotiations will be through lawyers appointed by Dr. Rene Bourdon and Mr. Geoff Darnell. You are advised not to delay, else someone quicker than you will buy these exclusive formulas, and make money instead of you!

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