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Published on June 5, 2009

Author: loiclemeur



How to build a product with your community

Build a Product With Your Community Loic Le Meur - Seesmic @loic

Why bother?

You Could Sell Creme Brulee • • 2,726 followers of Creme Brulee on Twitter • sample tweet: “Creme brûlée cart on 22nd and Guerrero. Are you coming?”

Advertising PR Marketing matter much less than word of mouth

What your friends say matters

“1,000 real friends could tell 1,000 other friends that your product rocks” (link)

“you just got 1 million people talking about it” Seth Godin - Tribes 1,000 true fans #1 conference in Europe no marketing.

1.5 million downloads no marketing.

Start by sharing. • Don’t ask for any help before sharing • You don’t even have to blog, just tweet! • Share also what you would share around a dinner with friends or you’re boring.

Your community is what matters the most.

Product? Identify an exciting “white” space people talk about

Ship it as fast as you can even if it’s not perfect

Get Feedback

Twitter Search

Get Satisfaction

If nobody talks about your brand it’s dead.

Answer especially if it’s negative.

“Seesmic is a pile of ass”

“I’ll have to tone down Irish language”

“This is exactly what every company should do”

What the new customers look like

They want everything for free

No advertising, it’s intrusive.

If you suck they tell everyone

No loyalty, they switch to your competition

and... they tell everyone too!

They want everything immediately 24hrs a day

There is good news.

It’s the same for your competitors

and testimonials come too

What I learnt • get closer to your real fans: launched team seesmic (email list, Ning site coming soon) • ship as soon as you possibly can • get your “public roadmap” executed as fast as possible • be transparent and honest with issues • never criticize your competition

Don’t forget to innovate

“Making users happy is a suckers game. Imagine if Steve Jobs let other people add features to the iPhone. It takes a dictator to change the course of an industry.” Michael Arrington

“A Porsche would be a Volvo if they let their users decide on features” Robert Scoble

Truth is in between listening and being a dictator.

thank you Loic Le Meur @loic

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