Building Your Personal Brand

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Information about Building Your Personal Brand

Published on May 12, 2010

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For Maximum Performance : Personal Branding: For Maximum Performance Effective Branding: Effective Branding 2 Branding is that message that comes to mind when a certain image or product is displayed! A brand is a promise  PowerPoint Presentation: 3 What message comes to mind when you think of our customers? What is personal branding?: What is personal branding? Personal brand is what your peers think of you when they hear your name. Personal brand is the accumulation of everything that a person has created, is doing, and will achieve. Personal brand is ones personal identity that stimulates a meaningful thought about the qualities for which a person stands. Personal Branding is the art of shaping public perception. 4 Facts About Branding:: Facts About Branding: In 1/4 of a second, a person makes up their mind about you. In the first five seconds, a person’s first impression of you flips back and forth 11 times. Your first impression is more important than your next five combined. 5 When someone meets you for the first time: Tiger’s Brand: Tiger’s Brand Confident Quiet Serious Focused Successful Positive Determined Role Model Likeable Well-Mannered 6 Personal Branding:: Personal Branding: A Trusted Relationship that one person believes exits with another person’s value system. Your Brand is a perception by others that describes the total experience of having a relationship with you. 7 “ The signature powering your personal brand is based on what you do versus what you say.” Why personal Branding?: Why personal Branding? Personal Branding separates you from others while highlighting your strengths. Personal Branding makes a promise to others that you have a strong foundation and that you can be trusted. Personal Branding keeps you focused on what’s most important to you. Personal Branding tells people who you are and it makes a guarantee about the future.  Personal Branding makes a positive statement about your character . 8 How Branding Occurs:: How Branding Occurs: 9 “People buy your personality and ideas long before they buy your products and services.” Napoleon Hill Building Your Brand:: Building Your Brand: 10 Your Message : What's different about you? Your Reach: How well do you influence others? Your Attitude: How well do you attract others? Your Credibility : How reliable are you? Your style: How your personality and style engage others? Catherine Kaputa, CIO 6-C’S of Branding:: 6-C’ S of Branding: Competent: Proficient in required skills and knowledgeable. Courteous: Being good-natured, respectful, and considerate. Credible: Being consistent and certain. Confident : Assured of one’s abilities. Conscientious: Thoughtful and dependable. Communicator: Effective correspondence and understanding others. 11 Catherine Kaputa, CIO A Political Brand: A Political Brand Barack Obama used personal branding during the presidential campaign. He built his brand around the idea of change He packaged his brand idea with a strong visual and verbal identity He supported his brand with an eloquent message His clear, compelling personal branding allowed him to defeat more well-known and experienced competitors Article by: Catherine Kaputa, CIO 12 10k personal Branding:: 10k personal Branding: “personal branding is the ability to use attributes that demonstrate your capability as a means to manage the expectations you want to receive” by Kaplan Mobray . 13 "People who are successful set goals and don't wait for things to happen, they make things happen." by Kaplan Mobray . ASSESSING YOUR BRAND:: 14 ASSESSING YOUR BRAND: Assessing your brand:: 15 Assessing your brand: To Maximize Your Performance : Build Your Personal Brand: To Maximize Your Performance 16

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