Building Relationships Through Real-Time Relevance

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Information about Building Relationships Through Real-Time Relevance

Published on March 7, 2014

Author: TeamDetroit



Global Marketing is immensely complicated, but you can leverage information and technology to create individual moments of connection that build lasting impact for a brand. Creating content that is relevant to each user’s brand experience requires a unique understanding of consumer’s motivations.

#TDISXSW We built the beehive, now where are the flowers?

#TDISXSW #AlwaysOn Achieving Real-time Relevancy: Moving at the speed of you Jon-Paul Jacques – Executive Creative Director, Blue Hive Shanghai Lizz Linabury – Senior Digital Strategist, Team Detroit Scott Mills – Director, Brand Strategy – Digital, Team Detroit Stuart O'Neil – Executive Creative Director, Team Detroit #AlwaysOn

#TDISXSW #AlwaysOn Defining Real-time Relevancy

#TDISXSW #AlwaysOn SXSW // The term “real-time relevancy” may seem like the latest buzzword is marketing bingo, but it’s something that companies are placing a lot of value and weight in, but what is it? What does it mean to you?

Elements of Relevant Communication • Have a deep understanding of your brand and your audience • Create relevant connections with the brand • Project a consistent expression of the brand • Evolve the conversation based upon metrics • Create unexpected moments of connection #TDISXSW #AlwaysOn

#TDISXSW #AlwaysOn Delivering Value in Real-time

#TDISXSW #AlwaysOn SXSW // What’s the value or benefit of communicating in real-time? How do you prove this to a company or client who might have apprehensions?

Measuring the Effectiveness of Real-time • Which tools offer the best metrics to help you modify and evolve your communications? • Can you correlate real-time communications directly to sales? #TDISXSW #AlwaysOn

#TDISXSW #AlwaysOn Supporting the Real-time Model

#TDISXSW #AlwaysOn SXSW // How are you approaching real-time relevancy?

Building a New Structure #TDISXSW #AlwaysOn • You must realign your staff to create deeper collaboration across disciplines, resulting in quicker, targeted communications. • Choose not to rely on traditional models (e.g. Facebook) – Surprise and Delight your audience with the unexpected • If you don’t have the answer, connect consumers with an authority who does

#TDISXSW #AlwaysOn Sharing Real-time Examples

#TDISXSW #AlwaysOn SXSW // What companies or brands do you think are doing real-time relevancy well?

Real-time Examples • Who were the early adopters of this model? • How does this model differ across cultures? #TDISXSW #AlwaysOn

#TDISXSW #AlwaysOn Evolving Real-time Relevancy

#TDISXSW Ford + Vine

#TDISXSW #AlwaysOn SXSW // What have you learned? What are some of the pitfalls to avoid?

Learning by Doing • What are examples of opportunities you may have missed? • Know that a plan cannot account for every scenario and continuously reevaluate your efforts #TDISXSW #AlwaysOn

Thank You. • Connect with Team Detroit – – – – Twitter Instagram Tumblr Facebook #tdisxsw #AlwaysOn #TDISXSW #AlwaysOn

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