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Information about buildingofthemodel

Published on February 11, 2009

Author: rj2249


Slide1:  building of the model Slide3:  Good & Bad Slide4:  BAD GOOD Slide5:  BAD GOOD Slide6:  BAD GOOD Slide7:  Correct polaroids Slide8:  Correct polaroids Slide9:  Correct polaroids Slide10:  Correct polaroids Slide16:  Correct polaroids In ALL of these pictures, They are wearing SIMPLE, MINIMAL CLOTHING (Jeans/Tshirt) We can see their FACE and FIGURE (straight-on & 3/4) WITHOUT DISTRACTION! Models are wearing NO MAKEUP Slide17:  Body Slide18:  Body Slide19:  Body Slide20:  Body Slide21:  Body Slide22:  Body Slide23:  Body Slide24:  Body Slide25:  Body Slide26:  Beauty Slide27:  Beauty Slide28:  Beauty Slide29:  Beauty Slide30:  Beauty Slide31:  Beauty Slide32:  Beauty Slide33:  Beauty Slide34:  Beauty Slide35:  Beauty Slide36:  Beauty Slide37:  Smiling Slide38:  Smiling Slide41:  Smiling Slide42:  Smiling Slide43:  Smiling Slide44:  Smiling Slide45:  Smiling Slide51:  Smiling Slide52:  Funny Faces

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