Building a Brand with Online Design

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Information about Building a Brand with Online Design

Published on March 3, 2014

Author: riamorgan



Creating a brand is a hard-hitting task. There’s a lot of work and research that goes into it, and even more time that’s required. With building a brand, you also have to be very aware of the fine line there is with creating a gimmick or joke, as those don’t tend to have lots of longevity.

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Creating a brand is a hard-hitting task There are many ways to approach branding and rebranding: you can focus on the numbers and research; you can focus on customers or bottom lines; but after your approach, you have to make moves. The best way to build a brand is with DESIGN. Let’s break down this line of thinking. Powerpoint Templates Page 2

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Not just logos, but visual identities  Misconception: that a brand is a logo  People are visual  A brand is typically signified or recognized by their logo  With design, you have the ability to control what people see and how they see and remember your brand.  A logo is great, but an entire identity is much better. Powerpoint Templates Page 4

Not just a web designer, an interaction designer  Brands are businesses that put their connection with the customer first  An interaction designer is someone who strives to create useful and usable products or services.  Develop user-centered designs  Hire a designer who can help design a way to interact with customers Powerpoint Templates Page 5

Not just ideas, but prototypes  Designs give the ability to create examples and prototypes  Prototypes are helpful if you’re attempting to build a brand and if you are looking for some type of funding.  Prototypes invoke the same types of enticement for customers already invested in brands. People do this with mobile phones, shoes, etc.  Controlling your ideas with design is totally possible with prototyping. Powerpoint Templates Page 6

Not just projects, but a way of thinking  Design Thinking is basically a way of thinking where you approach problem solving creatively  Design has lots of power and control. It controls what you feel, visualize and often where you go  Responsible brands use this to create connections and establish themselves with consumers  The idea is not to break your business up into different design projects, but to make it all one big problem that’s approached creatively. Powerpoint Templates Page 7

Conclusion  One cannot stress how powerful good design is. It’s more powerful than any type of marketing  Brands that are successful today know it and are using design to flourish and practically take over the world Powerpoint Templates Page 8

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Thank You ICO Web Solutions Powerpoint +91-844-738-0262, +1-408-705-2608 Templates Page 9

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