Building Apps that Sense, Understand and Adapt.

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Information about Building Apps that Sense, Understand and Adapt.

Published on January 6, 2016

Author: kumar.ranbijay


1. Building Apps that Sense, Understand and Adapt JAM844 Ranbijay Kumar – BlackBerry Sean McVeigh – QNX Louis Tang – Viet Hop Software September 26-27, 2013 1

2. Sense Understand Adapt

3. BlackBerry 10 Experience 3 Adapt Sense Understand

4. BlackBerry 10 Experience 4 Sense Network ConnectivityNFC Location Accessories OrientationDisplays Touch Microphone Geofence Screens Acceleration Heading Proximity Light Holster Smart Card

5. BlackBerry 10 Experience 5 Understand Contacts Calendar Email BBMSMS Geocoding PIM Headless Call Logs Analytics Analytics BlackBerry ID Fused Sensors

6. BlackBerry 10 Experience 6 Adapt Active Frames Cards Connections PeekInvocation Adaptive UI 2nd Screens Notifications Hub Share Hot Keys Accessibility Text Filters Battery

7. Let's Sense 7

8. Touch Interactions Know when you’re touched Be sensitive to them Use interactive controls Take advantage of gestures 8

9. Location Know where you are A pivotal event for apps 9

10. Location 10 Cell Tower WLAN GPS Carrier Assisted Modes

11. Sensors How are you holding it You are going too fast You’re off by 180 degrees Rollercoasters are awesome 11

12. Sensors Ÿ  Accelerometer „  Acceleration in m/s/s (x,y,z) Ÿ  Magnetometer „  Magnetic field in uT (x,y,z) Ÿ  Gyroscope „  Angular velocity in rad/s (x,y,z) Ÿ  RotationMatrix „  Rotation on x, y, z Ÿ  Compass „  Degrees from north 12

13. Demo ARKick 13

14. Device Surroundings It’s too bright, I cant see. Silence please. I know that face! Don’t get too close, I bite. 14

15. Sensors Ÿ  Proximity „  Distance in cm (or close/far) Ÿ  Light „  Illumination in lux Ÿ  Holster „  Holster detection Ÿ  Microphone „  Audio intensity, waveform Ÿ  Camera „  Face detection, surveillance 15

16. Demo Flip Shush SoundHound 16

17. Network Connectivity Know your network 17

18. NFC I like the sound of that tap! Get me the data. 18

19. Phone Calls Detect cellular or VOIP calls When they get connected And when they get disconnected 19

20. Accessories (Bluetooth/USB) Sense input devices Gamepads, keyboards, mice 20

21. BlackBerry Balance I am in Personal – Let's party I am in Work – Let's be serious 21

22. Headless Apps Ÿ  Do I need to be headless Ÿ  Should I always run „  Long Running Headless Apps Ÿ  Should I run on certain triggers „  Trigger based headless apps 22

23. Headless Triggers Ÿ  Port directed SMS Ÿ  Geofence Enter/Exit Ÿ  Device Startup Ÿ  Push Notifications Ÿ  more to come… 23

24. Let's Understand 24

25. Contacts Ÿ  Create/Read/Update/Delete Ÿ  Find out recent activities Ÿ  Know when people change Ÿ  Find the right guy 25

26. Messages Ÿ  Create/Read/Update/Delete email & SMS Ÿ  Know when new ones arrive Ÿ  Find that conversation 26

27. Calendar Ÿ  Create/Read/Update/Delete events Ÿ  Know when events change Ÿ  Search the database 27

28. BBM Ÿ  Who else has my app? Ÿ  Who doesn’t have it yet? Ÿ  Read user profile 28

29. Phone Calls Ÿ  Retrieve who called Ÿ  When did they call? Ÿ  When is a call being received? Ÿ  Augment the sense! 29

30. Network Connectivity Should I transfer now? Are their better hotspots to connect to? 30

31. Demo Nobex 31

32. Geofence Add meaning around locations “Truck 181 went off the grid” 32

33. Geocoding Lat/Lon vs Addresses OR Device vs Human 33

34. Demo Foursquare 34

35. Fused Sensors Sensors are cool Fused sensors are better Ÿ  Create new data types „  RotationMatrix Ÿ  Enhance sensor data „  Compass 35

36. Demo Star Tracker 36

37. Analytics Use to measure Ÿ  Audience reach Ÿ  Engagement Ÿ  Usage pattern Ÿ  Retention, conversions, revenue and more Use to track key metrics Ÿ  purchases, downloads, revenues, rankings, etc. 37

38. Let's Adapt 38

39. Invocation Framework Invoke another app for a task Embed apps inside apps Transfer data (files) between apps Get invoked 39

40. Core Invoke Targets 40 Documents   Mul-media   Communicate   Produc-vity   Social  

41. Get invoked Ÿ  Register for URIs Ÿ  Register for MIME types Ÿ  Register actions „  OPEN, SET, SHARE Ÿ  User managed Defaults 41

42. BBM Ÿ  Update user profile „  Status, avatar, availability Ÿ  Update Application Box Profile „  Achievements, badges 42

43. NFC Ÿ  Read/Write NFC tags Ÿ  Transfer content P2P Ÿ  Emulate a card/smart card 43

44. Phone Calls Ÿ  Make phone calls Ÿ  Disconnect phone calls 44

45. String Pattern Ÿ  Register for String Patterns „  RegEx or Strings Ÿ  Make them active links Ÿ  Get invoked by them 45

46. Notifications Something that can wait? „  Hub notifications with invoke Immediate attention required? „  Show a Notification Dialog Not immediate but can’t wait too long „  Instant Preview with invoke 46

47. Hub Integration Ÿ  Appear as an account in Hub Ÿ  How will you sync your messages? Ÿ  Push Notification Service „  Requires Push trigger Ÿ  Periodic sync „  Requires a long running headless Ÿ  Connect with invoke hooks for „  View/Delete/Reply etc. 47

48. Active Frames Show the single most important item Is it more important for users to see the state of the app when it is minimized? Update when new data arrives 48

49. Demo MLB 49

50. Network Connectivity Ÿ  Transfer data Ÿ  Monitor progress Ÿ  Adapt to errors, speed and cost 50

51. Battery Ÿ  Monitor „  Condition „  Charge capacity „  Level „  Temperature Ÿ  Should you still play that video? Ÿ  Should you turn off location queries? 51

52. Who’s Peeking? Ÿ  Respond to peek events Ÿ  Show something contextual 52

53. 2nd Screens What displays are available? Mirror vs Extend Invoke Miracast Card 53

54. Adaptive UI One UI to rule them all? Don’t simply scale up/down Make your UI adaptive Layout, size, visibility 54

55. Accessories (Bluetooth/USB) A full size keyboard can be much faster Take inputs from Gamepads 55

56. Demo Critical Wave 56

57. Case Study Goi Taxi 57

58. How can I find out more? 58 • Code   • Example  source  code  available  on  Git  Hub   h8ps://   • Support   • More  detailed  help  and  informaAon  is  available  on  the  Support  Forums   h8p://   • Contact  us  if  you  have  ques-ons   • Twi8er   • Ranbijay  Kumar  @ranbijay   • Sean  McVeigh        @sdlmcveigh   Resources  

59. For More Information… Ÿ  JAM805 - Beyond the Device: Extending the Device Experience with Wireless Peripherals Ÿ  JAM804 - Beyond the Device: Extending the Device Experience with (mostly) Wired Peripherals Ÿ  JAM803 - How the Use of NFC is Evolving: Innovative Ways to Use NFC Beyond Payments Ÿ  JAM834 – Making the Most of Cards and Invocation   59

60. For More Information… Ÿ  JAM840 – Headless Apps with Cascades Ÿ  JAM842 – Native Camera: View the World from a Different Angle Ÿ  JAM839 – Maps, Geofencing and Location Based Services in your App Ÿ  JAM825 – Understanding Who Uses Your App and How with in-app Analytics   60

61. THANK YOU JAM844 Ranbijay Kumar – BlackBerry Sean McVeigh – QNX Louis Tang – Viet Hop Software September 26-27, 2013 61

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