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Published on September 9, 2008

Author: nmbjgraphics

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Slide 1: Where FINANCIAL FREEDOM is as easy as ... 1. Budgeting 2. Debt reduction 3. Unlimited income Slide 2: FINANCIAL FREEDOM With our unique; Rapid Pay Compensation Plan & 10 ways to earn income and rewards! Slide 3: Featuring … Up to $180 in Coding Bonuses Eight generations of roll-up Coding Bonuses Rapid Pay Binary Commissions The first ever, easy annual incomes! Qualified for Binary commissions once, earn $50.00 a day for up to a year! Cycle up to 30 times a day Make just 500 CV a month and earn 5 times more PLUS Matching Bonuses! Guaranteed income program Unlimited Matching income potential Deep paying back end uni-level Slide 4: A Compensation Plan that … Encourages upline support & team work. A beginner in network marketing can understand, obtain success & income. Allows you to earn a net profit as soon as possible. A person can increase income in a short period of time with reasonably effort. Provides an achievable income levels leaders want with unlimited income potential. Specific features to support Group Sales. Provide sufficient financial awards to encourage retail sales. Attracts business builders in order to create rapid growth. Provide flexibility allowing other products with a variety of pricing structures. Provides a budget for contests and fun! Slide 5: Any person that visits a distributor’s replicated website and purchases products will pay suggested retail prices. The company will rebate the 30% retail profit back to the Distributor on the monthly commission checks. Distributors may also purchase product at the wholesale rate and sell it at the suggested retail rate and immediately earn the 30% retail profit. The retail profits on many of the services range from $200 to $600! Retail Sales and Profits(1) Slide 6: A retail customer is any person who purchases products as a non-active distributor. There are three levels of retail customers. 1. Any person who purchases directly from a distributor, whether in person or on their web site at full list price. 3. Preferred Representatives who has reviewed the company’s policies and procedures, signs a distributor agreement and sells or order at least one Budget Repair service, but has not yet activated their distributorship by starting to build an sales organization. They receive an approximate 30% discount on the retail price purchase. This is equal to a 40% mark up over their wholesale price. 2. Any person who wishes to sign up free as a preferred customer to obtain a $200 discount on the Budget repair product purchases, and to receive on-line newsletters and information. They do not earn any commissions or overrides. Platinum and higher must have at least 2 retail customers that purchased 500 CV or each or more. Slide 7: Sales Kits Preferred Retail customers have the option to purchase a sales kit and support system for $39.90 including their replicated web site annual fee. This includes sales aid materialsoffice, which there is, an annual fee of $19.95. If they choice to purchase both at the same time, they save $10.00 and pay $49.95. Slide 8: Coding Bonuses. (2) A $100.00 to $180.00 Coding Bonus (CB) according to their rank will be paid to the sponsor who sold it. Slide 9: Roll-up Generation Coding Bonuses (3) The each next higher rank in the upline genealogy will receive the difference of the previous matching bonus. These roll-up Generation CB’s will continue to it reaches the first highest rank person in the upline genealogy. Any rank distributor may sell a TP’s and receive CB’s. Because of the purchaser’s commitment to sell products by purchasing a TP, they will be promoted to the Gold position. Gold distributors and higher are eligible to receive a 30% Matching Bonus and are allowed to sell to mortgage brokers and other professionals covered in the trainings. Slide 11: Rapid Paying Binary Residual income structure (4) Only those who complete a distributor agreement and sponsor at least one person who makes a qualified sale of $500CV or more in their left leg and one in their right leg will be considered a distributor and be qualified for override commissions for those in their downline including those placed by the upline, downline and company. However, persons serious about building a business may purchase a TP to receive training and become eligible to start selling to primary professional target marks. Note: Most CV’s are as higher or even higher than the wholesale price! This is unique in the network marketing industry. Slide 13: Once you have at least 500 CV in the weak leg and 1,000 CV on strong leg, you will “Cycle” and earn a 10% commission on the weak leg volume or $50.00. The 500 CV volume from your weak leg and 1,000 CV from your strong leg will be deducted. If there is still enough from left and you are qualified from more cycles that day, you will cycle again and be paid another $50. You can be qualified to cycle up to 30 times a day or earn up to $1,500 day in cycle commissions. Un-paid cycle volume will roll over to the next day. Binary and matching commissions are paid weekly. Slide 14: Unused volume that is over 90 days old will be flushed at the end of each calendar quarter. This allows up to 6 months to qualify all volume. Slide 15: A person’s first cycle is never pro-rated. There is a company payout cap of 45% of binary and matching commissions. Budget Repair may be the only company using a binary structure that protects new persons first cycle payment! Number of cycles per day depends on previous months sales Slide 17: One percent total of the company wide CV will be equally divided into two pools paid quarterly. Distributors who have been qualified as Diamond and Double Diamond ranks for the entire quarter will equally share in this pool. Distributors of Diamond and Double Diamond rank will share in a second ½% Diamond pool. A distributor must be qualified as a Double Diamond for the entire quarter to share in the ½% Double Diamond pool. This bonus is paid quarterly too. Slide 18: Excitement and fun budget (8) Win trips, hotel, airfare from gateway cities and free tickets for conferences and the Budget Repairs and much more from a 1 % contest budget. These contests will evenly support the increase of retail sales and building sales organizations. Slide 19: Matching Bonuses (MB) (5) Every active distributor will receive a matching bonus according a distributors rank that is earned based on the following tabled of active qualified personally sponsored distributors. Matching Bonuses helps new distributors who build a business to earnsubstantial incomes quickly. Slide 22: Where FINANCIAL FREEDOM is as easy as ... 1. Budgeting 2. Debt reduction 3. Unlimited income

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