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Information about Buddhism

Published on December 17, 2007

Author: Gabir

Source: authorstream.com

Buddhism:  Buddhism Siddhartha Gautama:  Siddhartha Gautama Born to warrior/princely family 563 BCE Lived in now modern Nepal (border of India) Portensions of his birth and life Journey of Four Sights:  Journey of Four Sights Siddhartha encounters the following: a sick person an old person a corpse an Ascetic Realization and Path to Enlightenment (Nirvana):  Realization and Path to Enlightenment (Nirvana) The four sights profoundly impacted Siddhartha; He concluded that life was sorrowful, and vowed to become like the ascetic Practiced Yoga with Sannyasins The Bodhi Tree:  The Bodhi Tree Siddhartha sat under a tree (Bodhi--right awareness) intent on gaining enlightenment He was tempted by Mara (the evil one) and Mara’s beautiful daughters He was unwavering The Four Noble Truths:  The Four Noble Truths All life involves Dukkha (suffering) Craving is the origin of dukkha There exists the cessation of dukkha; it is the cessation of craving The Eight-Fold path is the way out of suffering; practice of the path leads to nirvana, or cessation of craving Realization: Siddhartha becomes “Buddha” Eight Fold Path:  Eight Fold Path 1. Wisdom (panna) Right Understanding (samma ditthi) Right Aspiration (samma sankappa) 2. Morality (sila) Right Speech (samma vaca) Right Action (samma kammanta) Right Livelihood (samma ajiva) 3. Concentration (samadhi) Right Effort (samma vayama) Right Mindfulness (samma sati) Right Concentration (samma samadhi) The Three Jewels of Buddhism:  The Three Jewels of Buddhism Sangha (or Samgha) Community of Monks Buddha--example that Nirvana is possible Dharma--teaching of the Buddha These are all necessary for realization Concept of No-Self:  Concept of No-Self Anatta: no-self; no-soul. The self is a candle burning; Nirvana blows the flame out. The line between "self" and "other,” involves an element of self-identification and clinging, or dukkha Buddha refrained from answering questions about the self http://www.bl.uk/collections/treasures/digitisation3.html :  http://www.bl.uk/collections/treasures/digitisation3.html Dharma (Buddha’s Teaching):  Dharma (Buddha’s Teaching)

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