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Published on February 12, 2014

Author: wittyparrot



This eBook talks about why the old sales model is obsolete, why responsiveness matters, what is the framework for responsive buyer-seller engagement, and finally how WittyParrot can help you build a highly responsive sales team.


Building Highly Responsive Sales Teams What is WittyParrot Witty Parrot is an intelligent content delivery platform that helps companies and individuals to “achieve speed and consistency in all of their communication” WittyParrot helps to amplify the three influencing factors (speed, consistency and relevance) that accelerate sales. More about WittyParrot at 2

Building Highly Responsive Sales Teams ABO UT THE AUTHORS Mark Gibson Rajesh Setty Mark Gibson is an experienced sales and marketing professional and entrepreneur, with 30 years of international sales, marketing and business development success at companies including Prime Computer, Sun MicroSystems, Informix and MicroStrategy. Rajesh “Raj” Setty is a serial entrepreneur and a business alchemist based in Silicon Valley. He currently serves as the president of WittyParrot and he also serves on the boards of Jifflenow and Compassites Software.  He has been instrumental in founding several technology and publishing companies in US and India. Raj has been a member of the Band of Angels since 2007 and is also an award-winning teacher at the Founders Institute. Since founding Advanced Marketing Concepts, a sales and marketing consultancy and training company in the UK in 2004, Mark has consulted to B2B companies selling novel technology products and services to the early market, as well as helping established companies to overcome the weak pipeline, no lead-flow and weak sales engagement problems caused by weak messaging. Mark is a certified Hubspot partner and the author of the forthcoming book, “Facilitating the Buying Process – The New Role for B2B salespeople” Raj is also a published author with 14 books to his credit so far with his first book published when he was thirteen. Raj has been blogging since 2005 and as of today, has more than 1875 posts on his blog. You can follow him on Facebook at rajesh301 or on Twitter at twitter. com/rajsetty 3

Building Highly Responsive Sales Teams WHO IS THIS FOR? eBOOK Anyone in your organization that has part or full responsibility to advance the sales cycles in some way will benefit from this eBook. These include but not limited to: • Sales and Marketing Leaders • Sales Enablement professionals • Sales Executives, Inside Sales Executives, Channel Sales • Executives • Business Development Professionals • CXOs • Startup Entrepreneurs 4

Building Highly Responsive Sales Teams TABLE OF CONTENTS 1 The Old Sales Model is Broken. 06 2 Responsiveness Matters! 10 3 A Framework for Responsive Buyer Engagement 20 4 Responsive Sales Enablement Using WittyParrot 27 5 Summary and Takeaways 32 6 Talk to Us 34 5

Building Highly Responsive Sales Teams 1 THE OLD WAY OF B2B SELLING IS BROKEN 6

Building Highly Responsive Sales Teams In the old days, B2B selling was different. For starters: • You could get away with an interruptdriven model: The number of signals a buyer was exposed to was limited so interrupts would work most of the time. • Sellers had • Information more control: In asymmetry was general, it was the the name of the salesperson that game: Salespeople was shepherding could capitalize the buyer through on the advantage their journey that they had more information than the buyers Not anymore. Today, interrupt-driven models are shunned like they are spam. The Internet has literally eliminated the information asymmetry problem and the buyer has unprecedented control on their journey from awareness to purchase decision. What is new is the permission-based opt-in model where the seller has generated enough trust to earn the permission of the potential buyer to communicate with him or her. The battle is ON for the mind-share of buyers. Sales and marketing organizations globally are seeing the consequences of this transition in the buyer-seller relationship. Average sales quota achievement in 2012 was 63%* and salespeople Worldwide are struggling to adapt to new buyer behavior using systems and methods developed last century. In the past 5-10 years, Internet savvy buyers have taken control of the buying process and have disengaged from interacting with salespeople until all but the final stages of a buying cycle - and then only if and when they need advice or consulting to make determination, decision, or require a concession in price. *Source: CSO Insights 7

Building Highly Responsive Sales Teams The Emergence of Inbound Marketing as a Driving Force The permission-based opt-in model requires a series of “trust building” touch-points with potential buyers to build trust. The marketplace has moved to embrace that approach with a new model called Inbound Marketing. [Note: This particular eBook is an example of an asset that is being used in our Inbound Marketing initiative. Mark and Raj have spent weeks on this project to How WittyParrot Works ensure that it Assemble Drag & Drop into any App has valuable information. Our hope is that it is one step towards Find Share building trust with Relevant Content Teams, Partners, Customers the reader – YOU. We are big Granular Content Chunks believers in the Inbound Track Marketing Usage, Relevance, Productivity movement. The alternate choice (easily) would have been to invest the same amount of time and money on advertising. We KNOW that this is a far better option and will eagerly look forward to what’s in store for us] In the past 5 years, Inbound Marketing has emerged as an effective model for engaging prospective buyers. Early adopters of Inbound Marketing techniques understand that self-directed buyers initiate Google search queries to find ideas, applications and insights to help in solving problems or achieving business goals. The foundation for Inbound Marketing success is compelling content that is given away for free (sometimes in exchange for the buyer’s permission for future communications) 8

Building Highly Responsive Sales Teams The same companies create thought leading content, publish it on Websites in blogs and place it in social media forums where it can be found by interested buyers. Compelling content that gets shared tends to rank highly in Google search algorithms and by placing a call to action and a compelling offer within the content piece, Inbound Marketers are able to convert Website visitors into opted-in contacts, or leads. 9

Building Highly Responsive Sales Teams 2 RESPONSIVENESS MATTERS! 10

Building Highly Responsive Sales Teams Being responsive is not a LUXURY anymore. It is REQUIRED if you want to survive and thrive. You don’t have to believe our word for it. The data on responsive engagement of leads indicates that fast response dramatically improves contact rates and this translates into qualification rate. The odds of the lead entering the sales process, or becoming qualified, are 21 times greater when contacted within 5 minutes versus 30 minutes after the lead was submitted (Olroyd 2007) Contact rate is defined as a meaningful conversation with the prospective customer that initiates a conversation leading to the qualification of an opportunity. Improved qualification rate translates into dramatically improved sales results. FAST RESPONSE IMPROVES CONTACT RATES RESPONSE TIME FROM CREATION BY 5 MIN: CONTACTED LEADS THAT BECOME CONTACTED / QUALIFIED ( / ) Contact rates significantly drop off after 5 minutes Contact Rate 100x decrease from 5 min to 30 min Qualification Rate 21x decrease from 5 min to 30 min 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 55 60 65 70 75 80 85 90 Contacted Leads Qualified Leads ©2010 inside I sales Source: 2007 Original Kellogg/MIT Study, Dr. James Oldroyd Of course, fast response is only half the battle. What if you do get the buyer on the phone? What your sales representative says and does when they connect with the buyer will set the tone for the ongoing buyer-seller engagement. This paper will investigate how sales management, sales enablement, marketing and sales operations teams can prepare your sales teams to be responsive in the right way. 11

Building Highly Responsive Sales Teams It’s the right kind of responsiveness Responsiveness at the outset “seems” like it is the same as doing things fast. That is part of it but just speed alone without consistency and relevance becomes useless. You need the right kind of responsiveness to succeed in the long run. Early inbound leads are looking for insight Contrary to popular thinking, when a prospective buyer downloads your whitepaper, EBook, or attends a Webinar, they are NOT looking for a conversation with your sales representative . In a recent Sirius Decisions Survey, executives told them that they value industry and business expertise 4X more than product knowledge or relationships. Prospective buyers engage with top of funnel thought-leading website content because they are looking for ideas, insights and approaches to solving problems and are actively exploring possibilities. What they seek early in their buying process is help and insight, not a sales call from a sales closer trying to make their number this month. When you engage with inbound lead contacts in the early stages of the buying process, you should seek to create understanding around how products/services can be used to create value. One of the best ways to influence thinking at the outset is to tell stories of how other customers have solved similar problems using your products and services. This will serve two purposes a) provide social proof by showing that others are already taking advantage of what you have to offer and b) raise awareness about the kind of problems they can solve or the kind of opportunities they can pursue using your products and services. Your salespeople should be equipped with stories and sound-bytes outside of your product collateral and related information so that they can engage the buyers in the way buyers are expecting to be engaged i.e., with insight and industry knowledge. Remember that at this stage, people are not ready to be sold – they want to be sold “about your ability to help them.” 12

Building Highly Responsive Sales Teams Responsiveness without relevance is wasted effort EMAILS PORTALS LOCAL FILES CLOUD STORAGE CMS PORTALS If your company has only one product offering, your sales team can become experts in the product usage very quickly. All you may require to do is to conduct a series of product training sessions. CMS DRIVES CRM FTP EMAILS DATABASES EMAILS CMS INTRANET EMAILS PORTALS CONTENT REP FTP CMS CRM WIKIS CMS EMAILS PORTALS FTP CMS DATABASES EMAILS DRIVES PORTALSDATABASES CLOUD STORAGE DATABASES EMAILS CMS EMAILS PORTALS DATABASES CMS DRIVES EMAILS CONTENT REP EMAILS DATABASES CDs & DRIVES LOCAL FILES EMAILS CRM FTP INTRANET INTRANET WIKIS EMAILS PORTALS INTRANET DATABASES PORTALS CLOUD CRM EMAILS STORAGE INTRANET DRIVES FTP CONTENT REP DATABASES WIKIS CMS LOCAL FILES EMAILS CMS If your company has a portfolio of offerings or has a complex product, sales ramp time with new products can take 6-9 months or longer from on boarding. Things can get messy when new salespeople join the team. The irony in all of this effort in product sales training is that buyers don’t want to limit their conversations with your salespeople to product features and benefits. They want sales people to offer insights and industry knowledge. They want to “learn” something that they don’t know. If it were just about features and benefits of your offerings, buyers today should and can learn about those According to Forrester right on your website. CONTENT REP CRM FTP LOCAL FILES FTP CMS CRM DATABASES Remember that every buyer is different and hence no two conversations (with buyers) will be the same. What varies from one conversation to the next is the nature of the buyer’s interest, their role in their organization and their perception of the landscape of options to achieve their goal. Luckily, there is a lot of help for your salespeople. Just like buyers can research a lot about your company and your offerings online, your salespeople can research a lot Research, 89 percent of meetings are considered failures by executive prospects. In nine out of 10 meetings, salespeople fail to demonstrate that they understand the problems executives are facing and are unable to connect the dots between those challenges and your solution. 13

Building Highly Responsive Sales Teams about the buyers way before they get deep in the conversations with them. Buyer interests are easily established in the Inbound Marketing realm. Integrated inbound marketing and CRM tools enable salespeople to view the Website pages the buyer has viewed, the offer they downloaded and if role information is not provided, with a LinkedIn query can quickly establish their role and likely interests. Relevance, as you can see, is golden. Your salespeople need several more chunks of information in order to be responsive and relevant; they need buyer-persona insight to align their conversation with buyer interest and they need relevant success stories from customers in the same industry and similar role. Having the information in a sales portal is NOT enough The amount of content available to salespeople in a mature enterprise is overwhelming. To make content easier to access, marketing and operations teams have invested billions of dollars in equipping A KnowledgeTree survey salespeople with tablet computers this spring showed that the and sales portals to index, store vast majority of marketing and access relevant sales support respondents – 84 percent – materials. believe they’ve done a good job in making it easy for salespeople to find collateral they need. However, just barely half (51 percent) of salespeople feel that the right content is readily accessible. Prior to Portals, salespeople lived on a drip feed of marketing email with product and pricing updates arriving infrequently, to be stored in folders on their Laptops or CRM system. Sales presentations were sent periodically and multiple versions proliferated on sales laptops. It was real circus to find the latest version of anything. Then, sales portals arrived. The problem of accessing the freshest and most relevant information moved from the salesperson’s desktop to the sales portal with attendant Intranet and security overheads placed on every user. 14

Building Highly Responsive Sales Teams Another issue with sales portals is that information in these portals is document based. This means that an entire document must be downloaded to find and reuse a relevant piece of information. Given all the issues of finding and accessing information, it is clear that sales portals on their own cannot be used to contribute to responsive and relevant sales communication in the context described above. Rather, salespeople have reverted to storing scripts, relevant buyer insights and documents on their laptops or in templates in their CRM tool. In essence, your salespeople today are creating their own mini-salesportals right on their desktops so that they can have information that they frequently send out available to them at their fingertips. You can only imagine the chaos, confusion and brand atrophy that this might lead to. Responsiveness is REQUIRED throughout the sales cycle. Let’s assume you had a successful introductory or exploratory call with a buyer. The buyer requested specific information around integration, services and links to relevant case studies of successful customer references. You agree to create a follow-up email including the above content and to outline agreed next steps and any call to action. If you are like most sales representatives, you will wait till the end of the day when you have made your quota of calls to send a follow up email. As far as you are concerned, you are efficient. But you may not be effective enough. Why? Because, unfortunately, the chances of your email getting opened and acted on are very low at the end of the day. Buyers are not checking their inbox after 6 PM to look for vendor email, which means that your email will probably not be read until the morning. In the morning, the buyer will have another 20, 50 or more than 100 emails to start their day and the email you sent is no longer One in five commercial emails sent in the first half of 2013 never made it to subscribers’ inboxes. Return Path 2013 15

Building Highly Responsive Sales Teams occupying the immediate focus of the buyer… other priorities have their attention. Now your email will sit in a to-do list and may never reach the top, which necessitates the sales rep calling and sending follow-up email to try to regain the buyer’s attention and follow-up on the agreed next steps… Sounds familiar? While we have no data to support this assertion other than the knowledge that 20% of email fails to make into the buyer’s inbox, even when the buyer is opted-in, we theorize that rate of email opens decays with time, dropping precipitously outside 30 minutes after the call. What if you could send that email to follow up the call and have the buyer read and act on it within 5 minutes of completing your sales call? “Ms. Prospect, I’m going to send you a quick summary of our meeting with relevant information and links as well as our agreed next steps in the next 10 minutes. Please check your SPAM filters if you have not received it within 15 minutes.” That would change the game completely. That is precisely the kind of responsiveness we are talking about. The Quick and the Dead Preparing your sales representatives to engage buyers within minutes of receiving an inbound sales lead and to respond in writing within minutes after closing the call is a non-trivial task requiring infrastructure, expertise, investment, training and time. This is an investment that firms must make if they are going to survive, grow and thrive profitably in a world where B2B salespeople are becoming marginalized to be merely facilitators of a buying process. Imagine this scenario with two fictional companies – Company A and Company B: Company A has invested in the above infrastructure and their sales team engages and follows up in near real-time. Company B has chosen NOT to invest in the above-mentioned infrastructure. 16

Building Highly Responsive Sales Teams Both Company A and Company B have some of the best sales training programs in the world. Lets assume that both companies are selling comparable products and they have marketing programs in place to generate the same number of leads. Company A will beat Company B hands down because salespeople in company have the ability to quickly follow-up engage with the potential buyers in a meaningful conversation throughout the sales cycle. Now let’s look at this from the buyer’s perspective. They download an EBook from company A and an EBook from company B a few minutes apart as they research a new idea. “Firms that tried to contact potential customers within an hour of receiving a query were nearly seven times as likely to qualify the lead (which we defined as having a meaningful conversation with a key decision maker) as those that tried to contact the customer even an hour later—and more than 60 times as likely as companies that waited 24 hours or longer.” Olroyd 07 They get a call from a company A sales representative within 5 minutes of being on the Website thanking them for visiting and asking if they need any help, offering more resources and sending written follow up with next steps and a call to action and it arrives in their inbox within 10 minutes of the call. Company B on the other hand, delivers the lead into the salesperson’s new leads queue and the next day the rep begins to try and contact the buyer. It pays to make 7 attempts to get a buyer on the phone even when they opted in and it may take 7 or more attempts by Rep B to contact the lead. Company B Sales Representative will send email while trying to get the buyer on the phone. Unfortunately the buyer does not take phone calls from vendors, so the rep leaves voicemail that gets deleted after the buyer listens to the first 5 words. 17

Building Highly Responsive Sales Teams The buyer either does not receive the email either as it SPAM’s out, or if it does make it into their inbox, it will likely be deleted along with dozens of other sales solicitations in their inbox each morning. Forrester reports the spoils for the vendor in a buy-sell relationship are going to those who can engage earlier, with 76% of all deals going to those vendors that can help the buyer establish the need and define the buying agenda, while only 24% of deals went to those winning the “bake-off”. Meanwhile prospective buyers advance at their own pace through their buying process and receive a relevant stream of supportive content and insight from Company A with whom they’ve had a conversation and who understand their goals, issues, priorities and where they are in their buying process. They receive a programmed set of canned emails from company B without context or relevance. When the buyer reaches the point where they are nearly ready to buy, they will reach out to both vendor A and vendor B. They will even find a vendor C to make up the numbers. At this stage of proceedings, vendor A has 3 times more influence, mindshare and hopefully trust and is likely to win the deal 75% of the time. If vendor B does a miracle job in the last mile of the sales process, they will win in only 25% of opportunities. The above scenario may be extreme, but even if its half right, then survival is at stake and late adopters and laggards of responsive sales enablement will struggle to remain viable and profitable if they fail to make the investments to transform sales and marketing. Is it time to re-imagine selling as a means of facilitating a buying process and to unify and retool sales and marketing to achieve that end, or should we stick to tried and true methods? It won’t be easy either way. By sticking to what you know, it will get increasingly difficult to engage, qualify and win new business. By rebooting your sales and marketing efforts you will be faced with the change, uncertainty and the stress of 18

Building Highly Responsive Sales Teams having to learn new methods, tools and implement technologies. With change comes growth, learning and renewed competitive muscle. If you have come this far, it is clear that you are very interested in building highly responsive sales teams. Let’s look at the elements of a framework to build highly responsive sales teams. 19

Building Highly Responsive Sales Teams 3 A FRAMEWORK FOR RESPONSIVE BUYER ENGAGEMENT 20

Building Highly Responsive Sales Teams The following ideas and techniques could form the basic elements of a framework for building highly responsive sales teams. 3.1 Focus on the buying process, not the sales funnel. Fifty years or so of B2B selling has produced a sales model that is structured around process steps verified from the sales manager’s perspective and mark clear transitional states in the selling funnel with the goal of predicting future revenue. The problem with this model is that it is obsolete, because buyers no longer behave the way they did 20 or even 10 years ago. Buyers have moved on, the “sales process” has stayed the same. Scott Santucci of Forrester states that at least 80% of the time leads fail to make it through the sales process. There are many possible reasons why leads die, but I suggest that most early leads don’t make it past the critical internal “fight for funds” or fail to get into the “priority to-do list” in the (Positioning) phase in the buy cycle. The simple graphic below (based on the upcoming book by Mark Gibson) overlays the universal Buying process (IMPACT) onto the sales funnel. It is useful to begin using transitions in the buying process to measure a prospects actual progress through a buying cycle. When we understand and communicate with buyers based on their progress through the IMPACT cycle, we can begin to unify sales and marketing activity to best facilitate their journey. Note that the Position step in the IMPACT buying process is highlighted in red and marks the transition in the traditional sales funnel from a marketing lead to a sales ready lead. Unfortunately, for most salespeople, Position is the point at which most leads die. They are not lost permanently and may reemerge at some point in the future. For now, they get relegated to becoming marketing leads waiting to be nurtured some more. 21

Building Highly Responsive Sales Teams Start Identify Universal Buying Process - IMPACT Mentor Position Assessment Case Finish Transaction $$ $ Lead-gen, marketing automation platform Inbound Leads Marketing Leads Sales-ready Leads $’s CRM Analytics Universal Selling System 3.2 Align Your Sales and Marketing Initiatives This is easier.said.than.done. Note: Sales and Marketing alignment is a journey and not a destination. Your offerings change and your sales and marketing teams change. So, make this a practice and not a checklist item. With the above model in our minds, we need to envision a contiguous process where we use one set of underlying messaging in different forms to communicate value and differentiation to buyers, based on their position in the buy cycle. A proven method for creating consistent communication is to create a Messaging Architecture that is used to align sales and marketing messaging and is built from the buyer-persona up. 22

Building Highly Responsive Sales Teams Messaging Architecture Website Messaging Value Proposition Web Pages Big Idea Brand Messaging Mission Statement Positioning Pillars Tagline Win Themes/ Capabilities Positioning Statement Buyer Persona Corporate Presentation Content Creation Templates Role: VP Marketing Goal: Generate 3X leads Hook Keywords Barriers Win Themes Solution Summary Who I’ve Helped Blog Posts Blog Posts/Campaigns Sales - Ready Messaging Solution Summary Visual confections, storytelling scripts, sales letters, proposals Proof Points © 2004 -2013 Advanced Marketing Concepts. Effective marketing messaging maps relevant capabilities, barriers to success, the buyer’s status quo and complications that come with change onto the buyer persona. Adding relevant proof points in the form of stories completes the messaging. Well structured messaging is built on winthemes, which are atomized chunks of content that are reused in all forms of sales and marketing communication. 3.3 Institutionalize Inbound Marketing A platform for generating inbound leads and delivering the intelligence around the lead’s behavior to sales/marketing teams is critical in providing context to engage with buyers within a few minutes of registering as a lead. Similarly, it is critical to know when a lead is revisiting your website, when he or she opens an email from you or when he or she clicks on a link. Armed with this information, your salespeople can engage the buyer more thoughtfully and sometimes right while they are actively engaged with the content that you have created for them. 23

Building Highly Responsive Sales Teams 3.4 Provide Information at their fingertips. Responsive engagement means exactly that. For inside salespeople and salespeople in general to be responsive, we need to provide the right information at the salesperson’s fingertips. Sales scripts, website activity, buyer persona information, proof points, conversation starters need to be readily available and accessible to them within a few keystrokes. This cannot be achieved by simply building a better internal website to store more information. The system has to be flexible enough for your sales team members to “find and assemble” the right information into any medium (examples: email, document or presentation). In other words, you need to provide this information to salespeople right at the point of use. In addition, the “point of use” tool needs to be available offline too. Salespeople are traveling all the time and lack of connectivity should not disconnect them from the information that they need to be responsive. Last but not the least, ensure that the “point of use” system is available on mobile devices for the reasons mentioned above. 3.5 Provide Seamless Integration With Your Portals Portals do have their place. They are not going away anytime soon. For instance, your portal can house web-based training programs. Portals can also house information that is for internal consumption only. But, when the information needs to be packaged and sent outside, you need something better than a portal or you need to seamlessly integrate your portal to the “point of use” system in place. When salespeople need to pull information from a portal to send a follow up letter or send meeting request, they don’t want to have to dig for it in a portal. Ideally they will be presented with a search window on their desktop so they can quickly enter a query, identify that it is the right information and embed a link to the information that pulls the right document from the portal at the time of transmission. 24

Building Highly Responsive Sales Teams 3.6 Integrate Your CRM With Your Sales Communication Systems Integration with CRM systems is essential to quickly identify prior history with customers and prospects. Ideally all written communication with clients is automatically captured in the CRM tool. Your CRM provides your sales people information about your buyer’s company and about the buyer. On the other end, if your sales person has the information available in “meaningful chunks,” he or she can easily stitch those chunks together to create thoughtful communication exchanges with the buyer in question. 3.7 Define and Refine Your Taxonomy A single logical hierarchy of information based on the company products and services offerings that everyone uses enables sales and marketing users find and access information. Tagging information and adding metadata to describe information will aid in finding the most relevant information. Because your company will evolve and the marketplace will change, what you define as your taxonomy today may need to be revisited and refined as time progresses. Have a taxonomy audit at least once in six months to ensure that you have something that works for the current times. 3.8 Make it Easy to Share and Collaborate Your sales managers and sales teams need to be able to create, share and re-use content, letters scripts or proposals that work, without having to rely on outside help. In addition salespeople should be able to comment and add notations to identify issues or gotchas related to using certain content. 3.9 Keep it Simple It’s important to remember that salespeople always do what’s convenient for them. Tools that are “super easy to learn, use and deliver value to the salesperson (not necessarily sales management)” will get used. Simple does not mean facile. Salespeople should be able to tap rich information in support of meaningful conversations and communication with buyers at any stage in their journey and instantly deploy it in their daily tasks. 25

Building Highly Responsive Sales Teams 3.10 Don’t Forget Governance and Metrics Administrators will need control over who sees what information, who can edit or modify information and to ensure that information is protected from theft or compromise. Administrators must be able to easily remove duplicates and manage the maintenance and updating of documents and information to ensure freshness. Analyzing performance, usage and effectiveness of content and in what context is key to ranking and rating content to help salespeople find the relevant content in a simple query. 26


Building Highly Responsive Sales Teams WittyParrot is a disruptive content distribution platform with potential to change the way salespeople work, manage information and interact with clients. WittyParrot enables responsive sales engagement with buyers and saves sales people time, improves quality of response and delivers analysis of information used, individual usage and time saved. Integrated Marketing & Sales Enablement Methodology Inbound Marketing Visitors Leads Marketing Content Marketing Buyer Need Sales Field Engagement Sales & Marketing Alignment Value Messaging Pillars Big Idea Win Themes Messaging Architecture Sales-Ready Content Content Delivery • Letters • Scripts • Images • Videos • Proposals • Collateral • Presentations • Stories Sales One Voice Support Channels Consistent Communication Sales Enablement & Operations Train Message Consistency Lead Generation Customer Engagement Brand Protection WittyParrot is a cloud-based content delivery application that manifests as a Widget on desktops, smartphones and tablets. WittyParrot places the content that salespeople need at their fingertips. 28

Building Highly Responsive Sales Teams The graphic below is a screenshot of the WittyParrot Widget being used to create on-the-fly custom email response. This enables salespeople to instantly access relevant information to support buyer-seller conversations in real time and drag and drop this information into an email or CRM tool to immediately follow-up the call with a written meeting summary, including links to resources and confirming next steps. WittyParrot brings the following powerful set of capabilities to compliment inbound, marketing and CRM tools to elegantly solve the problem of responsive sales engagement. 4.1 Speed + context enables responsiveness Keyword Search WittyParrot enables users to keyword search-for, find, and instantly use relevant information to improve personal productivity. 29

Building Highly Responsive Sales Teams Instant Access WittyParrot gives marketers, salespeople and customer support professionals instant access to sales messaging, positioning and field enablement insights over any device, whether online or offline. Drag and Drop WittyParrot helps sales people find, drag and drop the right information from a Desktop widget, share it and track it, to save time and sell more. Always-On. Available Online And Offline WittyParrot helps marketing professionals to create and distribute sales & marketing collateral and make it available at the point of use and moment of need over any device whether online or offline to ensure salespeople get what they need, when they need it without having to dig for it. 4.2 Consistency strengthens brand Context WittyParrot in conjunction with inbound marketing and marketing automation intelligence provides contextually relevant content for responsive telephone engagement and follow-up communication. Content Freshness WittyParrot enables marketers and enablement profs to publish and maintain a master version of information for sharing and reuse across the enterprise and business partners to ensure freshness of information. Brand Messaging Alignment WittyParrot enables multiple departments to use the same brand elements to maintain brand consistency. Single Version Of Truth  WittyParrot enables marketing managers to create messaging chunks or building blocks and to combine them into compound documents which update automatically when the underlying message chunk changes to create and maintain a single version of the truth and improve marketing efficiency and brand protection. 30

Building Highly Responsive Sales Teams Consistent Interface WittyParrot uses a generic widget across desktop, tablet and smartphones from which to extract information - not a Plugin. This means that drag and drop works consistently to and from WittyParrot into any email client, Web browser or HTML application whether online or offline to provide uniform functionality. 4.3 A Platform to Enable Responsive Communication Intelligent Hub WittyParrot is an intelligent communication hub that enables salespeople to access best practices and the latest content and collateral from original sources over a cloud-based service when it is needed. WittyParrot runs on the desktop, tablet or mobile device of choice whether online or offline and requires no IT intervention to deploy and implement. Content Delivery  WittyParrot gives sales enablement professionals, the ability to create, manage and deliver (by simple drag and drop) sales content via phone, email and written communication to improve productivity. Manageability  WittyParrot enables users to create, organize, share and track multiple content types and rank and use content based on name, size, publication date, frequency, favorite, or most frequently used to easily manage volumes of content from diverse sources. Analytics Dashboard WittyParrot contains a dashboard that allows sales enablement professionals to track most used shared content over time and to rank content effectiveness, i.e. utilization frequency, time saved, storage used, top users. Wit Analytics WittyParrot captures the usage statistics about individual wits and attached documents to provide insight into content effectiveness at the atomic level. 31

Building Highly Responsive Sales Teams 5 SUMMARY AND TAKE-AWAYS 32

Building Highly Responsive Sales Teams WittyParrot in combination with inbound marketing methods facilitates the building of a responsive sales force. WittyParrot is a new technology platform that can be applied to achieve five of the top 7 sales initiatives for 2013 combined. WittyParrot saves sales, marketing and channels sales reps time and improves the effectiveness of the sales enablement process. In summary, the WittyParrot technology platform provides out-of-the-box functionality to:1. Physically align sales and marketing messaging to drive content creation that resonates with buyers. 2. Facilitate “on-message” written communication with customers and prospects, so that everyone speaks with one voice. 3. Enable instant information access, for sales, channels, pre-sales and support professionals, to become more responsive. 4. Facilitate useful team communication and collaboration. 5. Provides tools that sales people will actually use to improve sales performance. 6. Enable marketing, operations and enablement professionals to track content usage, productivity and performance to improve effectiveness. Top Sales Effectiveness Initiatives for 2013 Enhancing lead generation 48.9% Aligning sales and marketing 38.3% Improving rep access to key information 36.8% Revising sales process 33.4% Enhancing team communications 30.4% Analyzing customer’s buying process 27.2% Revising sales tools 26.6% Revising sales team structure 25.3% Revising channel strategy 24.5% Revising compensation 24.0% New CRM tools Revising hiring stategy 21.7% 15.3% 33

Building Highly Responsive Sales Teams TALK TO US For Companies: If you are interested in getting WittyParrot to help your sales team be more responsive, we would love to hear from you. Please fill out this short form to discuss a pilot: For Potential Partners: Join a growing list of our partners and become part of our family. 1 Become an OEM partner and deliver a solution on top of WittyParrot. 2 Become an Integrator: Become an implementation partner and support the implementation of WittyParrot enterprise accounts. You can learn more about our partnership programs here: 34

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Building Highly Responsive Sales Teams

Responsiveness Matters. How long does it take your team to respond to an inbound inquiry?Building Responsive Sales Teams eBook. In a recent IDC survey ...
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Responsiveness eBook -

Building Highly Responsive Sales Teams. Responsiveness in the Inbound Marketing World is a Compelling Competitive Advantage
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Four Lessons for Building an Effective Sales Team From ...

... building a sales organization from the ... Four Lessons for Building an Effective Sales Team ... respectful of their time and responsive to ...
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The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Multicultural Teams | C ...

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Multicultural Teams C ... I have found the following 7 key components for building highly effective cross ... Sales ...
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Building a Positive Team - Team Management Training From ...

Building a Positive Team ... Teams that are highly motivated and positive are not ... reinforce long-term positivity by building self-confidence and ...
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Tenfold | AngelList

... Marketo of Sales. Enables Highly Responsive Sales teams. ... Instead of closing sales, at Tenfold we believe in helping companies ... Building SaaS ...
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Apprentice Team Building - Visexecutaries Facilitated Team ...

Apprentice Team Building, ... Our highly interactive Apprentice team building will ... any manager, sales and marketing teams. Marketing and sales ...
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Highly Responsive | LinkedIn

... highly responsive direct marketing that gets real results. Past Sales Director at abannan, ...
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