Building Rich Ruby on Rails with Emberjs

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Information about Building Rich Ruby on Rails with Emberjs

Published on February 15, 2014

Author: vysakh0



Introduction to emberjs for Rails developer. Also, introduction to using ember-appkit-rails gem

Rich RoR app with EMBERJS in 2 minutes

Vysakh Sreenivasan @vysakh0

what is Emberjs

Browser based js MVC framework 1

2 Architected like iOS, Android but in Browser that isn’t being rendered by server

Convention over Configuration “Don’t waste time making trivial choices. Ember.js incorporates common idioms so you can focus on what makes your app special, not reinventing the wheel.” 3

url - where browser beats native

Core principle of Ember url should drive the design of the app 4

Ember community

Yehuda Katz ● Ruby on Rails, JQuery core teams ● TC39, the cross-industry group developing new JavaScript features. ● W3C’s TAG, which determines a wide range of web standards chaired by Tim Berners-Lee

Tom Dale Apple software engineer in MobileMe & iCloud applications Evangelizes emberjs in twitter and in the internet p.s: This is not Russel Crowe :P

Apps & Companies using emberjs

an open source app by

Few other companies

Why ember? When there is my full stack Rails

Makes it like native app talks to server when only needed

More interactive, rich its javascript on steroids yo!

Next gen App This is how web apps will be, should be

Ember & Rails using ember-appkit-rails gem

rails new project echo "gem 'ember-appkit-rails', github: 'dockyard/ember-appkit-rails'" >> Gemfile bundle install rails g ember:bootstrap rails s


Scaffold posts echo "{{outlet}}" >> app/templates/application.hbs rails g scaffold posts titile:string body:text --ember rake db:migrate

http://localhost:3000/#/posts http://localhost:3000/#/posts/new

Ember Appkit Rails - feels like Rails 4+ - MVC js under Rails structure - Generators - teaspoon test runner for js (default)

It’s a shame to wait till tomorrow

Learning resources

Stuck? Lost? stackOverflow


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