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Published on May 2, 2013

Author: cordar



Presentation to lawyers on client development tools for 2013.

1Building Your ClientDevelopment Tool Kit:The nuts and bolts ofbusiness developmentCordell M. Parvin

Three Stories2




6AGC of America

RecommendationsTrust and RapportVisibilityGetting HiredCredibilityClient MeetingsRelationshipsReputation /ProfileWeak Ties

8Four Eras of Client Development1. Do Good Work2. Unsolicited Contact3. Websites / Branding


10Traditional Lawyer Client Development“Push-Tactic”

ClientsEconomyTechnologyWhat Has Changed?11

Marketing Guru12Seth Godin



15Lawyer Client Development TodayIt’s not what you know,Today it’s who knowswhat you knowIt’s not who you know,

16Client Development in 2013“Pull-Tactic”

Weak Tie Reach17Strong-Tie BuzzWeak-Tie Buzz

18Weak Tie Buzz2013Geometrically Expanded by Social Media

19Planning: The First Tool

20Successful LawyersThink Optimistically and Plan Purposefully

21Why Have a Plan?Most Important ResourcesEnergy Time

22Why Have a Plan?

What is an Incredibly Ambitious GoalThat Will Energize You?23Planning: Step 1

24Decide on How Many Hours to Invest100 Administrative___Client Development___ Your DevelopmentPlanning: Step 2

25Reputation / Profile Relationship BuildingPlanning: Step 2

Create a Plan With Goals26Planning- Step 2

27Plan Using YourStrengthsPlanning- Step 2

28Your 2013 PlanDevelopYour ActionSteps

29Prioritization MatrixHigh Return / Low InvestmentDo first and do oftenHigh Return / High InvestmentBreak down into smallerpiecesLow Return / Low InvestmentDo when you have timeLow Return / High InvestmentSay NO graciously!

30Break Down to 90 Days ActionsHow to Execute on Your Plan

31Identify, Plan and Schedule Activities Each WeekHow to Execute on Your Plan

32Partner for AccountabilityHow to Execute on Your Plan

Keith McMurdy33Getting the most bybeing accountable

34Become Visible and CredibleReputation Building

35Reputation Building: Old ToolsWebsite BioBar and CommunityServiceWritingSpeaking

1. Valuable Content36Writing/Speaking:Three Essential Points2. Written / Presented Well

37What Matters to Your Clients?Reputation Building

Focus on Clients’Problems,Opportunities, Internaland External Changes38

39Writing - Old Tools

40Writing - Old Tools



43Jackie HubaSocial Media





48Speaking: Old StylePower Point Slides

Compliance Programs• Goal: self-policing and changing the corporate culture toinclude a commitment to ethics and compliance with civiland criminal laws.• Double-edged sword: if a crime is committed in the faceof a compliance program, it may suggest that thecompany is not truly committed to changing its corporateculture.

Compliance Programs, continued• The compliance program must be designed to catch the mostlikely misconduct given the corporations primary business.• Whether the program is adequately designed for maximumeffectiveness in preventing and detecting wrongdoing byemployees;• Whether corporate management is enforcing the program oris it tacitly encouraging or pressuring employees to engagein misconduct to achieve the business objectives; and• Investigators will interview rank-and-file employees todetermine the effectiveness of and commitment to the ethics/compliance program.• Is there an audit function so that the corporation candetermine its effectiveness?

51The InternetHow has the internet changed clientdevelopment?

52Old School/New School

Wine and Social Media Guru53Gary Vaynerchuk


55Find andDistributeValuableContentHow to Make the Internet Work


57Third Essential Point3. Use Internet forWide Distribution

58Think Outside the Box

59Internet Radio



62Online Video Presentations

63What Are You Going to Do Now?

64Plan with GoalsAccountabilityBecome Visible and CredibleUse New and Old ToolsRepeat AboveWhat Now?

65Building Your ClientDevelopment Tool Kit:The nuts and bolts ofbusiness developmentCordell M. Parvin

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