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Published on April 21, 2014

Author: prayukth1



How can marketers leverage slideshare to position their companies? Find out


WHY SLIDESHARE? IF YOU HAVEN'T DECIDED YET!  High credibility – Also, stuff posted on Slideshare often gets good visibility on search engines  Build influence  Attracts analyst attention; good place to start conversations with analysts interested in your technology/product  No longer can a marketing professional rely solely on white papers and blog posts to get their message to prospective buyers and customers.  Good place to drive media interest  Advisable for senior management and spokespersons to be on Slideshare  Great platform to engage future customers and employees  Great place to beta test your marketing content  Should ideally be an integral part of your web traffic building strategy

Slideshare is the largest professional content sharing network in the world

GETTING STARTED  Prepare and publish content that is highly consumable, easy to find with adequate visual elements  Focus on relevance of content to target audience  Be as up-to-date as possible  Prepare a list of topics that connect with your area of expertise  Do enough background research to bring out facts that attract attention (see what others are saying)  Evolve an engagement strategy  Identify a set of people within your organisation who have a certain degree of credibility  Connect your Slideshare account with your corporate website  Generic event presentations can be a good place to start  Presentations can be published on company intranet before being shared on Slideshare

FIGURE OUT YOUR CONTENT CYCLE Research Create Approve PublishPromote Measure Refine

WHAT TO DO ON SLIDESHARE  Optimize your presentation for SEO with appropriate keywords appearing in the title, description and tags  Encourage sharing and embedding  Publish the Slideshare links on other social channels such as Twitter and Linkedin  Allow audience to contribute ideas  Reuse the content for marketing campaigns  Showcase content at company meetings, user groups, social meetups, newsletters, industry conferences, and webinars  Reuse existing whitepapers/blogs by transforming them into visually appealing presentations

Source: Slideshare

ANALYZE  Pro-users have access to a useful dashboard that gives information on referring traffic, inbound links and downloads  If you do not have a pro account, you will still get an alert whenever someone downloads your content  Profile visitors, likes and shares are also logged  Connect with people who are engaging with your content by following them  Check inbound traffic on your website to see how Slideshare is bringing visitors  Grade your content based on user engagement  Figure out why certain types of content work while others don't

DO NOT!  Publish for sake of publishing  Publish press releases or company updates  Allow long gaps between posts  Attack competition through content  Forget to respond to comments  Plagiarize  Publish whitepapers or content that is not visually rich or easily consumable  Publish dated content  Publish confidential documents including product roadmaps, marketing strategy etc., in whole or part


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