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Information about BUAALA BIG MEDIA & SECOND SCREEN presentation 2014
Social Media

Published on September 14, 2014

Author: knowdler

Source: slideshare.net


BUAALA TV SOCIAL MEDIA presentation collective intelligence based



BUAALA knowdle media group, s.l. felipe garcía (knowdler) september 1, 2014 The BIG MEDIA & SMART INTERACTIVE ENTERTAINMENT Company funding target 300.000€ View slide

The PROBLEM Boring No Interactive Individual Funny Interactive Social View slide

overview The BIG MEDIA & smart interactive entertainments Company. • smart second screen & BIG MEDIA • Transform entertainments industry in a smart, interactive and social MEDIA • 1.28 Billion facebook users potential customers • Our differentiation: BIG DATA for Media Engine Collective Intelligence based. • Customers: R, 100.000 BUAALAZERs

The Solution: “The WECLOUD”

Product & Services • WeCLOUD4MEDIA Enterprise Edition B2B • BUAALA experiencies APP SUITE B2C

“small revenues of billion buaalazers” BUAALA experiences APPs SUITE B2C P&S: Buaala Lite freemium Buaala 0,89$ Experiences Buaala 4,49$ Premium

SaaS 2013 KaaS … 2014 IIaaS 2015 2020 WaaS “small revenues of thousands companies” (X1 * CPU) Y1$ + (X2 * CPU) Y2$ + (X3 * CPU) Y3$ Smart CHANNEL 100$ Smart Recommendation Services 0,01$ x u B2B P&S:

Customer benefits:

A dream… coming…

Market: APPs downloads

Market: Facebook MARKET

Market: second screen MARKET

Market: Social TV MARKET

Market: Social TV MARKET

Market: Social TV MARKET

Market: interactive TV MARKET

revenues forecast 2.000.000 1.500.000 1.000.000 500.000 0 -­‐500.000 € euros Monthly Evolu0on of Revenue, SG&A and EBITDA Net income -5,2 -542,5 -3.868 -1.717 41.248 start EBITDA >0 €

Technology reviews: ¡BIOINSPIRED! “nature… evolving 3,8 billion years ” BIOrules KNOWDLELabs “…nature is COPY LEFT!!!!”

Technology reviews: BIG MEDIA!

KNOWLEDGE EXTRACTOR KNOWLEDGE REFINARY internet scripting language interpreter internet TM interactive media engine Competitive advantages: new tools

What we do: we extract information from internet…

What we do: …then we transform information into knowledge...

What we do: … introduce it into knowledge refinery… “…and create intelligence functions”

What we do: … finally, we create new business models… Enhancing new generation of MEDIA contents 3iTV intelligents, interactives e internet (social) in the cloud, <generation> + <distribution> + <comercialization> KaaS/IIaaSS/WaaS

Competitive advantages: ¿Collective Intelligence? “what you know that i don´t know, what i know that you don´t know”

Competitive advantages: changing… into TV viewers social TV players

Competitive advantages: future TV, now! A New Generation of Contents… SMART TV second screen!!! &

Competitive advantages: “BIG DATA OPTIMIZER CIbased” “FIRST BIG DATA ENGINE COLLECTIVE INTELLIGENT based” “beyond recommendation engines”

Competitive advantages: INSPIREWe “BIG MEDIA OPTIMIZER CIbased”

Competitive advantages: COMPAREWe “Comparator & Shopper Engine CIbased”

Competitive advantages: “collective dashboard. multiple networks and profiles in one” Enhance your social media management with Buaala, the leading socialTV media dashboard. Manage multiple networks and profiles and measure your social Tv audience collective intelligence based.

Competitive advantages: “full social networks integration”

Competitive advantages: “full APP semantic and interactive integration”

Opportunities 1. new knowledge economy model based 2. new smart technology bio cloud technology collective intelligence based 3. new market opportunities

Competitive landscape JINNI

Competitive landscape Zeebox ahora Beamly Beyond-TV GetGlu

Competitive landscape: “building a 500 million $ company”

Competitive advantages: and much more… “for newspapers…” “neither new TV 3D o 4K formats ….” “neither new shopping ways…” … new collective and interactive MEDIA contents

Competitive advantages: … more than 50 new MEDIA formats, intelligents, interactive and absolutely social

Competitive advantages: and… commercials… … a real interactive Ads and compulsive buying…

Competitive advantages: or… more interactive… …live contents.

Go-to-Market Strategy Who are the key players • Ideal customer: facebook users • Ecommerce Companies are future partners • Telco and ISPS companies and OEM integrators How and what do customers • 1,12€ montly renenues per user • Users will get a whole media interactive experience Marketing and sales plan • Facebook market and channel • Our competitive advantage is a new and unique collective intelligence algorithm and smarter cloud

Go-to-Market Strategy Merchandising A viral marketing strategy

Financial roadmap

Financial roadmap

Financial roadmap: key milestones weBioCLOUD initiative 2015-2020: the intelligent biocloud & intelligent virtualization in multivalued domain context DEEP BLUE PROJECT 2018-2020 2015-2017 2014-2015 Capital rounds €

The Team Smart Interactive Entertainments Knowdle Media Group

team founders Felipe García CEO The KNOWDLER Pedro García Mathematics Research Principal …new …innovation… architecture… …mathematics… Tacho de la Calle Chairman

executive team TACHO de la calle. Chairman of the Board Pedro García Matemático Research Principal Elías Cárdenes Físico COO Felipe García CEO The KNOWDLER www.linkedin.com/in/knowdler Gustavo Sánchez CTO Juan Manuel Cigarrán CRO PLN. UNED Andoni Gartzia CMO

Team: others, R&D and providers

Current status Main milestones • Complete Business Plan • Prototype ready and running • Patent in progress • Offices and Labs ready to use • Web ready and papers • First enterprise customer R (100.000 stb users) • BT, IBM (GEP), … business partners • Very relevant Advisory BOARD Public and private previous funds Next steps

Summary Summarize your key points • smarter second screen e-commerce • new generation of interactive media Why to make an investment • First round 300.000€ • Second round 3M€ • Third round 3M€ Papers http://www.knowdle.com/articulos/

Summary Contact www.knowdle.com knowdler@gmail.com PROMÁLAGA EXCELENCIA ! P.T.A. ANDALUCIA C/ Steve Jobs, 2 ! Campanillas ! Málaga ! España 910 800 000

“It is the time to take the natural beauty of simplicity to the complexity of the intelligence” Danke Thanks Merci

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