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Information about Budapest meeting pr E9sentation 20 08 2004

Published on January 9, 2008

Author: Sebastiana


Slide1:  Sonema Communication via satellite Tel : +377 93 15 93 15 Fax : +377 93 15 90 90 Web : SONEMA 7, Avenue d’Ostende 98000 – MONACO By Denis RUYANT Managing Director Slide2:  Presentation SONEMA was created in 1985. SONEMA is specialised in the sale of publics switches, GSM infrastructures, International transit switches and ground stations. SONEMA holds the exclusive rights to provide Alcatel C.I.T. products in Monaco. SONEMA Sky Services Unit was created in 1997. SONEMA holds Licences for the exploitation of telecommunications, radiocommunications and vidéocommunications services. Annual Growth : Average / 5 years: 14,2% Annual benefits : Average / 5 years: 6,6% of the turnover Annual Turnover in 2003 : 9 M. Euros Company manpower : 30 persons Slide3:  Technical Excellence Various customised solutions. Commitment on the quality of service. Integration of the most effective equipment (technologies survey). Slide4:  Integration of technologies In independance with manufacturers Technologies in Ku & C Band: SCPC, FDMA, TDMA, TDM/TDMA, … Phone lines : E&M (2 & 4 wires + RON/TRON), FXS/FSO, … Networks : Ethernet, TR, VoIP, DECT, GSM, T1, E1/G703, ISDN, … Protocoles : Frame-relay, IP, Async, BSC, X25, HDLC, SNA, QSIG, CAS, BRI, PRI,… Interfaces : RS232, V35, X21, EIA 530, RS449, … Slide5:  Customised Solutions Satellite Networks, Leased Lines and Wireless Local Loops at a National and International level : LAN, WAN, Intranet, Internet, Phone. Networks : Point to point, star, meshed and partially meshed. Access to International Networks via SONEMA international gateway in Monaco : RTC, X25, Internet, Western Union, Swift, Banking cards, … Accurate bandwith allocation tuned to the needs. Security : Firewall, routing, server radius, Backup, VPN, … Dedicated or shared (multi-customers) solutions. Slide6:  National and International Networks Slide7:  SONEMA International Gateway in Monaco Slide8:  High level services Consulting and engineering :  Business plans, specifications, development of strategic plans of Points of Presence (POP), …  Technologies survey, specifications, prototype, simulation.  Identification and analysis of customer’s specific needs for individually tailored solutions.  Optimisation and control of communication costs.  Training on satellite network architectures and technologies. Slide9:  Project Management for turn key networks :  Site survey, pre-requisites and advices.  Equipments providing, transportation, customs, on site installation or assistance to installation (local technical partners).  Network configuration and connections, providing of space segment and/or and/or special connections, network integration into Sonema international gateway in Monaco.  Commissioning. High level services Slide10:  Maintenance (7 days a week – 24 hours a day) :  Network supervision, moves and changes, phone assistance, on site maintenance.  Training of local technical partners for maintenance level 1.  Control and management of the flows for a continuous QoS as well as an optimisation of the costs.  Secured access for customers to reports on the quality levels and availability of the network ressources through a dedicated WEB site.  Access to International Networks, providing of Direct Access Numbers, VPN.  Centralized platform in Monaco for local prepaid phone cards and Internet access, High level services Slide11:  More than 250 installations in 17 countries (Africa, USA, South America, Europe, Asia) Banks Industries and Petroleum Retail Multimedia Telecom Operators Governments References Slide12:  BICEC Bank / Banque Populaire(Cameroun): 22 VSAT (DELTA) BGFI Bank (Gabon, Congo Brazza, Guinée Équatoriale) : 8 VSAT (DELTA) CAIC Bank (Congo Brazza): 5 VSAT (DELTA) SGBC Bank (Cameroun): 8 VSAT (DELTA) SGBCI Bank (Côte d’Ivoire): 9 VSAT (DELTA) BIA Bank / Belgolaise (Niger) : 6 VSAT (DELTA) SGBBE Bank (Benin) : 1 VSAT (DELTA) SGBGE Bank (Guinée Équatoriale) : 3 VSAT (DELTA) RAWBANK (Congo RDC) : 2 VSAT (DELTA) BCDC (Congo RDC) : 8 VSAT (DELTA) GBM Bank ( Mauritanie) :2 VSAT (DELTA) BOA Bank (Benin): 2 VSAT BDM Bank (Mali) : 12 VSAT (DELTA) Credit Lyonnais Bank (Côte d’Ivoire, Sénégal, Cameroun, Gabon, Madagascar, Congo): 6 VSAT SGTB Bank (Tchad) : 3 VSAT (DELTA) SGBG Bank (Guinée) : 5 VSAT (DELTA) SONIBANK (Niger) : 5 VSAT (DELTA) BIAO Bank (Côte d’Ivoire) : 1 VSAT UGB Bank (Gabon, Sao Tome) : 8 VSAT Financial Bank ( Gabon, Tchad, Guinée) : 3 VSAT NBM Bank (Nigeria) : 1 VSAT in 05/2004 Banking customers Slide13:  Quality and control of communications costs (Phone/Fax/Data). Control, efficiency and secured Bank operations (integration of specific banking application as Delta on satellite network). Internet. Development of Automated Teller Services. Added services such as distant automated account checking (from voice server), Western Union, Swift Communications made easy between branches with Intranet, E-mail, Video conferencing Solutions for banks Slide14:  MONACO Banking Network Architecture Phone/fax – Data – Automated Bank Teller Services Internet Leased line VPN PUBLIC NETWORKS Phone/Fax INTERNATIONAL HEADQUARTERS Banking cards Slide15:  TOTAL Angola, Cameroon 8 VSAT Stations + 3 Leased lines GOMMA Italy, Argentina, Poland, USA 4 VSAT Stations (Automobil Industry)) CIMENCAM Cameroon 2 VSAT Stations (groupe Lafarge) CFAO Gabon 2 VSAT Stations (groupe PPR) NORTH LAKES National Parcs 2 VSAT Stations (Washington State,USA) BOLLORE (Angola) 1 VSAT Stations Industries and Retail customers Slide16:  French Army (telephony and internet prepaid services) : Kosovo Gateway Monaco 3 VSAT Stations + 3 Leased Lines Bosnia Gateway Monaco 3 VSAT Stations Afghanistan Gateway Monaco 1 VSAT Station Ivory Coast Gateway Monaco 4 VSAT Stations Governement customers Slide17:  NTA Nigeria (Nigerian Television Authority) : network of 80 VSAT stations for Digital Television transmission LIBERTIS Congo (GSM Operator) 2 VSAT Stations TELECEL Centrafrique (GSM Operator) 1 VSAT Station . Multimedia customers Slide18:  Universal Multimedia Node More than 6 years of experience to build up and install multiple solutions to cover rural and city-dweller zones from some kilometers until several tens kilometers with various telecommunication services. Slide19:  Universal Multimedia Node Telecommunication services Slide20:  Some installations

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