Bullet-Proof Skills for Uncertain Times by Barry Flicker

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Information about Bullet-Proof Skills for Uncertain Times by Barry Flicker

Published on July 27, 2009

Author: markginnebaugh

Source: slideshare.net


Barry Flicker, author of "Working at Warp Speed", speaks to SofTech in July 2009. Barry introduces four important skills that will help:

•Build Trust
•Negotiate more effectively
•Get people to deliver on their agreements
•Complete projects on time and on budget

Barry Flicker is a nationally known expert on the "how-to's" of developing high performance organizations through leadership development, project management, team building, communication and negotiating skills.

Bullet-Proof Skills… For Uncertain Times

In 1989

Engineers still attended training classes in white shirts & ties.

And disparaged soft skills as “touchy-feely bs”

In 1995 Daniel Goleman published Emotional Intelligence In 2005 Malcolm Gladwell wrote Blink

How did we get from HERE to THERE?

In the Industrial Age it was what you could do

In the Computer Age it was what you knew

In the Networked Age it’s how well you connect

If you own the only fax machine in the world, what is it worth?

In the traditional economy scarcity creates value, but in a networked economy value springs from connection. What are the skills that enable you to create: a community of high-value connection?

1. Communicate clearly 2. Facilitate collaboration 3. Build trust 4.Gain agreement with fact-based decision making

The Four Questions: • What’s in the way? • Who do you help? • Who do you trust? • How do we decide?

l 1 l y i t k i S r c l a

What’s in the way of getting things done?

The unreliable: They promise but… don’t deliver

The incompetent What they deliver is not what I asked for!

The uncooperative It’s just easier to do it myself!

Was my request: SPECIFIC?

Was what we agreed upon: MEASURABLE?

Did I check if it was: ATTAINABLE? And explain why it was: RELEVANT?

Maybe… We’re doing it to ourselves?

Specific Measurable Achievable Relevant Time definite

Give it to me in a headline!

2 ion l t l i a k r S o a b l l co

Let’s talk about influence… Who do you help?

Since remote meetings are the primary way virtual teams get their work done…

Let’s look at some best practices to make them better!

First, create a contact contract…

Contact Contract Contact Information: Welcome to • Telephone: 415-488-0805 Barry Flicker’s – Best call after 3:30 PM • Voice Mail: Web Page – Acknowledged in 24 hrs. • Fax: 415-488-0571 – Acknowledged in 48 hrs. • Cell: 415-302-8573 Normal Working Days/Hours – Answered only in car • Pager: 415-302-8574 • Monday through Friday – Acknowledged in 1 hour • 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM PST • Email: bflk@comcast.net – Acknowledged in 24 hrs. Bio Current Status Report

Teleconferencing Tips: • Start on time •Provide agenda 24 hrs. in advance •Introduce participants •Define goal & ground rules •Use # key as hand raise •State your name and who you are addressing •Speak into mic but don’t drag it

3 ust i l r l t S nk g d i il b u

Who do you trust?

Negotiations create an interesting challenge: How do we build trust while whole-heartedly advocating for our own interests?

Once trust is lost it is very hard to regain.

An early breach of trust can have profound consequences on all future dealings.

Team representatives do not know if they are dealing in good faith and find themselves outvoted when they attempt to convince others that honoring their promise is more important than a short-term increase in profits.

“ To be persuasive, we must be believable, to be believable, we must be credible, and to be credible, we must be truthful.”

Zero-Sum Negotiating • The more I get, the less you get • Only one point, such as price, to negotiate • Triggers fears of being ripped off • Sets up negotiations which are: – Adversarial – Positional – Prone to confront/accommodate styles

Many people approach negotiation with a mind-set of: Shield up, sword drawn.

The Extra Lot Problem Self observation in negotiating

It’s the quality of the story you tell.

The story emerges out of your criteria.

Criteria are often more flexible than first meets the eye.

Take the time to explore criteria options. It sets the stage for your best opening offer.

4 d l e g i l s i n k a S b k - m a c t n a io f s c i d e

How do we decide?

We build airplanes in the air…

Missing the obvious!

When do you need it by?

GRPO is the key to speed and clarity It goes beyond what, to WHY, WHO, & HOW OUTCOME PROCESS ROLES GOALS

Projects don’t go wrong… They start wrong!

The POS & Trade Off Matrix Install XYZ in all regional offices by December 1, 2009 at a cost of no more than $3.5 million. S T R Adjust x Backup x Fixed x

Let’s review:

1. Communicate clearly 2. Facilitate collaboration 3. Build trust 4.Gain agreement with fact-based decision making

The Four Questions: • What’s in the way? • Who do you help? • Who do you trust? • How do we decide?

1. S.M.A.R.T. 2. Contact Contract 3. Credible Criteria 4. GRPO & POS

In Summary: The faster things move, the more complex they become, the more diverse and dispersed the workforce, the more indispensable the person that can facilitate collaboration becomes.

bflk@comcast.net THANK YOU!

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